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It's hard out there for rare pairs...

Why do I always fall for pairings that have very little fic written??


(Doctor Who fandom, btw. Mickey/Jake :3 )

Also, I had no idea that Rickey/Jake is unspoken canon but I totally saw it in Jake's reactions. Because I'm THAT GOOD.

According to an interview with Andrew Hayden-Smith, and comments given by Russell T Davies in a press conference, Ricky and Jake were initially intended to be gay and lovers. A deleted scene included in the Complete Series Two DVD box set confirms this.


shiny new

I has a website!

I wanted a place to put all my fic so it wasn't scattered between two LJs and ff.net so here it is: Hazel Bite.

Also, this video is SO FREAKIN ADORABLE I keep watching it over and over...and I don't even LIKE Taylor Swift.

This must be shared EVERYWHERE *nods*

I'm back from the dead with recs!

It's been WAY too long since I updated this thing! I've gotten out of the habit and haven't been reading too much fic lately. For shame.

But here's what I have been reading the past couple days. As always, everything can be found in my memories because I love re-reading :D


Parseltongue, Quidditch, and Smut, Oh My! by: cassie_black12 (Two parts, R)

Hot smut and UST galore! Bonus points for devious Hermione and Pansy ;)


The Morning After by: b00kaddict (R)

I think that because this is such a minor pairing is the reason for the abundance in good quality fics. I don't think I've ever read a bad Harry/Cedric!


ART! Untitled sketches by: luco_millian (the fifth one down, but check them all out, they're spectacular!)

Yummm... Dog Tags...

Here There Be Dragons (1/?) by: keelywolfe (NC-17)

The sequel to the Taking Turns, series, which is AMAZING too, btw :D

I've Got You by: ali_wildgoose (PG)

So much left unsaid in one short fic. I love it to pieces <3


Prisoner's chains by: alexb49 (PG-13)

I love this fic because it shows a different side to Jetko. They don't always have to have rough, hard sex with Jet the one in charge to be a compelling pairing. Here, Jet is the one unsure about what he wants in life. It's refreshing :D

One sentence porn meme!

So I decided to check out the one sentence porn meme to see what was written for some of my fandoms.

And then I got inspired! Might make this part of a fic for 30_kisses too :D


My boyfriend drew me fanart for Christmas!

And not just any fanart, ED/RUSSELL fanart because he knows they're my OTP!

And it's so cute, they're under mistletoe and BLUSHING!

I'll post a copy of it later once I get it onto my comp!


Fanfic dump!

So I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but this journal is my slash journal, I also have what I call my RL journal, the one that is, shall we say, sort of family friendly? Well, a bit more than this one anyway :D

Anyway, I joined 30_kisses with that journal for two pairings: Ed/Russ and Harlan/Radu.

Here's what I've written so far:

Full Metal Alchemist, Ed/RussellCollapse )

Space Cases, Harlan/RaduCollapse )

There will be more soon but I'm doing NaNo this year (with a Harry/Cedric fic!) so it'll have to wait a bit!

Why yes, I am a fan of sodomy!

My boyfriend is awesome.

I got him into watching FMA and he just finished the series (he also resembles Hughes a bit, but that's a different story!) and then last night we went to see Rocky Horror at his theatre.

So he tells me he has a surprise for me but I can't see it until we get to the show.

He had "Full Metal Sodomist" written on his chest and my fangirl heart died with glee! My sister was with us and she squeed too! And then we were leaving after the show and some girls asked what it said and said they were fans of FMA too!

Also, he already knew what slash was and I didn't even have to tell him!

Yeah, he's a keeper :3

Relationshipz. Ur doin it rong.

Do I really have a potential relationship that I have good feelings about, for once?

Don't fuck this up, self, you know what your track record looks like.

ETA: I don't think I've ever felt this kind of connection and chemistry with another person in my life before. I'm really glad I know what that feels like now.
My sister and I are hoping to make it to yaoi con this year. It all depends on funds but my sister caught the cosplay/convention bug when I took her to fanime so...HOPEFULLY.

FMA gathering is on Saturday so we'll probably only be there for Saturday :D



Is it wrong that I'm only watching men's Olympic volleyball because the teams slap each other's asses during huddles?