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Avant Garde - Version 11

Mine and Angie's art contest Avant Garde is back with its eleventh round. :P

There's one regular/collage challenge featuring some Miss Sixty ads, one icon challenge featuring Rachel Bilson, one special challenge (movie poster/magazine cover) and two colourization challenges. We'd appreciate if you checked out the site and perhaps entered a challenge or two. ;)

Avant Garde
Avant Garde
Avant Garde
buffy is amazing


Darn, my extra userpics are expiring again. :(

I need to earn some money to renew them, so I'm selling headers for $1,50 each, icons for $0.20 each and WEBSITE layouts (the graphic only) for $2 each.

I'm sure most of you people know what I can do, but if you want samples, just comment. :P

All payments through Paypal. I will first show you the graphic with a sample print, and if you like it you pay and I'll give it to you without sample prints.

Comment here and tell me what you want, give me URL's to pictures (should be quite HQ, and nothing too small because it's so hard to work with), text, colours, size, etc...
syd & vaughn

Thoughts about Alias 5x01: Prophet 5

After seeing the first episode of Alias season 5 without reading any spoilers, I'm really sad. Why did Vaughn have to die? Unless he didn't, I guess I'll see.

I'm a huge Syd/Vaughn fan, and it would be so so sad if he really died, now when they were going to have a baby and all. :'(

The opening of my goodie community will probably take a bit longer, I have a project online I need to Finish, and I'm also in the middle of test week. So, just hang in there. :)
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Grr, I just keep getting closer to victory in those pesky addictive LIMS's. I just got eliminated at tv_lims, I finished third. :/ I knew my Darla icon would ruin my chance, it got 4 votes out of 6 in total for all my icons. I also finished third at buffylims... Maybe sometimes soon I'll be second or first, hopefully. ;)

Anyways, they finally started showing Doctor Who here. YAY! The first episode was awesome. Haha. But does it seriously only have 3 episodes? Cuz in the TV guide it said episode 1/3... So I wonder...

Also, thank you so much Jaimie for buying me two months extra paid time. <333
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Just a little actress/singer batch this time, including Billie Piper, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Garner, Keira Knightley, Melissa George and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Hope you like! :)

+ Comment.
+ Credit _trendi, not whoaicons_
+ Textless icons are not bases
+ Don't modify, hotlink, claim as your own or redistribute.

+ 21 Actress/Singer icons


Here @ whoaicons_

01-03: Billie Piper
04-07: Christina Aguilera
08-11: Jennifer Garner
12-15: Keira Knightley
16-17: Melissa George
18-21: Sarah Michelle Gellar
buffy is amazing


I just wanted to let you know that my goodie community will be opened within the next few days. I have finished some overrides I'm going to share, I just need to fix the previews and shizzle. There I'll be posting overrides, colour schemes, tutorials, textures, stocks etc, so this journal will be personal again. ;) I'll post the link when I'm done.

Also, my paid account is expiring on the 23rd, and I only have 24 cents in my Paypal. I would renew it myself, but I don't have a credit card to attach to Paypal, soo...

Would anyone be so awesome and buy me two months or something extra? I'd make you some icons and headers and stuff, or any type of graphics you want. :) Thanks in advance.