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My middle finger to the world

I'm playing the villain baby... just like you wanted

Abigail Williams
: This is where my alternate reality begins :

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One day I sat down at my computer and I made this journal. Later on that night I though to myself - "Abigail", what in the hell were you thinking?” -. And though I thought for a while about this, I cannot really admit to a specific reason.
I have always been a strong advocate of freedom of speech and freedom of thought, and I guess that is what this journal emerged from.
Let me emphasize that any and all posts made here are not directed towards anyone specifically and/or personally. My intentions are not to slander anyone's name, but to crack open the floodgates of my own damned mind.

Ok, fuck it.

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"Abigail Williams"

My community:__white_noise__

You slip into me like fall into trees turning gold and red.
You sink beneath my skin, tainting my cells, intoxicating.
In this drunken spin, I grasp for earth and sky, But find my fingers lost in open air, in the length of your hair.
So tangled in you, I resign myself to the ecstasy of your scent, The feel of your skin, your heat against my fingers, my cheek

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Make the World bleed for you, Darling -
it's the only way you feel Anymore.