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_toxiclove's Journal

11 May 1985
Made by Silent_Sanity

. The Basics .

My name is Mandi.
DOB: May 11, 1985
That makes me a taurus and boy am I ever one!
I live in Levittown, New York.
Associates Degree in Fashion Buying and Merchandising.
Currently attending Baruch College.
I am 5'1", have blue eyes, and brown hair.
I can be very outgoing and very shy.
I love to have a good time!
I love to shop and go to the movies.
RIP Muffy 10-6-06. I miss you puppy!!!!
Want to know more about me? Leave a comment asking to be added to my journal.
It is FRIENDS ONLY so I can not guarantee you will be able to read my journal. So unless I know who you are I will not add you.
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. My Favorites .

I love to shop. My favorite stores are American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, Steve Madden, Gap.

I also love to watch tv. My favorite shows are FRIENDS, Will & Grace, Boy Meets World, Saved by the Bell, The Apprentice, Joey, American Idol.

I love movies. I own over 150 dvds either in movies or tv shows. I love comedies, romance movies, disney movies.

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I love to listen to music & go to concerts. I like to listen to JC Chasez, John Mayer, Billy Joel, Elton John, Garth Brooks, Faith Hill, Carrie Underwood.

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My favorite sport to watch is baseball. I love the Yankees. My favorite player are Bernie Williams.

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. My Dislikes .

Liars, Smokers, Needles, Fighting, Stuck Up People, The Boston RedSox, Ban-Wagon Yankee Fans, Pedro Martinez, Ichrio Suzuki, Johnny Damon, Alex Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, Howard Stern.
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