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next show

hey! YAY im sooo flipping excited  #$(^#$(#$)@$*$%*!  Im going to be in a show... its an intense drama.  I play a teenage girl named Laura who has alot of psychological problems, this shall be a challenge =] im so excited because i love working with tom and michael, they are soooo amazing & hilarious to work with.... tehehe  :D !!!!

pleaseeeee come see it.  <33

102 [one-oh-two]

An original drama written by Tom Leveen

all performances are at 8 p.m.doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Friday, April 8 & Saturday, April 9
Friday, April 15 & Saturday, April 16
Friday, April 22 & Saturday, April 23
Studio One Performing Arts Center
4520 East Thomas Road
between 44th and 46th Streets on the north side of Thomas

$15 adults
$12 senior/student/military
$10 ea., groups of 10 or more

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church retreat

yeah, i pretty much had an AWESOME, AMAZING, WEEKEND!!!! I'm looking at all the entries where I was really sad and upset- SCREW ALL THOSE. THATS LIFE- "ITS ALL GOOD BECAUSE GOD IS GOOD!" wise words of Alan!

anndd.., I met so many new people... makes me SMILE alot alot!!!! =) My cabin of girls was soooo much fun... AMEN TO THE DEB FAN CLUB, and Teeves and Chris and DAN (SB!) haha and all the other kiddos that I met or got to know better... THANKS, I love you all

alrighty... and CONGRATS TO THE CHEERLEADERS- 3years in a row.. HECK YES! =) WAY TO GO thats flippin sweet!!!

eww... boo for homework! peace out xoxo
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ew i hate this...!!

Eww. I am SO flippin frustrated and sick of some people.

I realized I can only trust a few people in this world...

I dont understand how girls can be so flippin vindictive... it makes my stomach cringe!!!

I feel like whenver I start to be happy about something important, it gets ruined almost every flippin time... what the heck have i ever done to you?!

asdflkoefasmdfomdf !!! really hurts!

please tell me, im not the only one who feels this way... =(
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Hmm today- interesting

History- missed.... *tear* ... NOT

Chemistry- Had a Sub... heck yes

Forensics- Sub... awesome... Began to watch The Fugitive (( intense <3)) but didnt finish it...

Basketball photos

went home and watched TV and movies and did homework

Eww.. So far the doctors can see a fracture in one of my toes BUT they arent done yet... the top of my foot was soooo swollen a regular Xray couldnt see through all the cartilage and ligaments, so there could be another break somewhere, MRI tomorrow   =(  The top of my foot is SO flippin FAT, its driving me nuts...!

Lets see what else... ummm, so my two best friends were dating  (( awkward at times...)) but it ended and I basically had to choose a side... EwWw... Im disappointed, this never should have happened the way it did..... and well that ended a friendship... sorta upset by that... its hard when you are POLAR opposites on certain issues that matter the most in a friendship and or a relationship [which is honesty, even when it hurts you or someone else, just be honest] .. I am sorry, but we've grown apart..!! 

Anyways... I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, odd movie... but brilliant....!!! 

Crap its late, need sleep....

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(no subject)

Hey ya'll...!!!   Eww, first week... so TIRED, not on school sleep schedule [thats why i'm writing this journal entry. ha!]

Basketball has gotten alot better, but I think I have a stressed fracture on my good.... I get Xrays tomorrow...

Last night, we [ the GUYS of course ;) ] almost beat Valley Christian = AMAZING GAME, so INTENSE...=)   GREAT JOB GUYS!!    I was really freaked when [Natalie] fell  =(  Hope your neck and head are better tomorrow <33

My sister did TWO commercials- lucky her, but thats awesommmee <333

I've been really happy lately... hope it stays like this for awhile... I think it maybe the start of a New Year and new school semester...

I absolutely adore my friends times infinity... okay im rambling

Leave comments, ppleeaseee

sweet dreams :: allie

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(no subject)

So much has happened the past couple of days... that its insane.

- A good friend of mine lost his dad... please keep his family in your prayers, thanks <3

- I can NOT wait til basketball season is over... too much negativity that it ruins the rest of my day

- My sister is not the same, always fatigue... because of her disease...

+ I have spent alot of time with my family lately

+ I'm amazed on how my friends at school have been SO amazingly supportive with the Cox Family and how everyone has pulled together

+ Went shopping the other day and spent O SO much, such a great feeling

+ My sister got into a show... she is my hero

+ Grades were pretty good, considering my lack of days being in class

+ Cheering on the boys basketball team, really makes me happy... and I love going out with them afterwards

So I think the good outways the bad...

I really like this boy, words honestly cant describe.... he is EVERYTHING that I look for in a guy, if only I can get the courage to talk to him about this...

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(no subject)

Hope everyone had a GREAT New Year's.... !!!!!!

     2005... bring it on!!  Im very anxious for what challenges that will come....

2005::  I get confirmed... I am NOW ready  !!!  Will be able to drive... SCARY but funny  Can not wait til April... a show and Prom.....  Holy crap, I turn 17 this year.... next year... SENIOR... woa scary.... this is sooo random


Just like any other year, it had it's ups and downs...!!

I'm thankful for my FAMILY for all their love and support times infinity ....!!!!!!!!

I'm thankful for my FRIENDS- either if we havent seen each other, I still love you and I am greatful that I know you.   MUCHO LOVE ALWAYS!!   ((maria- we go together like socks and feet))

All that I ask for, is that my sister continues to be in remission, my friends to stay AWESOME and umm thats about it...!



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