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10 random things about me
-im can be very shy
-im very close with my family
-i pretty much love music
-i like to read and write down everything.
-i love watching movies and cuddling
-i love to sleep all day. and stay up all night
-i love blue eyes
-i don't take anything for granted
-omaha nebraska is home. <3
-i love the rain, and wish there was more of it

9 places i've visited
-New York

8 things i wanna do before i die
-bungee jump
-live in Europe for atleast a year
-live in new york
-get married
-have kids
-have a career that i enjoy
-be on broadway
-be incredibly happy

7 ways to win my heart ♥ ♥
-Suprise me with a flower
-Be honest
-Make me laugh
-Like to cuddle
-Ew... no arrogance or high ego please
-Kiss me in the rain

6 things i beleive in
-friendships lasting forever
-everything happens for a reason
-i believe that strength comes from within and you find it the most in your moments of weakness...

5 things im afraid of
-losing someone in my family, or a reallly close friend suddenly.
-getting my heart broken

4 favorite items in my room
-my ipod
-my bed
-ALLLL my pictures

3 things i do everyday
-shower. brush my teeth
-listen to music

2 things im tryin to do right now
-re due my room...
-get into shape, finally =P

1 wish i wanna make
-To always be myself...and to love unconditionally


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