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Picspam: The Greatest Act of Love ;; Brooke&Lucas {Act I ; Scene 1}


♥ brooke&lucas ♥
season 1

Why these two?

To borrow a quote, "I wasn't ready to lose him them." Simply put, I miss the boy who loved the girl behind the red door, and I miss that girl too. I miss them together, all butterflies, firesparks, and hearts a blazing, trying to figure the other one out, and giving a "rat's ass."

I believe there are few people who really knew the real Brooke Penelope Davis and Lucas Scott was one of those few who took the time and he got there just by listening to her, instead of just hearing her. These two changed each other in ways that made the other one so much better and broke each other in ways that nearly destroyed one.

While their story ended painfully, it still was one of the most beautiful stories ever told, I think. I can't want to believe that you could fight as hard for Brooke as Lucas did TWICE and not have loved - BEEN IN LOVE - with someone all the while doing so. Why anyone would be-little their sigifiance is beyond me.

All I know is that one girl loved one boy so much, that she gave her up own personal happiness for the sake of someone else's. If that isn't love, then clearly I don't know what is. It's easy to see how Brooke became tired of constantly fighting. She should have been enough and for a time, I believe she was the better part of Lucas's life, something that Peyton can never touch.

The best part of it.


Did you feel it change?
Feel what change?
Everything. I mean, how many moments in life can you point to and say, "That’s when it all changed?" You just had one. But don’t worry, baby. The popularity thing’s not so bad.

From the moment she popped up in the backseat of Lucas's car with her leopard print bra, I knew I would love Brooke feircely. But really, how do you put adorable, fun, and feisty in the same setence and not love Brooke Davis?! Lucas so didn't know what was coming his way, when she set her eyes on him. lol. Totally blindsided, but in a really good way.


Lucas, what’s your favorite color?
What’s your favorite number? Okay, what’s your favorite sexual position? I’ll use mine. So, you like me.

Oh, those silly little wacky "love catcher's" games played. Definitely had cute written all over them.


So, you my date tonight, Luke?
You know, Brooke, you don’t have to act like this.
I know that. But you’re the first guy to ever say it. You do your thing and, um, try to resist. It’s actually kind of cute.

Okay, "meet cute" out of the way, now onto potential "stalker date cute." And surprise, Lucas is the first boy to ever tell Brooke she doesn't have to act this way. It means something. He can try and resist Brooke all he wants at this point, but there's just something about her that makes her kind of hard to ignore. Besides the fact, that she stalks cute. ;)


Hey cutie. I saw your picture in the paper. Personally, I didn’t think it did you justice.

A cute boy, some flirty locker banter, and a girl that sort of has one goal in mind: getting the boy. Although, at this point, I think she just wants him to notice her noticing him and ya know, maybe act on it. Have fun, loosen up a little bit, don't be so serious all the time.


Think she’ll be okay?
I don’t know, Brooke.
I feel terrible. It’s all my fault.
Yeah, well, what’s done is done. The med student says she’s gonna be okay, right? So we just need to watch her until she wakes up.
I can do it. You’ve done way too much already.
I don’t mind hanging out. This time, I’d worry about her too much if I took off anyway.
Look. It's not your fault, okay? And hey, you did get her out of there.
Still sleeping? Here, I made some coffee if you want...
I don't know how you do it.
...it's easy. The directions are on the bag.
You know what I mean. You'd give up everything to help her after what happened at Nathan's house.
She told you about that?
A little. Look, the thing about Peyton; it's really hard for her to let her guard down but once she does, she's got this amazing heart, you know.
Sounds like something the two of you have in common, who knew.
So you don't have any brothers, do you?
You mean, besides Nathan.
Yeah. How’d that work anyway? I mean, are you…
I’m three months older. My mom got pregnant right after her senior year. Dan moved on to Nathan’s mom the first semester of college.
That must have been really hard for your mom. So you two are pretty close.
Yeah. We do a lot of stuff together. We talk, she's really great.
Sounds nice. My parents would rather throw cash at me and send me on my way then spend any time with me.
Listen, you can grab some sleep if you want. I'll watch her for a while.
Okay I'd rather stay and talk to you if you don't mind.
I don't mind...

I love this scene for a lot of reasons, but it's probably one of my favorite scenes mostly because it shows that Brooke Davis isn't just some shallow materialistic cheerleader who really doesn't care about anything but boys, where to make her next credit card purchase, or the next cheer routine she'll be putting together for her squad. She really cares about Peyton and she's worried about her. She also gives a little peek at what home life sort of is like, for her. I just really like how she explains Peyton's issues and tells him that she has this really amazing heart once she drops her gaurd and he says, "sounds like something the two of you have in common, who knew?"

It really is sort of an amazing scene, because he gets to see her in a different way than she's previously exposed herself to him and maybe, just maybe he likes it a little.


You want me to follow you home?
No. I'll be okay.
Okay. So why'd you call me, anyway? I'm not Nathan or one of the guys...
Because I knew you'd come through.
You're a good friend to her, Brooke.
You sound surprised.
Sorry, I just...I guess I just figured that you were...
A brainless slut.
No. You're not. What I was gonna say was that I just...I didn't think that you were...that tough. But I was clearly wrong about you.
It's okay. Most people are.
Hey Brooke...call me. If you need anything, okay?

I kind of like that Brooke knows that Lucas is different from the other guys and she trusts him enough to know he'll be there, when she calls him for help. And I like that he also reassure's her that she is a good friend to Peyton and definitely not some "brainless slut." Brooke's so much stronger than she gets credit for, at this point. Because, up until now, we haven't had the chance to see her be anything but "cheery" and overly friendly most of the time.

She wears the change well and judging from the way that Lucas is looking at her now, it looks like he likes what he's seeing.


Hey, Brooke! I’ve got something for you.
I know you do, gorgeous.
It’s that book I was telling you about. I though you might want to check it out.
Oh, I definitely want to check it out. I suppose I could read the book too. But what are you going to do for me?
What do you mean?
Well, I read the book. You do something for me.
Like what?
I don’t know. Something fun. Deal?
Okay. Deal.
Should we shake on it or just make out now? Who knew reading could be so much fun?

I like how Brooke is all flirty with and reading books = having fun with cute boy she likes. lol. A deal's a deal and Lucas does need to learn how to lighten up and have a little bit of fun, and who better than Brooke to show him what a good time is, than the "good time girl" herself. lol.

Lesson #487972548: Cute boys you like make reading so much more fun, when you get them to do something you like, like ya know...loosening up and having fun. :P


All finished. Now it’s my turn.
Hey, hey, hey. Not so fast. Did you like it?
Did I like it or did I read it? The book’s about how a guy loses his integrity and gives into temptation. Which is exactly what I see you doing tonight…with me.
Right. Well, a deal’s a deal, right?
That’s right, baby. A deal is a deal.

Oh Brooke. I'm starting to wonder now, if that book was a sign or something about how their relationship would go. I didn't think about it at the time, because I was too caught up in wanting them to just hurry up and get together already, but now that I think about it - it makes me wonder. In any case, she's adorably intelligent and she does hold him to his word. Although, I don't see him putting up too much of a fight, and she did read the book. So, rewards. Y/Y?!


I didn’t know you could shoot pool.
There’s a lot you don’t know about me.
Really? Like what?
Like…I love it in the summer when there’s heat lightning at night. And up until the fourth grade, I called squirrels squirrlers. And I love beating boys at school. Oh my God. A smile. Is Lucas Scott actually having fun?
I have fun.
Sure you do. Lucas, you’re like the most serious guy I’ve ever met.
Fine. Does that make you happy?
A little.
Well, just as long as you don’t feel cheated. You read a book, I drink a beer. We’re even, right?
Wait, did you think this was the thing you have to do with me?
Well, yeah.
No. This isn‘t the thing. This is just…drinks before the thing. Bottoms up.

Did you see that? I think Brooke Davis just made Lucas Scott smile. The world is right again. lol. No, but really how cute is Brooke telling Lucas about all the things that she likes and then teasing him about being the most serious guy she knows? It's cuuuuuuute. You know you thought so, too.


Don’t you love weird science?
Ah, the family jewels.
He doesn’t even have a license, Lisa.


Where were we?
Where we were having fun.
Mmm-hmm. I’m glad we did this.
Good. So what’s your take on tattoos?
I don’t know…depends.
Come here. What do you think…About…this tattoo?
Mmm. That tattoo is very, very…sexy. Right answer.

In a list of Top 10 Hottest Scenes Ever, this one would definitely be UP there. I remember, I couldn't hardly breathe waiting for this to happen. And when it did...AMAZING FIREWORKS. These two had so much chemistry and Brooke was just determined to have a little fun with it. Can't say that I blame her, at that point.


Hey. Don’t you think it makes more sense to buy in bulk? Plus…for desert. Oh, Hi Mrs. Scott.

THIS. Because, so busted. I lol'ed forever. That Brooke...LMAO.


Of all the things to stick in my mouth it had to be my foot. Lucas come on hold up.
Did you see the look on her face?
Yeah, total Judge Judy. Which is completely ridiculous considering who her son is.
She’s friends with my mom.
Right…forgot about that one. Well, your mom’s in Europe for the next month so what are the odds she remembers this?
Whipped cream and condoms…

Brooke can't even hide the smile on her face, because the whole thing is just hilarious. And Lucas is embarrassed and sorta worrying about his mom finding out, who's like practically a country or two away. Plus, whipped cream and condoms... ;)


So this is the place.
This is it.
Very buzz worthy. Cool clientele too.

I kind of love Lucas a little bit, for taking Brooke to Karen's Cafe and just kind of hanging out with her, sort of casually introducing her to a little bit of his world. It's cute. And it's really kind of awesome how she just wants to hang out with her bff and her boy, at the same time too.


Here we go. This is the writer I was talking about.
Somerset Maugham?
Well its, “Maugham” Human Bondage.
Yeah its not like that.
So, you’re good. Are we done here!
Well I just thought that this was a better opportunity for us to spend some time, you know, hang out with each other.
And it is, but can we maybe do it someplace that smells a little less funky.
Haha, it’s the smell of old books.
Like I said! Come on, its my turn. Please!
Just keep it legal.

I kinda love how Lucas is integrating her more and more into his world, by wanting to just hang out and get to know her a little better in the stacks. Clearly Lucas's idea of fun is totally the opposite of Brooke's, but it's so cute watching their worlds sort of collide.


Wait, you sure your parents wont come home.
They could. But, this isn’t their Jacuzzi.
Brooke…whose house is this?
I don’t know! Does it matter.

Okay, so who said breaking and entering can't be sexy as hell, sometimes?! lol. Clearly, Brooke doesn't know how to "just keep anything legal," and it's totally cute. And Lucas was a little worried about whose house they were at, instead of ya know...thinking about the cute girl he should be making out with in the jacuzzi. "I don't know! Does it matter?" Apparently it doesn't, to Brooke. lmao. ♥


All work and no Brooke make Luke a boring boy.
I got you something.
But I don’t have anything for you.
And yet you do. A couple of songs on there that made me think of you. Of course most things do.
I didn’t know you were into Travis.
Are you kidding I love Travis. He’s the best.
Travis guy. Are we not in the same conversation? Check out tracks 8 and 13. You’ll love them. Bye.

I love this scene for a million and one different reasons, but probably mostly because it's Brooke trying to find some way to connect with Lucas even if she's using Peyton's cd to do it, because she really wants to. And I think it's also the first time that she's ever really wanted to connect this way with a guy and that's something for her. It's not just about the "making out" anymore, it's so much more than that. Plus, it's entirely cute that she doesn't know Travis is a group and the little flirty teasong, makes this scene even more cute.


So I had an idea.
Remember when I read that Steinberg book!
Yeah, that guy. And then you did something that I wanted.
Oh yeah, yeah. Getting drunk, tattooed and grounded!
But in a fun way. I’m thinking we should try that again.
Okay, you might want to run that by Keith first.
Not exactly that, I just, I want to know everything about you. And I want you to know…almost everything about me.
What’s going on Brooke?
Nothing. I just. I want to know you better Luke. So how about, the next time you do something you love, you bring me along, and then we trade. Are you busy after practice tomorrow?
Yeah, I have a date with you.

Okay, this scene was just really cute and I kind of like how Brooke is using her own ways of getting to know Lucas. Plus, the fact that she wants him to know "almost everything" about herself, means that her wanting to be with Lucas has stopped being just a fun little game and has now gotten a little more serious. She's actually developed feelings for the guy.


So what did you do last night? I saw you with Peyton.
What are you talking about?
You two just looked pretty friendly.
Well that’s because we’re friends.
And what are we?
Well, I thought that we were dating.
Well it looked more like you were dating Peyton. How messed up is that?

Yipes! Mad!Brooke is mad and possibly a little insecure, with this whole investing in a guy and sort of trusting him. Is it possible to be that darn cute, when you're irrationally mad?! lol. Because, Brooke kind of wears it well. Poor Lucas, he doesn't even get it, really. But, Brooke sort of knows that her bff and her boy choice are kind of digging each other and she's a little scarred that maybe she'll get hurt.


Keith said you were at Peyton’s, again.
Actually I was with Peyton’s dad, if that makes any difference.
Whatever. Luke can we talk!
Okay, I’m not sure if we have a problem, or if I have a problem.
What’s the problem?
In a nutshell, You’re you and I’m me.
Yeah but if I was you, you’d be dating yourself.
What I mean is, I do what I do, and I like what I like, and that’s just who I am.
I know, and that’s what I love about you.
Okay but the music that you listen to and the books that you read, I’m not into any of that stuff.
And I never asked you to be. Okay? You know I kind of enjoy the fact that we’re different.
Okay. I’m sorry. It’s just that you’re the first really great guy that I’ve ever dated and that really scares me because I never gave a rat’s ass before, okay? But I do now.
That’s good, because I give a rats ass about you too.

Brooke is really kind of amazing in this scene. I love that throughout the whole episode, she really tries hard to relate to Lucas, but underneath she's just scared they don't have that much in common and maybe they're a little too different, that they might work out. She tried connecting with him using Peyton's cd and that sort of went kerplunk. Then she got mad at him, for hanging out with Peyton and her dad, check insecurity issues please. And by the end of the episode, she ends up on his front porch waiting for him to come home, where they have an honest to goodness "real" conversation wherein, she admits she does give a "rat's ass" about him. This is possibly one of the best written Brooke and Lucas scenes, ever. Moreso for me, because Brooke is so relatable, in so far as her insecurities go and it makes Lucas awesome for liking her because they're so different.


Well, it’s not the battery. It’s probably the starter.
Well you can fix that right?
Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem. It’s an amazing car.
It’s an amazing guy.
Is that what you got me in this thing for? Yeah...I was, just getting started.
Sadly, so was I.

Really, did I fail to mention before, how much I really love these two?! Because, if I didn't - I do. It's a cute scene, from the amazing guy to the amazing car, and the totally adorable girl he's smooching.


Have I told you lately how much I like you?
Why do I tell you?
No, why do you like me?
Hmm, pitty mostly. How come you’re so quiet tonight?
I’m just anxious about my mom coming back tomorrow.
Yeah me too.
Why are you?
Cause I want her to like me. Plus she sounds really cool, and I’m not that close with my mom so I just think it’d be great if I hit it off with yours. You can’t control love, you know? Your mom and Keith. You’re worried about their relationship right?
They’ll be okay. People that are meant to be together always find their way in the end.

I really kind of adore Brooke in this scene, never mind the fact that Lucas is kind of a douche lately for what's been happening between him and Peyton. I just sort of feel bad for Brooke at this point, because she doesn't even know what her best friend and her boyfriend have really been up to and all she wants is to just spend time with the both of them. Plus, she's excited to meet his mom and she knows Lucas well enough by this point to know what sort of worries him. Plus her line about "people who are meant to be together always find their way in the end," really made the whole episode for me. ♥♥♥


Ever since I landed, nothing has been the way I expected it to be.
Including your son’s new girlfriend, right?
That’s not true, I don’t really know you, Brooke.
Look I know I talk a lot when I’m nervous, actually I’m pretty gabby all the time. But my stupid quotient kind of goes sky high when I’m flipped out and meeting my boyfriend’s mother in the hospital with all this going on is pretty much off the stress charts for me. But I’m here for you if you need anything.
Thank you.
And, just so you know. The only thing I really want to see is Lucas laugh again. You know, hear him sing off key and watch him roll his eyes at me when I steal French fries off his plate. I guess what I’m trying to say is I’m crazy about your son. And I hope that’s enough for you.

Okay, Brooke is super amazing in this scene. I love how she just sort of opens her mouth and everything in her amazingly huge heart just sort of spills out. And despite her insecurities where Lucas may be concerned, she's not afraid to just talk openly and candidly with his mom about how much she cares about him. Yeah, at this point, Lucas is very much an ass because of the whole Peyton thing and the secret they're keeping from Brooke, even though Peyton was trying to tell her before Haley called. But, I've always loved the Brooke/Karen relationship and this is definitely one of my favorite scenes in S1, possibly throughout the course of the show, even.


Oh wow.
What? Bad idea?
No, no you just surprised me.
Then mission accomplished. I Fung Swayed your room. It promotes healing. I just wanted to say, "Welcome Home, Boyfriend."
Can we have a minute, Mom?
Keep it short, you need to be in bed.

Okay, 1.) I really love Brooke surprising Lucas, by Fung Swaying his room because it promotes healing, and 2.) I really kind of don't like Lucas at the moment, because I know he's going to hurt her and I don't like it when my Brooke cries. As over-the-top as it might have been, Brooke's heart was really in the right place and it was cute. Too bad that Lucas didn't appreciate it, as much as he should have. Plus, he has really rotten timing too. And is a liar.


Hey I want you to know I’m here for you. Whatever you need. And if she’s not home, I might even give you a sponge bath.
Actually I can’t do that for a while.
What? Bathe?
No. You know. Sex.
Oh. That sucks. A little cardio might just be what you need though. What?
I’m just going to need some time to figure some stuff out.
Whatever you need, I’m here for you.
Yeah see that’s the thing.
Are you breaking up with me?
I just think it’s the best thing for right now.
Maybe for you.
Brooke, I’m sorry.
Apparently not enough.

This was just mean, the way he broke up with her and without even being honest enough to tell her why, either. This is where I get a little fiercely protective of Brooke, because at this point her best friend and her boyfriend "almost hooked-up," made out a little bit behind her back, and haven't been honest with her. And now Lucas is breaking up with her, without telling her why. I'm kind of more mad at him at this point, than I am Peyton because at least she tried to tell her.


Brooke, I’m sorry.
Yeah, sorry you got caught.
We didn’t mean to hurt you.
You did not just say that to me.
Look we didn’t plan any of this. It just happened.
Go to hell.

It's definitely no secret that I completely 100% unabashadedly Team!Brooke, at this point. Maybe a part of him is sorry that he hurt her, but if he and Peyton really wanted to be together they both should have been honest with Brooke from the beginning. I'm not suggesting that Brooke is without her faults, but at this point she's really done nothing wrong and she doesn't deserve this. So as far as I'm concerned, Lucas got off lucky with a "go to hell."


I know you don’t have any reason to listen to me.
You’re right I don’t.
Brooke. I’m not asking for forgiveness. I just want you to know how sorry I am for what I did.
How sorry you are? Do you know that the entire time that we were dating I actually felt inferior to you? What a joke. You are just like every other guy on the planet. You’re a liar and a cheater.
You’re right. I lied to you. And there’s no excuse for that.
Whatever. Why don’t you tell it to the girl you hooked up with last night.

Ouch. This scene hurtst to watch for a number of reasons, but mostly because I think Lucas is sincere in his apology, but I also sort of think he's apologizing a little more at the moment because he got caught. His behavior was just mean and completely off the charts insensitive. And Brooke, I just really wanted to hug her, when she admitted to feeling inferior to him. She is so much better than him at this point in the season and a little vindicated for shutting the door on him. And we won't even get into the skank he hooked up with. Ugh, that's another season all together.


I need to talk to you.
I spent the entire night trying to avoid this or ignore it, but I cant so I’ve just got to say it.
Brooke what’s up?
I think I’m pregnant.

I don't really like this particular storyline that much, but I do sort of like how it dealt with certain fears and consequences that go along with being "not very careful in that department" shall we say. And at this point, I really do feel like Brooke was scared that she might actually be pregnant and she was honest enough to tell Lucas her fears, since he was the other party responsible for said complicated mess. Again, let me just say this for all of the nay-sayer's out there, she said she "thought" she was pregnant, not that she actually "was" pregnant okay.


What do you mean, you think?
I mean I’m late. Like, late.
Did you take a test? Okay. Okay, um. Look, we have to know, okay? Maybe it’s a false alarm, you know? Come on. Drug Store’s still open. We’ll do it together. Okay?

Bottom row, second cap - I don't think that type of fear and worry, can be faked. At that point, I refused to believe that Brooke was just scheming a fake pregnancy to get back at Lucas for being so insesitive and for almost hooking up with her best friend, and the one skank I'll reserve comments for later either. She's scared and you can plainly see that and one thing about this scene that sort of redeemed Lucas a little bit, is the fact that he just doesn't panic and accuse Brooke of trying to trap him or pass off the possible baby as his when it could have potentially been someone else's instead. He just snaps into action, suggests they get a test done, and goes with her to get one. He even offers to do it with her, as a way of trying to be there no matter the outcome or results. This Lucas, I kind of like again.


It’s positive.
Oh my God. I’m pregnant.
Come on. I know you’re still mad at me. Okay? But I’m here for you. Alright, we’ll go to the doctor tomorrow. In the city. I’ll take you.
I’ll take myself.
Brooke. I’m just as scared as you are. But I want to help. Please. Just, trust me.
Yeah cause that worked out so well for me the last time.

Okay, proof that Brooke wasn't lying when she told Lucas the home test was positive. Although, I tend to believe that it's more along the lines of a "false pregnancy" than it was a real one. But still, at that point, she wasn't lying and she had every reason to feel scared, alone, plus reasons to not trust Lucas given his past grievances. It's hard not to feel for her or well, for someone who actually cares about Brooke anyway.


So, what happened?
The nurse said they’d call me in a few hours with the results, and then she asked me about the father.
What did you say?
I told her the sorry bro hoe kicked my ass to the curb.

Okay, I'm sorry but I "lol" at Lucas's delivery of that last line, every single time I watch it. Because really, it's kind of hilarious, even though Brooke is being rather nasty to him. She's mad at him and she's still hurt behind his actions and the fact that he cheated on her with her best friend, I get that. Doesn't make her attitude right or some of the things she says and does, but I can sort of understand where she's at with the whole lashing out thing. Plus, she's probably scared too.


Brooke, hold on. Still no news?
Did I come find you?
Well where are you going?
Away from you.
Hey, come on, you can’t cut me out of this. I’m just as worried as you are.
Oh really? Or are you just worried that having a kid might deflate your market value?
That’s not it.
Oh that’s right you’re not on the market anymore. You’re a one woman kind of guy. Speaking of which, how is my former best friend?
Peyton has nothing to do with this, okay?
Not yet. Maybe you can pull a Dan Scott and knock her up too.
Or maybe then you can move on to random bar-sluts. Oh wait you’ve already done that. Better be careful, Danny Jr., never know how many kids you’re going to end up with.
Oh yeah, that’s real nice, Brooke. And by the way. It’s not like I’m the only guy you’ve ever slept with.
What’s your point?
How do I even know it’s mine?
It’s the doctor. Hello? Yeah, this is Brooke. Okay. Thank you. Trust me, it’s yours.

Clearly they both said some things here that were rather mean and sort of spiteful, can we all just agree on that much if not anything else?! I agree it was definitely hitting below the belt even for Brooke, for her to refer to Lucas as Danny Jnr. But, it was also pretty low of Lucas, to imply that he wasn't the father of the "maybe baby" just because he wasn't the only one Brooke had slept with. So, are we back to the whole "Brooke is a brainless slut," mentality show?! Really, not your best look at all. Also, way to backtrack on character development.

All of that being said, I think she lied more at that point out of anger towards Lucas because he was just being an asshole, than she did just out of being a purely vindicitive bitch. I also feel like maybe she was pregnant and her body did this whole crazy stressed out hormonal thing where she might have miscarried (because those things can happen) or it was more along the lines of a false pregnancy and the test she took at the health clinic was the true result in the end. Either theory can be plausible at this point, because it's never actually said definitely that she was or wasn't. One test showed a positive (false or not) and another one showed a negative. So, really, who's to know. It's however anyone wants perceive it at this point.

It was still a very big scare for her and she did feel alone and very much like she couldn't trust Lucas, so why the hell would she be nice to him after all of the things that he'd just said to her and his past behavior. I noticed in the fandom back them and sometimes still now, that Brooke gets a lot of heat for this storyline, where LP's indiscretions are pretty much glossed over. It got to be quite annoying and still pretty much is.


What part of stay away from me do you not understand?
Just give me 60 seconds, okay?
I’m sorry but argument cutoff was 9 o’clock.
Well, I don’t want to argue. You don’t even have to say anything. Just listen. My dad didn’t want me, okay? Not just that he didn’t want to claim me, he didn’t want me to be born, I always thought that when I started a family I’d be, older, and settled, and I’d be -
In love?
Yeah. But so did my mom.
No, this whole thing scares the hell out of me, okay? But whatever you decide to do, I’ll be there. And if you’re not ready, then you’re not ready, but if you want to have this baby, then so do I. And whatever it takes for me to be a good father, I‘ll be there. Always. I promise you. I won‘t let you down. Hey.
I lied.
I’m not pregnant.
But I saw the test.
I know. Then when the doctor called he said I wasn’t pregnant, he said that can happen.
Okay, no, no, no. I was standing right there when he called.
And you had just called me a slut.
So you lied to me to punish me?! How could you do that?
How could you cheat on me with my best friend?!
Brooke. I never meant to hurt you.
That doesn’t really matter, Lucas. Cause in the end it all hurts just the same.

Oh Brooke, you didn't wear this look very good at all. And this is why this storyline is one of my least favorite's, next to the whole Brooke/Nathan taped incident which I won't even get into, because that came straight out of left fieldsville. I do like how Lucas sort of redeemed himself a little bit here, by promising her that he would be there for her no matter what and that whatever happened, they would get through it together. I hate that there was a lie hanging there between them, told in part just to hurt him as much as he'd hurt her. But, I still say that she was either pregnant and miscarried or thought she was pregnant and the first test was a false result. Lucas should have never called her a slut in not so many words and Brooke never should have referred to him as Danny Jnr either. But then again, Lucas should have never cheated on her with her best friend to begin with and then lied about it, as well. Even if he is sorry, that doesn't matter because in the end he hurt her and she ended up hurting him right back.

My poor babies, they really put each other through the wringer with this one.

{Act I; Scene 2}

cause I can't live if you're not happy, I can't live if you cry,
but I can live without you if it makes you smile.

S A C R I F I C E.

and you won't read that book again
because the ending's just too hard to take.

Tags: character: brooke davis, character: lucas scott, fandom: one tree hill, otp: brooke/lucas, picspam: the greatest act of love

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