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my sweet insanity

i am here, alone again

saiyajin no gunshou
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i'm older than twenty and younger than death, living in new england for far too long. i'm completing my master's in english education, and currently corrupting several classes of high school seniors at america's oldest public school. i'm a black belt (2nd star/dan) in sword and (1st star/dan) in self-defense. i like violence and puppies and blue. i'm grumpy and snarky and foul-mouthed. all shall love me and despair. i type in lower case because my shift key doesn't really work.

♥JENOVA is mother-love♥
:screen: The Last Unicorn . The Mummy . Revenge of the Sith . Lord of the Rings . Prisoner of Azkaban . Goblet of Fire . The Princess Bride . March of the Penguins . The Cell . Goblet of Fire . Batman . The Black Cauldron . Gladiator . Constantine . Monty Python and the Holy Grail . Ghostbusters . Pirates of the Carribbean . Alien :tube: Mythbusters . Iron Chef :ears: U2 . Yuki Kajiura . Tori Amos . Poe . Nobuo Uematsu :pages: Harry Potter . The Last Herald-Mage . The Sun Sword . The Dark is Rising . Vlad Taltos . The Chronicles of Amber . Shakespearean Tragedies . Greek Mythology . The Dark Tower :cartoon: Dragonball Z . Rurouni Kenshin . Outlaw Star. .hack://SIGN . Ronin Warriors . Inuyasha . Escaflowne :play: Final Fantasy 7, 8, 10(2) . Katamari Damacy . Kingdom Hearts
the current layout is the baby pengin from Happy Feet; image capped by kellsta. the graphic was created by my alter-ego gunshou. coding on the site is by me, with much help from component_help and kunzite1.

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