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contemporary jewellery

     safe-box: "The bomb" 2001

     Mi-Mi Moscow   -  Mila Kalnitskaya & Micha Maslennikov

      safe-box: "The bomb" 2001

brooches: "Herring-submarines" 2001

glasses: "Tankman’s daughter" 1999


Frog can Fly   -   The jump of frog symbolizes thirst of flying.
                             As genetic magic dream, about that far time,  when frogs were the ANGELS.

“K’ung-fu-tzu” (Confucius) 2003

ring of Prometheus 2005

ring: “Siberian postman” (fragment) 2005

ring: “Siberian postman” 2005

tie: "Snake tongue" 2000

pendant: "The last argument" 2004

    pocket-brooch: "Cucumber Green" 2004

ear-rings: "Eye of Ear" 2004


...Do you think about all this when you work.
- No. When you work you don't think at all.
How so?
It is like a dialogue between the master and this thing,
which later will be called the work of art.
-Can you not do it?
- No. It does not depend on us.
- And can some evil essence participate, for example, in this dialogue?
- No. The process itself occurs not in the head,
but in the chest, on subtle vibrational levels.
This state one might call “the State of being the Naked truth”.
There is no Money, there is no Glory there.....

bracelet: "45 grams" 2000

necktie: "... for very important man" 2004 (idea 2000)

Safe-box: "Bathyscaphe enterprises" 2003

pendant: "Golden tongue" 2000


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