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Come One, Come All

Into 1984

1 April
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.♥.Friends Only.♥.

afi, audry hepburn, barbies, being crazy, being random, belly buttons, bellys, betsey johnson, bettie page, bikinis, black hair, blowing kisses, bob marley, british accents, burlesque, cabaret, california, camping, candy, capitan jack sparrow, chocolate, chris romero, clothes, coheed and cambria, cold winter nites, concerts, corsets, cuddling, cyndi lauper, dashboard confessional, digital cameras, disneyland!, disposable cameras, eyeliner, eyes, falling in love, fishnets, flirting, food, french kissing, friends, fun, giggles, glitter, go carts, god, grease, guys with dirt bikes, guys with long hair, guys with piercings, guys with sleeves, gwen stefani, hanging out, holding hands, hoobastank, hott pink, hugs, ice cream, jesus, johnny depp, kisses, kisses on the neck, kissing, las vegas, laughing, life, linkin park, lip gloss, lip rings, lips, love, low rise jeans, make-up, making out, marilyn monroe, mashed potatoes, massages, melissa, memories, milkshakes, movies, music, oh momma, old movies, partying, pennywise, photobooths, photographs, photography, pictures, piercings, pirates, poloroid pictures, pre runners, rainy days, random pictures, rhinestones, road trips, romance, scarlet kissing, senses fail, shikaca, shows, simi valley, sleeping, smiles, snow, snowboarding, something corporate, spooning!, starbucks, stealing of the v-card, story of the year, sunsets, switchfoot, taking back sunday, tattoos, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the 80's, the beach, the breakfast club, the movielife, the night sky, the pussycat dolls, thrice, thursday, tickling, tight buns, tongue rings, tping, tping jake reed, trapt, trucker hats, true love, vanilla coke, victoria's secret, vintage glamour, water fights, weezer, whip cream, winking, winter, yaks, yellowcard, your mom,