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Monday, April 5th, 2004
7:19 pm

The thought of his heart out on the line made Sidney think about all the exceptional times they spent mutually. One moment stuck in her head, their first date.


“So this is the real Shaun Whitmore, huh?” Sidney wittily grinned as they he stood supporting her from the wind; they stood at her side of his car after going to see a movie.


“…Well that depends… what do you think of this ‘Shaun Whitmore’, miss Sidney Andrews?” Shaun asserted his question right back to her.


Sidney laughed and gazed up at his mysterious eyes and his masculine figure, she touched his chest softly and teasing quietly “Well… you will find out.” and twisted away from him to open her door.


 “Oh… Not so fast Ms. Andrews…” Shaun chuckled shutting the car door, and turned her back around. He pulled her in close and lifted her chin and massaged her glossy lips with his. They broke away, she slowly opened her eyes to see a fait smile across his face. Then he said assure of himself, “Now, how was that for finding out?”


She smirked as she shrugged “eh, it was alright…” and turned to open the door again. She saw his smile wipe off his face and she turned back around to confront him and clenched his collar and drug him back down to her lips and they kissed, it seemed like eternity, but it was only a couple minutes. That’s when they knew that they would be together for a lengthy time.


Sidney and ShaunCollapse )

Monday, March 29th, 2004
6:59 pm
Please do read!!! i want feedback!

Hey haha i used a lj cut this time!! um.. please dont make stupid comments on my grammer or spelling.. im a horrid speller.. but thats not the point of me posting. I dont post to know that i wrote the wrong kind of there. I post because i want opinions on how i write, or my stories.. or how i could do better. Thanks.


(some of my writing is sort of graphic.. this one isnt that bad.. but i just dont want to offend anyone at any moment.) this is a small segment of my short story. enjoy!!!


“Hey Shannon... are you comin?” Sarah giggles as she runs through the grassy field “grab your stuff… come on… it’s almost sunrise, we best be going if you we want to make the train!”
“…Sarah… I’m scared, what if he finds me?” Shannon says nervously
“Don’t worry about that, ill be here, and if he comes after you… um… ILL KICK HIS ASS!” Sarah says with a daring grin.
Sarah grabs Shannon’s hand and they ran through the piercing darkness. They giggles as they felt the feathery tall grass tickly their feet. They knew the area so well, they didn’t have to worry one bit about the darkness. They jumped the fallen logs, and they crawled under the low tree branches. They ran so fast, as if they were nearly flying. They felt so strong, they felt as if they invincible, always had Shannon dreamt of leaving that sullied shack, she once called home. She wanted to leave her family, her 2 Pedi file brothers and her drunken father.


And so my short story beginsCollapse )

Sunday, March 28th, 2004
4:48 pm

As she knocked for the third time, staring at her watch, checking the time; a flash of panic rushed through her body.

Would he not be there?!?! she thought so frightened.

as her face got red she turned away from the door into the dark unformiliar sky, he opened the door with his luminating smile.

"Sarah... is that you?" he said with even a bigger smile.

she panicly wiped her the water from her eyes and turned around flashing that smile that he always dreames of.

"..yes.. i was well.. in the"

"oh come in, what are you doing here." Jesse interupted.

They both flooded into the small studio apartment. No view, no walkway, simply a couch and tv room that connected the kitchen, bathroom, and a small closet looking room that only could fit a twin size bed.

"..oh well, you told me to drop by if i was ever in the city. so here i am." she said with a nervous giggle.

"well im so glad to see your face.. i havnt seen you since that.. saterday? right, oh dont mind me, im sorry im just so shocked and yet releived to see a formilure face."

they sat on the small love seat together, akwardly, pondering what to talk about next.

"...could i offer you a..."

"oh no, im not thirsty" sarah answered.

"ok." Jesse said shyly.

"so how are you doing with the hole.. break up thing." sarah asked.

this brought along a well talked conversation about jesse and erika. as much of an akward subject it was it distracted from the tension.

they talked for about an hour when sarah ran tired. jesse finally asked the question he wanted to ask.

"why are you here.. really. i mean im happy you are, but its 10:30 on a school night.. and dont tell me  you were just in the neighborhood, because your about 20 minutes from home."

"i got in a fight wiht my parents.. i needed to leave, so i thought youd be ok with me coming over, i mean i wanted to see you.. you can tell me to leave when ever you want me to." she looked down in fright of being left in the big city with no where to go.

"oh no.. you can stay here as long as you want, it would be wonderful for you to spend the night." he exclaimed

"....thanks... that means a lot" she answered with a sweet smile and a bat of her eyes.

They sat there, not really talking.. watching channel three.. because thats all he had. she wanted to bad to kiss him. to tell him how much shes been in love with him and that nothing would make her happier. But she didnt.

it was about midnight and her eyes were getting heavy, finally jesse noticed and asked her if she wanted his bed for the night.

"thank you so much jesse... you dont have to sleep on the couch, i mean i dont have cooties" she snicked with a cute giggle after.

"..oh i know.. i just didnt want to intrude.." he was shocked at her statment.

"comon i would love for somone to sleep beside me." she stated

so there they were laying side by side stairing up at the ceiling.. when jesse goes

"sarah.. ive been thinking about you a lot.. i just want to..." he stops. props himself on to one arm and looks at sarah.

Will he kiss me will he kiss me will he kiss me. she thought.

when his silky soft red porsilin lips touched hers, a hot flash of passion ran up her spine, it was a short, sweet kiss and he pulled away. He looked away quickly, scared of rejection..

when she pulls him down ontop of her again and their smooth lips meet once more. the trickle of his toung touched hers, and she wanted more. She wanted so much of him.. too much that she would explode. his fingertips glided about on her stomache and tricked up her cotten top. she was excited, she didnt know what to do, how it felt, how to react. Her mind was racing, she just gave into his gental touch. she released her tention and just let go. by this time she was getting warmer and water. she was in heaven.

"tell me when to stop if your not confertable sarah, i would never want to pressure you... you know that right" he lifted himself onto his elbow and looked into her eyes with pure intentions.

"i want you.. i want everything about you.. i want all you can offer... i want you." she said pleading to have him, basically begging for his love, she leached onto him yet again and took him. took ALL of him.

Her eyes closed as he pulsated in her, trickle of a tear formed in the corners of her eyes because it was a pain like no other. it was a pain she enjoyed so profusly. she never wanted it to end.

"are you ok, sarah, am i hurting you." he said gentaly and worried.

"no, take me, all of me, further, i need you." she said kissing his sweet chest. "i need you.." she pleaded again.

as she took him inside her she felt them connecting. she gentaly rubbed herself to him, she trembeled at his kisses, she soaked up every moment of their love making.

(to be continued)


Sunday, March 14th, 2004
3:20 pm
The introduction
SO this is my writing journal. i want you to know nothing about me, please dont pass judgment on my writing. i shall be writing about everything.. some will be not viewing pleasure for young adults. if you dont like what i am writing dont read it. this is not real life.. most of it.

i enjoy writing.

youll need to know one thing... my pen name. and that is

Samara S. King
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