Kristen (_transformed) wrote,

once you want it to begin, no one really ever wins

So lots of things have been happening lately. Some good, some not so good. idek

1. Earlier this week, the crazy landlady came over and told me that the apartment wouldn't be available for next fall. Keep in mind that just a few days earlier, I had talked to her about living here in the fall and that we were getting a third roommate. SHE UNDERSTOOD THIS AND WE HAD AN AGREEMENT. Then she says it's not gonna happen. To say I've been a bit pissed off is a true statement. Also, because we don't have a lease (long story, no we're not stupid lol) she has every right to do this. I'm not really mad that we're losing this place, per say, I'm just pissed that she mislead us this entire semester and DIDN'T MENTION ANYTHING A LONG TIME AGO.

2. Good news to this is that we MAY have found another apartment. Ali is on the phone with a guy right now about it, and the place sounds realllllllyyyy nice. The rent is $410 a month (each) which is more than I would like, but I also won't need a car. So there's a lot of other plus marks. We'll have to check it out and talk more, but we both really like the sound of it.

3. Last Sunday, I stayed up all night writing my American President paper. I was pretty positive that it was pure crap. However, while in class on Friday and talking to my professor about finals week (I'm trying to take a final on another day), as I'm leaving he randomly says "By the way, your paper was really good." ....LMAO WHAT? I can only imagine that he really means this because why bring it up? MAYBE HIS IDEA OF REALLY GOOD IS A B-. Though I couldn't imagine the paper even deserving that lol. We'll see.

4. Finals start on Tuesday. Also, Matt and Shannon are staying up here with Phil and I for the weekend, so it's hard to study when I'm supposed to be entertaining Shannon. OH WELL.

5. I wanted to take a minor in Communications. However, after talking to a Comm prof, he told me there's no actual Comm. minor that the University recognizes. He said there's a good possibility that they'll have one by this time next year, but I don't want to start taking classes for a minor that doesn't exist if it never actually happens. DILEMMA.

6. I love Rob and Kristen. Like, I'm not a hardcore shipper or anything, but I totally....ship them. And I don't even care rofl.
Tags: college is my life, living single, reality of my life, ship: rpattz/kstew
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