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i have not written anything in this journal in a very long time...myspace has taken over.  Lets see, my summer was amaziing.  I spent so much time with friends and just chilling with my family. I'm so exciited to finally be a senior, but a little scared at the same time.  The first three years went by so fast... just imagine the last year.  I'm back at Seton, in which i couldnt be happier.  I'll be back with my best friends and my schedule rocks.

Anyways......  Lately, my family and I have been talking and we really miss home (omaha ne.) If the job opportunity is there for my dad...we are moving back there after I graduate.  I'll definitely be sad, because I met some amazing people, AND i love the warm weather during the winter... but it's just not home.  Since I'll most likely be going back home, I'll probably go to Creighton University or University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO!) I'm actually not going to major in theatre anymore... for many reasons.  I still love it and will continue it in Omaha, I just dont want to major in it. I hope to go to Creighton (4years) or UNO for 2years and then apply to the University Med Center in downtown for two years... to be come a pediatric nurse... thats my goal. 

i doubt anybody will read this.. eh. since myspace has taken over. lol.

Anyways, i hope everyone had a great summer =D
most of you i havent seen in ages... and pretty much miss ya! so call me you weirdos.

♥ alyson.


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