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lala randomness.

i was born to be stubborn, 
to be a little sassy. 
to push people & to push myself. 
i was taught never to take life for granted, 
never live only a little, 
to love with everything i had 
to never give up, 
to believe in myself, 
but most of all, fight for myself

my friend had this quote, [[actually i tweeked it a lil bit]]... as her away message... and i kinda like it... :]
im finally happy with my life... the last two weeks have been an emotional roller coaster.
i just want thursday to come. im excited & im ready to own it.

i finally get to enjoy summer after thursday.. yesss!!  July is almost here, holy geez.  
i'm honestly not sure where i stand relationship wise... hah, all i can do for now (until thursday) is laugh... after that, im figuring this out.  =/ 

im so excited for my sister theresa. we were able to get an appointment with a GI/Chron's specialist in california... shes the best in the nation... so hopefully we can get theresa healthy again.  :]]

i should probably hit the sack. this is so random, i just had to write my thoughts somewhere.

gnite <3

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love ♥


Life is definitely good... actually its awesome.

Im feeling better, I had a nasty, annoying week long cold.

Im going to California this weekend... to look at AADA.  Agh!!! So so exciited.

and then Easter Break; trip to Tuscon with the bff
and then Prom... with the cutest bf ever..!!! MATT <3
and then May 12... im 18! woo hoo
JUNE 06-Hawaii
JULY 07-Colorado

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(no subject)

Spring Break has come to an end... this is truely depressing.    I wish I had another week.  Half of my Spring Break I was catching up on sleep because of tech week and opening weekend... oh well.    Its weird to think that this is my last quarter of high school... I remember when I was just a little baby freshmen... time flies.

Im so excited to come home tomorrow and not have to go to rehearsal.  I think i might go and work out... maybe...  well atleast thats what i intend to do. 

Saw 4 movies over break
-Shes the Man: took my lil sisters to it... ha i lived through it.  Better than aquamarine thats fo sho.
-The Hills Have Eyes:  one word... LAME!
-Capote: Amazing. I see why Phillip Hoffman won the Oscar.  He is brilliant.
- V for Vendetta: Overall it was good.  Definitely related to current politics which i LOVED.  That damn mask was soooo annoying though.

Tuesday= no school...BREAKFAST && SCHOOL SHOWS... yesss!!

Finished the application for AADA & now i just have to memorize 2 monologues.  Im really excited to go and see it in April :D

okay well i should probably get some sleep...  


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(no subject)

so i just went and looked at all my entries from like waaay back when.... haha im such an idiot.

no really i am. oh well it amuses me.

i love breaks. just a break from the school routine is good enough for me.

Anywho, Frog and Toad is uber fun...opening weekend is already over, went by so fast compared to james.

So I got my prom dress && its really cute if i must say.. lol. I just need a date now... hopefully this one boy will ask... we'll see ;)

I basically can not wait til April and May for numerous reasons.

okay im going to quit babbling (not sure if thats really a word...) but wuddev. ehehe.

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(no subject)

iiick headache.

i have so much work...
and on top of that im trying to get well, and my body just needs rest. agh.

okay im done complaining. i just need to deal.

friday= shopping. yes! :D

who the heck reads these anymore?
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(no subject)

woo hoo. im sitting here in my computer class.. agh im so excited its not even funny. Today after school, I leave for a retreat with some cool kidds from my senior class. Its called Kairos, and we stay up in Mayer Arizona at Chauncey Ranch til Sunday...its going to be so cold, i cant wait.

Then on Monday I start rehearsals for Xmas Carol, which Im uber excited aboot that. There are so many movies that are coming out within the next week/month.

-Harry Potter
-Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe.
-In Her Shoes
theres like 5 others, but im just having a huge brain fart.

then after xmas, i start rehearsals for james & the giant peach. im so excited, because i love everyone in the cast... michelle && kimiko, they go together like PB&J (lol), lisa. cj. kirin. nicole. and of course the amazing chad gilbert.

gotta bounce. class is almost out.
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emo ♥ ♥

10 random things about me
-im can be very shy
-im very close with my family
-i pretty much love music
-i like to read and write down everything.
-i love watching movies and cuddling
-i love to sleep all day. and stay up all night
-i love blue eyes
-i don't take anything for granted
-omaha nebraska is home. <3
-i love the rain, and wish there was more of it

9 places i've visited
-New York

8 things i wanna do before i die
-bungee jump
-live in Europe for atleast a year
-live in new york
-get married
-have kids
-have a career that i enjoy
-be on broadway
-be incredibly happy

7 ways to win my heart ♥ ♥
-Suprise me with a flower
-Be honest
-Make me laugh
-Like to cuddle
-Ew... no arrogance or high ego please
-Kiss me in the rain

6 things i beleive in
-friendships lasting forever
-everything happens for a reason
-i believe that strength comes from within and you find it the most in your moments of weakness...

5 things im afraid of
-losing someone in my family, or a reallly close friend suddenly.
-getting my heart broken

4 favorite items in my room
-my ipod
-my bed
-ALLLL my pictures

3 things i do everyday
-shower. brush my teeth
-listen to music

2 things im tryin to do right now
-re due my room...
-get into shape, finally =P

1 wish i wanna make
-To always be myself...and to love unconditionally

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i have not written anything in this journal in a very long time...myspace has taken over.  Lets see, my summer was amaziing.  I spent so much time with friends and just chilling with my family. I'm so exciited to finally be a senior, but a little scared at the same time.  The first three years went by so fast... just imagine the last year.  I'm back at Seton, in which i couldnt be happier.  I'll be back with my best friends and my schedule rocks.

Anyways......  Lately, my family and I have been talking and we really miss home (omaha ne.) If the job opportunity is there for my dad...we are moving back there after I graduate.  I'll definitely be sad, because I met some amazing people, AND i love the warm weather during the winter... but it's just not home.  Since I'll most likely be going back home, I'll probably go to Creighton University or University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO!) I'm actually not going to major in theatre anymore... for many reasons.  I still love it and will continue it in Omaha, I just dont want to major in it. I hope to go to Creighton (4years) or UNO for 2years and then apply to the University Med Center in downtown for two years... to be come a pediatric nurse... thats my goal. 

i doubt anybody will read this.. eh. since myspace has taken over. lol.

Anyways, i hope everyone had a great summer =D
most of you i havent seen in ages... and pretty much miss ya! so call me you weirdos.

♥ alyson.

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weird day

hmm today.. im pretty much getting Spring Fever, ugh! lol
- missed english, ew havent started that project.. not good
- drama, ew havent even started on my project. buwaha
- didnt really eat lunch
- math, it was only justin & i, that kid is so sweet, seriously
-callbacks: dancing went horrible, but i was asked to sing for dorthy. *shocked* and i have a callback at 6 tomorrow
THEN i have a line bash for the show that im in... :D!!

im run down, but it hasnt been too much of a disaster... yet.

leave comments, i like them... who doesnt?

peace xOxO
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hiii long time no talk :]

Oh man, I havent updated this thing for the awhile.. im telling ya, its the MySPACE. hehe.

How is everyone?!?!?

Life is pretty good right now.. little tired... i hate tech week = lack of sleep & energy.

Pleasee come and see the show that Im in... its pretty.. different. Im definitely stepping out of my comfort zone. I would love to see many of you there... :D !! <<-- check that out.

alright this is quick.. hope everyone is doing well :]

peace && love alyson*

edit //
A - Age you got your first kiss (lips): 14
B - Band listening to right now: Flogging Molly is currently in my sterio
C - Crush: micah..
D - Dad's name: Daniel
E - Easiest person(s) to talk to: Maria & Marc
F - Favorite band at the moment?: Too many to name
G - Gummy worms or gummy bears?: Bears.
H - Hometown: Omaha, Ne
I - Instruments: n/a gawsh i suck.
J - Joints smoked: ZERO :] i dont do that stuff
K - Kids: 3 or 4
L - Longest car ride ever: From Omaha to Phoenix. ew!
M - Mom's name: Julie
N - Nicknames: Allie, al, peaches, toots, h.i.t., lil one
O - One wish: for my sister to be completely cured
P - Phobia[s]: snakes & spiders
Q - Quote: Beauty is Truth & Truth is Beauty
R - Reason to smile: Family, friends, micah, theatre
S - Song you sang last: "Since U been gone" - Kelly Clarkson
T - Time you woke up: 7:45
U - Unknown fact about me: My dimple is not real.. I got it from playing Red Rover Red Rover, silly story.
V - Vegetable you hate: brocoli
W - Worst habit(s): Eating when i get bored, ha <3
X - X-rays you've had: kidneys, foot, lungs
Y - Yummy food: Cheesecake & smoothies
Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus
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