June 25th, 2006

shining bright eyes ♥

lala randomness.

i was born to be stubborn, 
to be a little sassy. 
to push people & to push myself. 
i was taught never to take life for granted, 
never live only a little, 
to love with everything i had 
to never give up, 
to believe in myself, 
but most of all, fight for myself

my friend had this quote, [[actually i tweeked it a lil bit]]... as her away message... and i kinda like it... :]
im finally happy with my life... the last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.
i just want thursday to come. im excited & im ready to own it.

i finally get to enjoy summer after thursday.. yesss!!  July is almost here, holy geez.  
i'm honestly not sure where i stand relationship wise... hah, all i can do for now (until thursday) is laugh... after that, im figuring this out.  =/ 

im so excited for my sister theresa. we were able to get an appointment with a GI/Chron's specialist in california... shes the best in the nation... so hopefully we can get theresa healthy again.  :]]

i should probably hit the sack. this is so random, i just had to write my thoughts somewhere.

gnite <3

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