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Street Art + Pixacão

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Tristan Manco - Graphic Designer and partner of Tijuana Design in Bristol.
Author of "Stencil Graffiti" and "Street Logos" and editor of "Graffiti World".

from his photoblog

lambalambs - poster wall at Grafiteria gallery Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo Stencilists -including Donato and Celso Gitahy

Lambe Lambe - woodcut paste ups Sao Paulo

Some more mad skills from Barcelona, 05 - free Tofu!

His website Tijuana Design  


Art Crimes


Pixacão - a form of graffiti art from Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Pete Fowler -  http://www.monsterism.net/

Charles Glaubitz 

oddwall  -  an outstanding collection of murals and other work.


Os Gemeos - Os Gemeos means "the twins" in Portuguese and is pronouced "Ose Zhe'-mee-ose." These two prolific writers have caused quite a sensation since they were featured in 12 Ounce Prophet in 1999, but they've been doing their thing in São Paulo Brazil for quite a while, as some of you lucky enough to see photos from there already know.

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