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if you’ve got nothing to say, say it in zlango

Zlango - Zlango has created a new, inspiring messaging platform which transforms SMS into an expressive, juicy, colorful icon-based experience.

Zlango developed a revolutionary, simple and practical mobile language. It’s made up of over 200 icons neatly divided into intuitive and memorable categories. Most important words, concepts or feelings can be expressed by an available icon. It’s text-less texting! If you still require text - it can be easily added anywhere in the message, just like typing an ordinary SMS.

...השפה הזו תגרום לכם לחייך

Zlango – картинки текста истребляют слова до последней буквы

Tour...     +   Dating

Little Red Riding Hood  -  the hole story

How big is Zlango going to be? "I think people will read and write books in Zlango," Lorch, a creator and a former newspaper publisher, said.

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