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they don't have to lose it to finally realize, the sweet sweet gift that they had;;

Oh, then theres the rest of us

The ones out here blowin' in the wind
Tryin' to find what we shoulda been
Makin' our choices hopin were right
Livin' on the prayers we say at night
Tryin' to out run the devil and the pain
Learnin' to live with what we cant change
God bless the rest of us

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001. I meant to do this sooner, but well it took a little time. So,Collapse )

002. Ugh! Some of the people I work with are driving me bloody well insane. I cannot stand pettyness, ie. people talking about you amongst each other and you know they're doing doing it within earshot and it's like come on are we in fucking grade school or something?! Never mind the fact, that one of my actual co-worker's decided to take his bad day out on me Monday. I have enough to deal with, I do not want this bullshit. Stupid co-workers, stupid attitudes. Grow the frak up, please. Done now.

003. On Sunday morning around 9 o'clock in the morning I got a rather nice phone call from one of my aunt's informing me that another one of my aunt's had another heart attack (this would make the second one that she's had within a year) and it was apparently so bad that they had to care flight her to the nearest hospital, at that point she hadn't been seen by a doctor or anything but my aunt said that she'd probably have to have surgery. She did and they ended up putting five stints in her heart and we didn't find out about this until Monday, which was on my mind all day long even when the stupid co-worker was taking his stupid attitude out on me. (Did I mention that I sometimes, on rare occassion when it warrants it, don't really like people?!) Anyway, they took her off the ventilator that day and she was breathing on her own and doing pretty good, but my aunt said that she was still going to have to stay in the hospital for a few more days and of course she's going to be on more medication to monitor her heart. Crap, when it really hits - it just frakking hits at once.

004. Saw Sex and the City: The Movie 2 last Saturday and totally enjoyed the downtime to myself and the laughs. It wasn't as good as the first one, but it was still quite fantastic. I'll admit that I was a little bit worried when I saw he who shall not be named (even though I always liked him) in the trailers for the film, but I was completely IN LOVE with the way the movie ended. For me, it was pretty Big (you see what I did there? *g*) and quite perfect. Collapse )

Oh, and my favorite outfit that Carrie wore in the film just happened to be SJP's favorite outfit that she wore too. lolz. I kinda love it...a lot. ;)

005. OMG. I can't believe that the season finale for Glee is next week, I'm kinda REALLY EXCITED for it but I'm also kinda sad...do not want a summer hiatus. Oh, but my little shipper heart is just beating ninety to nothin'. ♥

006. I rented Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland and I am gloriously in love with it. The costumes, the rich color vibrancy, the pretty and talented actors, and the set designs were just gorgeous. Oh yes, must search for icons tomorrow at some point.

007. I miss you guys, a lot. What's up in your world?! Tell me, I wanna know what I've been missing.

008. I've been re-watching a lot of old!school E.R. and I really miss Dr. Greene now more than I ever did when it was in actual syndication, I think. Collapse )

009. I am so tired, but I uploaded some new icons so you should check them out.

"I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love." - Mother Teresa ;; Hotch