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Picspam: The Greatest Act of Love ;; Brooke&Lucas {Act I; Scene 2}


♥ brooke&lucas ♥
season 2


Is this beach taken?
There’s plenty to go around.
Don’t worry; I’m not gonna ask you if you’re ok.
Know any good jokes?
You’re looking at one. Why does everybody lie? You know, the bad guys lie to get in your bed…and the good guys…lie to get in your heart. And I’m the idiot that falls for it every time.
Hey…Brooke, you are not an idiot. Not even close. You know who you are. Most people don’t, you know. I mean, that’s why they lie. They’re afraid people might find out who they are before they figure it out themselves.
Let me take you home.
I can get home without a guy, thanks.
Wait. I really don’t wanna walk.

One of my favorite things about Brooke has always been the fact that she was this incredibly strong young woman, who didn't really need anyone to save her. She can save herself and she will at various times over the seasons of this show, but she's also vulnerable and insecure and puts her heart out there wanting to be loved, wanting to be let in all of the way completely. And most of the time she ends up hurt, but this scene between her and Lucas was definitely refreshing especially after the way S1 ended where these two were concerned. She's open and honest and he's just being a really good friend listening to her. It's part of what gave me a little bit of hope for them as the season continued.


So, thanks for breakfast. We should do this more often.
Do what?
Be friends.
We are friends.
But we should be friends.
I’d like that.
But no benefits.

I liked how they were attempting to be friends again, but without benefits. It was nice to see them kind of re-building that trust again. It shows how much Brooke is growing, for her to be able to forgive Lucas for what he and Peyton did and to give him another chance, at being her friend for now.


Maybe I should do a contest - you know, ‘vote for me and win a date’ or offer a makeover.
You don’t need a gimmick, Brooke. l...right, just, tell me why you wanna be president.
I am who I am…no excuses. But I’d like other people to know that there’s a lot more to me than just some party-girl.
This is from a speech, by John F. Kennedy. I think it could work for you.
This is all about courage. Nobody is gonna believe this, coming from me.
…I would. Everything you need to say…is already in your heart.

I kind of like how Lucas is the one that Brooke immediately goes to for help, in writing her speech for class president. He believes in her so much, even when she doesn't. Sort of gives her the strength to believe in herself as much as he does and the chance to see herself through his eyes for the amazing person that she is and not just some shallow party girl who's only out for a good time.


So I sneak out to the garden to see you
We keep quiet, because we're dead if they knew
So close your eyes...escape this town for a little while
Oh, Oh...


Don’t look at me.
Have you been crying?
Just tearing up a little. I read your speech.
Don’t leave your journal where I can find that, either. It was beautiful. ‘Remember tonight for it is the beginning of always’.
That’s Dante. We read him last semester.
And I need to pay more attention in English.
The rest is me.
The part about taking chances and believing in the possibility, even when life has given you every reason not to believe…
That’s what’s so great about weddings; you know, two people come together…and even if it’s just for one night, they make us believe again.
Stop! I don't have anymore tissues!
I just hope at my wedding, someone says something that nice about me.
I think you can count on that.

I think it's kind of cute that Brooke read his speech. It'd been a while since we'd seen the two of them like that - this close - that sort of inspired you to believe in them again even if it was just for one night. They were so beautiful, the two of them.


[Lucas Voiceover: For tonight is mere formality, only an announcement to the world for feelings long held. Promises made long ago in the sacred space of our hearts.]
What, more bad news?
My dad got that job.
Brooke, that's great!
It’s in California! We're moving next week. I don’t wanna go.
What’re we gonna do?

I remember feeling so deflated after watching this scene and I remember thinking at the same time, that nobody can cry as pretty as Sophia Bush did in this scene. Brooke was so beautiful and so scared and sad and I love how Lucas just comforted her the way only he could. Sad love stories are the saddest, when you think there's a bit of hope and then it's almost snatched away again.


Don’t go. I just needed to say it. You have to stay!
We’re finally friends again and now I’m leaving. I really liked being the girl behind the red door.

In two seasons worth of scenes exchanged between these two, this one is definitely one of my favorites. I love how they used the "red door" that Brooke lived behind, as a symbol of not only who she was, but also her life in Tree Hill, and later to show how much Lucas cares for and loves her. My heart wibbled a little, when he said "Don't go, I just needed to say it." Never have I loved an inanimate object before as much as I loved that "red door," except maybe the Impala on SPN but that's another show for another picspam. lol.

I'm surprised Mark didn't feel the need to take that away from the BL history too, the way he did with so many other things in S4. There's a reason, that season will never be one of my favorites.


Are you OK?
Yeah, it’s just, every time I see something in Tree Hill, it’s probably the last time so I feel like I have to take mental pictures of everything, you know?
Well, make sure you make me look good when you take my picture.
So, what’re you gonna miss most about me?
I can only choose one thing?
Yes, and it has to be something good; not how much you’ll miss hanging out with me or how hot I am!
Hmm…neither one of those, huh?
Damn! I miss the girl behind the red door. Come on.
This is all my stuff, I don’t understand.
I had my mom talk to your parents and they said that you could stay here till the summer. They didn’t want to, Brooke, but my mom can be really convincing.
You did this for me?
I wasn’t ready to lose you yet. So, you, gonna stay or what?
Yeah, of course. Oh, I wasn’t ready to be lost. Thank you.

Lucas didn't say that he'd miss the girl behind the red door and he didn't say that he missed the girl behind the red door, he said present tense - "I miss the girl behind the red door," - as in he's missing her in his life as more than just his friend everyday and it's been that way for a while. He was talking about how he feels right now, in this moment. I have so much love for this scene, for the fact that Lucas would a.) paint his door red an go through the hassle of moving all of Brooke's belongings from her house to his and b.) go to the lengths of asking his mom to convince her parents to at least let her spend the summer there. It was such an amazing gesture and a testament to how much he loved and cared for her, as well.


Hey, Cinderella. You hanging in there?
I take it you’ve heard.
Well, my mom can crack the whip.
I can’t believe she actually grounded me. I thought she liked me.
Oh, Brooke, she does like you. Hey, she cares enough about you to ground you. So what number are you up to, huh? Three?
Mop the kitchen floor.
Is that wrong?
Ok, Brooke, this is a mop. Look, I’ll tell you what, alright; you take the evens, I’ll take the odds. And I’ll bet we can bust this out in like…half hour.
Thanks, Luke.
Anything for you.

I kind of love how he calls her Cinderella and she's cleaning the floor with a sponge, instead of using a mop. lol. Cute. Poor Brooke, she's never had any structure like this at all before in her life, because her parents virtually left her to her own devices, so the fact that Karen cares enough about her to ground her for her behavior was a new one for her. But, I kinda like how domestically cute it was for her and Lucas to be hanging out doing chores together.


Thanks, Brooke.
For what?
For letting me vent about Dan. For helping Nathan out so much. I just don’t know what I’d do without you.

I'd forgotten how much I loved S2 Brooke and Lucas, until I re-watched this scene recently. They've really come a long way since where they left off at the end of S1. Like Peyton told Brooke earlier in the episode, they're not the same people they were before and this time they could maybe work if they just took a chance. Plus, I love how the camera pans out on the two of them, and they're both smiling at one another - they look really happy to be together.


Hey, thanks for coming. Uh, I got some extra garbage bags.
You’re kidding, right?
Yeah. Yep. We did really well for Nathan last night. Particularly since you snuck in your allowance cheque from your folks.
Oh, don’t think of it as an allowance; think of it as, three skirts, four tops, two bags and a lot of really hot lingerie.
I thought that’d be tough for you.
Just seemed like it was time to spread the karmic well.
That’s gonna mean a lot to Nathan. I’m just sorry you had to give everything back.
Well, not everything. Do you think I’m terrible for keeping these really cute wedges?
No! Listen, we’ve been so caught up with Peyton and Nathan that I, that I feel like I haven’t really checked in with you. How’re you doing, without Felix around?
Oh, fine. He was not the guy for me.
Well, I’m sure the guy is out there somewhere.
Maybe. But I’m scared to open up my heart like that, again.
Isn’t the alternative even scarier?
Sure, I get lonely sometimes. That’s hard. But, I guess that’s the price you pay for figuring out what you really want, right?

This is probably one of my favorite conversations they have during this season or even in general, to be honest. I like how she gives him a hard look when he tells her that maybe there's a guy out there somewhere and she's honest about being scared to open her heart up like that again, because she's been hurt before. Clearly it's not lost on Brooke what's been implied, because she's been thinking about it too.


Hey, Brooke?
Hey back atcha. You busy?
Nah, I’m just grabbing some coffee. What’s up?
We’ve been doing really well with this whole friends thing, right?
Yeah, we have.
Yeah, I think so, too. So, I wanted to ask you something.
Um...Ah, hold on.
Hey, Brooke, you still there?
Ok. What’d you wanna ask me?
Let’s not screw this up, now, ok.
Bye, Lucas.

I was all ready-set-GO! for date night with Brooke and Lucas, but then she had to go and find all of the things that Peyton had given Lucas stuffed in a box in his closet and all the pain and insecurities and betrayls from the previous year just came back full force. I think I remember crying with her a little bit, because it hurt. And poor Lucas was just confused as hell. Mean fate is mean, sometimes.


I'm home.
Oh, I'm so glad.
Me too, mom. Hey, Brooke.
Well, now that we are all here together, we need to set some new ground rules. I know that the two of you had a history.
Oh, don’t worry, Karen, we’re just friends. Nothing more.

Okay 1.) They'll never be "just friends," and 2.) that look on Luke's face when the camera pans in on him - yeah, I felt his pain. That not nice show, that not nice. But, I was glad to see him home.


But this is me swallowing my pride
Standing in front of you saying, "I'm sorry for that night."
And I go back to December...
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you,
Wishing I'd realize what I had when you were mine.
I'd go back to December, turn around and make it all right.
I'd go back to December, turn around and change my own mind

I go back to December all the time.
All the time


So I guess this is goodbye? Tell me that was a goodbye kiss.
I’m sorry. I know we’re friend,it’s just how I feel.
What about Peyton’s stuff?
I keep that stuff as a reminder of how badly I screwed up things. With you. To remind myself, if I ever get a second chance, I’d never let you go again.
I don’t know what to say. I, um, I gotta go.
Brooke? You think, you could ever...
Lucas, I’m sorry. I, I gotta go. Bye.

This scene absolutely broke my heart, from the moment that Lucas kissed Brooke and admitted that he still had feelings for her, to Brooke trying to figure things out in her head, asking about Peyton's things and then insisting that she had to leave. It was such a grogeous scene and Sophia absolutely brought me to tears, even Lucas managed to do evoke a few as well. But, I think my favorite line, was when he admitted that he kept those things ( of Peyton's) to remind him of how badly he had screwed up with Brooke and that if he was ever lucky enough to get the chance again, he'd never let her go. Of course, Brooke was still afraid, because he'd hurt her so badly before and then lied about it. So, all she could do was say goodbye and leave. And the shot of her alone in the taxi crying, as he was pulling away from the curb made me cry too again.

{Act II}

cause I can't live if you're not happy, I can't live if you cry,
but I can live without you if it makes you smile.

S A C R I F I C E.

and you won't read that book again
because the ending's just too hard to take.

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