every day i remember all that led to this

and every day don't you know i get a little more pissed

Karmen Chaotic
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We are all selfish by nature.
Some control it better than others.
The biological vehicle for feeling somehow forgot that choices are made by the chemicals.
Try hard and step on everyone else to get there

My name is Karmen Chaotic. I am 17 years old, my birthday is December 5. I live in Ohio but I'm moving to Pittsburgh when I turn 18. I love NYC; I visit my sister in Long Island during the summer. I've a passion for law, politics, feminism, music, and art. I'm a vegitarian. I enjoy writing poetry and stories, I also enjoy reading them. I don't like many people. I think school is fun but then I hate going because of my peers. I have two brothers and one sister and my parents are still married. I don't believe in war, but I do believe the desicion to have an abortion is up to the woman. I'd like to protect the enviroment and I enjoy being out in nature. I like to take photographs and I love film. I love the french (despite the general chauvinism) and the canadians. I think asians are adorable. I like to people watch and then make up stories about their lives. I love fashion and keep update even though I may not allways dress fashionably. My favorite bands are Alkaline Trio and Anti-Flag. My journal is friends only and this paragraph is far from insight.

Oh, P.S. A-F Records is Amazing!

I fully suport

Military Free Zone
Underground Action Alliance
Free The West Memphis Three

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Shows I've Been Too
April 29 2005 Alkaline Trio, Mike Park, Colosal

shows I'm going to
April 6 2006 Anti-Flag, The Unseen, The Casualties, The AKAs, Smoke Or Fire

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