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There's nothing like this built today [entries|friends|calendar]
You'll never see a finer ship in your life

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[24 Jul 2011|07:08pm]
The look of blood congealing.

Ways to ruin a feeling
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[21 Jul 2011|05:11pm]
Philosophy is the sense of accomplishment that some people get from extracting a simple thought from a garbled mess of unending and unnecessary qualifications on thinking it.

I should have switched my Specialist a long time ago.
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[19 Jul 2011|11:00pm]
Silence, a pulsing crescendo between the
footsteps in the hallway as if nothingness
had taken governance. What parts
of the crowd weren't whistling with
the intake of breath were muttering
to themselves in the half-light. The floor
beneath their feet came alive with dull
thuds and the clanking of metal. Announcing
the activation of some buried mechanism.
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[19 Jul 2011|10:57pm]
Dark of the invisible moon. The nights now only
slightly less black. By day the banished sun
circles the earth like a grieving mother
with a lamp.
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[28 Jun 2011|04:00pm]
A clattering charcoal blotch of migrating crows smudges the sky above us as they follow the river south for the winter.
Doves disturb the fucking foliage.
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[26 Jun 2011|02:42pm]
If you ever have a free moment, you might consider checking out the travel brochures for the town in which you live. You might be amazed. You might not want to live there any more.
Lancaster, if nothing else, is a casual kind of town. Raccoons saunter across our back patios smoking cigarettes. Noisy blue Steller's jays wear earrings and know all the latest dances. The deer watch TV.

Today's accomplishment: shooting dirty looks at the mayor of Toronto, when his typically hectic daily schedule caused him to cut in front of me in a drive-thru line-up at a nearby Tim Horton's location.
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Of Mice and Men [14 Jun 2011|12:30am]
Outside, lightning breaks across the sky.
Small sporadic flares of electricity
brighten the clouds
like taking flash photos
under a blue bed-sheet.
I turn the pages
of a
well-worn novel.
spine splits
its cleaved;
A halve in each hand,
leaves parachute
to the slick, wet ground.
Thunder crawls like an ancient creature.
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In Our Time [28 May 2011|06:48pm]
Young American ghosts destroy the air.
The shadow of planes written on the sun.
The bottom drops out, metal monsters tear
Towards us. The ground rises as we run.
God has sent this piece of rattling tin.
Death is near. Sudden violins fall in.
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[08 Aug 2010|04:31pm]
Still living in the same studio where second-rate artists tied and bound things,
he said: it was a long time ago, but I used to have an impact on my surroundings.
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Doodle during discussion [02 Jun 2010|01:54am]
Strip malls,
winter in the fall,
it happened so slow I barely noticed it at all.
Blank tapes,
try to stay awake,
I'm running from the future, but I can't escape it.

They don't looooove you, they don't love you, they don't loooooove you, they don't love you.
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[11 May 2010|05:05pm]
It's just another hospital.

It's just another...

It's just another...

It's just another hospital.
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[11 May 2010|02:04am]
How lovely a find
that's entered my mind
along this mossy trail.
How coyly it hides
the truth about how
it is we can't ask how.

Crowds jump to their death
from the bridge as I drive by tonight.
And they've missed out on it all.
The whole gist that as they fall,
you're not expected to know why it's such a short time.
And there are stanzas never meant to rhyme.

Grace Ellen Skerratt Herron
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No Swan So Fine [23 Mar 2010|03:28am]
"No water so still as the
dead fountains of Versailles." No swan,
with swart blind look askance
and gondoliering legs, so fine
as the chintz china one with fawn-
brown eyes and toothed gold
collar on to show whose bird it was.

Lodged in the Louis Fifteenth
candelabrum-tree of cockscomb-
tinted buttons, dahlias,
sea-urchins, and everlastings,
it perches on the branching foam
of polished sculptured
flowers--at ease and tall. The king is dead.

- Marianne Moore
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Hunted By A Freak [23 Mar 2010|03:23am]
Still seated here in pieces
Search out the number of cold
Spots in the back of your mind
And discuss the problems they've caused you.

Two are new neuroses, one is old.
Step in this way, among our
World of constant fleeces.

Two notes of natural distance
Sing like something true, but

Lived once before, and it was perfect.
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The Celestial Ennui of Apartments [02 Mar 2010|11:47pm]
I'll seek out more violence,
old buildings, the both of you.
Lash violin strings together,
and give these animals things to do.
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History Excerpt [02 Feb 2010|02:45pm]
After that things remained fairly quiet until the early 1200s when a Mongol named Genghis Khan (son of Murray and Esther Khan) organized the rest of the Mongols into a fierce horde and took over China by thundering across it on big, scary horses that did not care where they went to the bathroom. Khan and his descendants created a vast empire that ultimately encompassed all of Asia, Asia Minor, Asian Minor Phase II, and the Shoppes at Asia Minor Plaza. The Mongol Empire had little contact with Europe until it was visited in 1271 by the Italian traveler Marco Polo, who stayed in China for seventeen years before returning to Venice with two thousand little packets of soy sauce. This led to increased trade between Europe and the East that ultimately came to involve soup, egg rolls, and any two dishes from Column B.
Meanwhile, In England, the English noblemen had become involved in a big dispute with King John over the issue of whether or not he should be required to reveal his last name. This led to a big showdown in 1215 (known to English schoolchildren as "The Big Showdown of 1215") that resulted in the signing of the historic Magna Carta, which is the foundation of the modern legal system because it guaranteed, for the first time, that the noblemen had the right to habeas corpus (literally, "wear tights").
But the good times did not roll for long. In 1337, France, which was then under King Philip VI, was invaded by England, which was then under King Edward III, who had vowed to kill any monarch with a higher Roman numeral. This led to the Hundred Years' War, which, because of delays caused by equipment problems, is still going on.
Matters were not helped any by the arrival of the bubonic plague, or "Black Death", which in the fourteenth century spread throughout Asia and Europe, in the words of the great historian Arnold Joseph Toynbee, "like the plague or something." In those ignorant times, it was believed that the plague was caused by evil spirits. Now, thanks to modern science, we know that the real cause was tiny germs, which were carried by fleas, which in turn were carried by rats, which in turn were eaten by cats, which are in fact evil spirits. The plague killed about one-third of the total European population. It was not covered by HMOs.
Elsewhere in the world, important strides were being strode. In South America, the Aztecs had invented a highly sophisticated calendar; it consisted entirely of weekends, and that was the last anybody heard of the Aztecs. In North America, the indigenous peoples, who called themselves "Native Americans", were building hundreds of mounds, and you will just have to ask them why. Meanwhile, way out on a tiny speck of land in the Pacific that we now call Easter Island, giant, mysterious stone heads were being erected. This was done by teenagers. They'd erect one and then hide in the bushes and wait for the homeowner to come out and see it and yell, "Dammit, Marge, those kids have erected a giant stone head on the lawn again! We're moving off this Island!" This led to the development of Polynesia.

I am forever indebted to you Dave Barry. And will continue to routinely steal your jokes.
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[23 Jan 2010|12:30pm]
I don't mind restrictions, or if you're blacking out the friction.
It's just an escape (it's overrated anyways).

Try replacing the cables that connect your HD box to your television. If that doesn't work...
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Zoloft [03 Jan 2010|03:01pm]
We bought some wine and some paper cups
Near your daughters school when we picked her up
And drove to a cemetery on a hill.

We watched the plumes paint the sky grey
As she laughed and danced through the field of graves
There I knew it would be alright
That everything would be alright.

And the news reports on the radio
Said it was getting worse
As the ocean air fanned the flame.
But I couldn't think of anywhere I would have rather been
To watch it all burn away.
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[03 Jan 2010|02:45pm]
from 4 am until noon
i vomit out ambition
in a yellow liquid
that burns my throat and softens my teeth.
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Everyone is crazy. [06 Dec 2009|04:04pm]
Stepped out of a
retro 50s diner
and walked to the corner.
That man is a former
He killed a bike messenger
who reached for his throat
through the car window
and that man stepped on the gas
and drove him straight
into a pole.
Now he lights
a two-dollar cigar
and brown spit slides out
from the side of his mouth
and falls to the sidewalk.

This medication makes me nauseous.
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