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they're all I can see...

15 September 1985
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about me.
22. male. brown hair. brown eyes. massachusetts. overnight stocker. friendly. loyal. easy-going. fierce. gay. caring. rough. trustworthy. guarded. careful. sarcastic. fun. needy. supportive. unsure. close. distant. depressive. cheery. hopeful. pessimistic. open-minded.
favorite music.
lifehouse. goo goo dolls. dave matthews band. matchbox 20. dixie chicks. edwin mccain. hootie and the blowfish. mindy smith. counting crows. enya. howie day. jars of clay. ryan cabrera. john mayer. jewel. matt nathanson. sarah mclachlan. 3 doors down. nickelback. evanescence. ray lamontagne. rob thomas. tonic. vertical horizon. marc broussard. matt wertz. dave barnes. david gray. ben harper. james morrison. the fray. dido. tyler hilton. rem. the calling. & a lot more.
favorite tv.
the shield. third watch. friends. lost. law & order: svu. prison break. gilmore girls. survivor. big brother. grey's anatomy. reba. roseanne. will & grace.