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No white Christmas....

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
and children listen
To hear sleighbells in the snow.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white.

It's been raining all December, and I haven't had any type of Christmas spirit before last week. Usually there's snow in December, like it was last year. This Wednesday some snow came down, but not much. Not even one centimeter. It's Christmas eve on Sunday, and there probably isn't going to be a white Christmas this year. In all the newspapers they've said that it's going to be grey and +7°C on Christmas eve, and rain the night to the 24th.

It's so sad. The white Christmases are probably going to get more and more unusual even here in Finland because of the damn global warming. And it's all our own fault. Oh human kind, can't you learn how to take care of our earth? We only have one after all and that's all we get.

My Christmas wishlist.
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My Christmas Wishlist

I'm redoing this now that it's closer to Christmas, I deleted the old one and removed tons of stuff.

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If you are able to and want to fullfill any of these wishes for Christmas, please comment so I know when to cross something of my list. :) Also give me the link to your wishlist or post a few things in your comment if you don't have one and I'll see if I can give you something aswell. If you want to do some of the stuff that needs to be sent/shipped to me, just email me at sacredxlove@gmail.com for my adress. :)
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New layout

New layout by the lovely grrliz. She makes the most beautiful templates, and this one made me feel all wintery. I can't wait for it to snow again, as the first snow already melted and now everything is so grey and dull. :(

Also, I'll be doing a friends cut.

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I'll probably delete some of the people who have never commented, along with people who I don't really know/remember who they are, and people who have deleted me.
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Has anyone downloaded the texture packs by tragic_icons? I wanted to download them but the download isn't working. Would anyone mind uploading them for me or emailing the as zip files to sacredxlove@gmail.com? I'd of course add her to my resource list. :)
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Well, I went through some of the people on my flist and commented. I've been really bad at commenting on your journals guys, and I'm sorry. I promise I'll try to get better habits mmkay?

Also, my paid account is expiring in 12 days. And as usual I'm broke. :( I've got paid time on my Christmas wishlist (which you should try out aswell). :P Anyone want to give me an early Christmas pressie? Just check the last part out in that post where I tell you to give me the link to your wishlists (or if you don't have one type down some of your Christmas wishes in a comment there), and I'll give you a Christmas gift in return. :P
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A little request

Would anyone mind sending me the season 5 Alias episode Bob? (5x08) Or downloading it for me?
I missed half the episode, and it bothers me since, well SARK. <333 I tried downloading it myself, but Limewire sucks and I didn't find it on there.

I'm trying to make a new layout/header, I've had this boring only overrides layout for a while. :P
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5 things I want to do before I die/the world ends

1. Travel. I want to see Paris, London, France, New York and Tokyo.
2. Watch the movie Casablanca. It's a classic, but I've never seen it.
3. Find true love.
4. Get my dream job. Maybe a journalist or architect.
5. Have children. I'd atleast want to have a boy and a girl.

Also, please go sign up for round #2 at btvs_lims. I also posted some new Flexible Squares overrides at magicinabox, and some textures will soon be posted.
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Help please. :P

I need to make an entry for the current challenge at my icontest wherethegoodgo (go apply for membership if you want by the way, it's soon time for round #3 sign-ups). Well, basically the theme is "your favourite asskicker/femme fatale (strong/kickass woman)" from a TV-show or movie. Well, basically I can't decide if I should icon Sydney Bristow from Alias or Buffy Summers from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Help me out?

Poll #851317 Asskicker

Buffy or Sydney?

Buffy Summers
Sydney Bristow