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just a girl

In the midst of everything that's been going on re: the whole inklane issue, I thought I'd go ahead and make a "master post" of sorts to keep everything compiled in. So far this is what I have and anything new will be added to this post, which will definitely be marked public so that anyone who wants to comment with something I've missed or add anything else in general can do so. All I ask is that you guys keep it as friendly as you can and no trolling please.

And honestly, I wish that I could say that it stops there because if that isn't enough hurtful damage already done, it gets A LOT worse as it goes on.Collapse )

If I see anyone from either side of the fandom harrassing someone else for a comment they've left, I may be forced to go un-sub on your ass, so just don't okay. Respect each other enough to have a civil conversation with someone regardless if you agree or don't agree with them. Also, flaming will certainly not be tolerated and if you feel like you need to de-friend me, well I guess you really weren't my friend after all. So, guess there'll be no love loss there. I'm just saying, please be mature about this. It's not asking much.
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