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Somehow you found a way to see the best I have in me


13 March 1989
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[About Me]: My name is Kim, and I am 17 years old. I'm a SENIOR at Southeast High School.

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Backstreet Boys I-squad

[Color Bars]:

Queer As Folk is sex love.

Backstreet is Love

He will not be another publicity stunt.

Supporting Nick Carter is Love.

Frick and Frack will always be Love

Cute boys were meant to kiss

You are...Nick Carter. Wow, you sure like to kiss
a lot. But at least you do things with the
kissee first, like go to the movies and such.
And, of course, you like to go dancing, that
bump and grind really gets you worked up to
give all you've got to give. What? No!!! Not
in that way!! Give your love to them, as in
your heart. Sicko...

Which Backstreet Boy are you most like?
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