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we do it 'cause there's things worth fighting for;;

In the midst of everything that's been going on re: the whole inklane issue, I thought I'd go ahead and make a "master post" of sorts to keep everything compiled in. So far this is what I have and anything new will be added to this post, which will definitely be marked public so that anyone who wants to comment with something I've missed or add anything else in general can do so. All I ask is that you guys keep it as friendly as you can and no trolling please.

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If I see anyone from either side of the fandom harrassing someone else for a comment they've left, I may be forced to go un-sub on your ass, so just don't okay. Respect each other enough to have a civil conversation with someone regardless if you agree or don't agree with them. Also, flaming will certainly not be tolerated and if you feel like you need to de-friend me, well I guess you really weren't my friend after all. So, guess there'll be no love loss there. I'm just saying, please be mature about this. It's not asking much.
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yo' wrath of god frak off;;

001. I'm not even going to bother with the original formatting of my journal posts, even though I'm ocd enough that it will bother me and I'll probably come back later and edit this entry to match the format of all the other's before it. But, I just ... this is really ridiculous and childish. The more I got to thinking about how inklane talked about me publicly behind my back and bad mouthed me on her personal twitter, the more pissed off I get about it. And the amazing thing is, it's such a hypocritical thing for her to do.

I'm well aware that I have mutual friends on my flist that have her friended as well and probably hasn't experienced an incident like this, I'm not usually one to make a post like this where I'm actually calling someone out right, but this shit just isn't going to fly with me. She took something that I said the wrong way, over-reacted, then turned around and bad mouthed me to all of her friends publicly on her twitter where she KNEW I would see it, and then de-friended me on livejournal.

And I'm thinking, WTF?! Srsly ... is she for real or something? Because, honestly this is just ludicrous.

I also have the proof that she and at least one of her other friends were talking about me on her personal twitter, copy and pasted from there exactly like it was written. Collapse )

I said I was over it, but the more I got to looking around and investigating what exactly was being said about me by inklane and to whom she was saying it to, as well as who else who doesn't even know me and was only taking her side without looking at the whole of the issue was saying ... I got even more pissed than I thought I was. So, you think it over, and let me know what you think.

Because, this has really thrown me for a mother frakkin' loop.

Edit #01: Because I felt like the Clark/Lois community in the Smallville fandom needed to know this I'm going to be posting two more links regarding inklane and another incident that happened with her and nyonyo thanks to my awesome friend mojotastic providing me with the links and the background information to fill in the blanks. Now, I want to make it clear that I'm not bad mouthing inklane and I'm not saying anything about her that isn't true and isn't documented in these two posts, complete with screencaps just to illustrate the point and provide the evidence.

Identity Theft Take One
Identity Theft Take Two, Please

I have to say that I find it rather funny that the Chloe Mafia was born, by way of her identity jacking nyonyo. Oh the lulz found in that one. But, really I think I'm more frustrated with the fact that she was the one who pretty much stalked this poor girl, copied her in every which way possible, and then created a community that's painfully patterened after the one that she (nyonyo created for Chlark fans). And if that isn't bad enough, she cried wolf to the Clark/Lois community saying that the big bad ol' Chloe Mafia had come after her, when before she had de-friended me I had checked the post and not one single comment from a Chloe fan was left on it BEFORE she flocked everything where you couldn't see it. Nobody stepped to her and asked her to stop anything, nobody threatened her, nobody from that side of the fence even trolled her journal. So, I find this repugnant and completely disgusting.

And I just wanted you guys to know what's going on here. Sometimes people were two faces, the one they keep in the dark and the one they show to the world. This girl acted like my friend, got pissed off about a misunderstand and without giving me a chance to explain it went and bad mouthed me to her friends behind my back where she KNEW I would actually see it, and then de-friended me on livejournal all the while telling me that she thought I was still a nice person, she hoped we could be friends but just not on each other's f-list, and then she's telling everyone else how I make her feel umcomfortable on livejournal and she feels like she can't say what she thinks in her journal.

Hell, half of the time what she has to say on her journal someone else has already said, pretty much. So, you look over those two posts that I linked to and you decide what you want to believe. I'm not going to try and influence you, the only thing I'm trying to do is provide you with the facts. It's up to you, what you do next.

Edit #02: Thanks to apeygirl shedding some light on this and nyonyo getting this screencap from a friend; here is yet another one of the rumors that inklane has been involved in and or possibly started. Though, I guess I should point out, that it's not necessarily certain whether or not she had started it or she was being genuine in her comment to Craig who had every right to ask her to please refrain from putting words in his mouth or implicating him in anything, it's still another thing in the list of thing's she's been up to.

The bottom line is that she supposedly spread around a rumor stating that Chloisers/Chlarker's had entered a Clois chat and had given them a virus somehow, then went so far as to make a post/comment about it saying that Craig had confirmed it was them, back peddaled on everything that she said and told him that someone at DI had told her that and she wasn't trying to start anything, then once again played the victim "poor pitiful woe is me everyone is attacking me and I don't know why" card.

Edit #03: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ouch, mommy this wound is all itchy. lulz. Somebody tattled on me, because I knew it would be a matter of time. Gotta love it. What puts me away, is that she's probably talking up a storm about me, this post, and anything else that has had to do with this whole incident. Not to mention, changing the privacy status on her Twitter to "protected friend's only" status makes her look even more guilty of talking about me behind my back. I'm actually pretty glad that I went ahead and transcribed what was already said to begin with and have kept a fairly decent log of it, otherwise my side might have never really gotten the chance to be fully stated.

Thank you guys for all of your wonderful support, I really do appreciate it more than you realize. It's very important for me to state as a Clark/Lois fangirl and shipper and a fangirl of Lois in general, that not all of us are crazy and some of us are actually pretty much made of awesomesauce. lol. We don't all hate Chloe, we're not all afeared of the Chloe Mafia to come chargin' through our doors at unknown hours of the night, and we're most certainly not backbiter's who're just makin' jabs at the other side of the fence for no reasons at all.

It's fandom people, it's supposed to be FUN. So, why don't we stop all of this NONSENSE and get back to it, right?!