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allow me to introduce myself

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one warm spring night in 1692 a group of girls gethered in secret in the woods where they built a fire, danced, and "conjured spirits". however their antics were discovered, where upon the girls cried they where under the power of witchcraft. thus beginnign the infamous salem witch trials.

at the center of this escapade is Abigail Williams, the ringleader of the girls.

she tells lies, manipulates her "friends" and the entire village, and eventually sends 19 inncent people to their deaths. Abigail is an orphan and an unmarried girl; thus she occupies a low rung on the salem social ladder.
once shunned and scorned by the respectable townsfolk of the village who discovered of her illicit affair with John Proctor, Abigail now finds she has clout, and she takes full advantage of it. a mere accusation by Abigail or one of the other girls is sufficient enough to to incarcerate and convict even the most respected villager in salem. whereas others once reproaced her for adultery, she now has the opportunity to to accuse them of the wost sin of all: devil worship.

throughout the hysteria of the trials, Abigails motivations never seems more complex than simple jealousy and a desire to have revenge on Elizabeth Proctor [wife of her former lover]. Abigail seems like a Biblical character - a Jezebel figure, driven only by sexual desire and a lust for power. her actions are somewhat understandable

though i am not the actual Abigail Williams, this journal is to mimic that jealousy and hatred. nothing here is meant to be directed towards anyone is specific. its meant to be general and no names will be mentioned.... not even the creator's name. all posts here spawn from her mind and are her reflectionsof thoughts and feelings that may be deemed offensive if where to be posted in her actual journal.

this is where the dark side of the mind prevails
this is where my alternate reality begins

- Abigail Williams
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