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Picspam: The Greatest Act of Love ;; Brooke&Lucas {Act II}


♥ brooke&lucas ♥
season's 3&4


You talking to me yet?
And I bought you flowers.
Oh! They’re very nice. Where did you get them?
Neighbour’s yard.
Look, I’m sorry about the airport earlier.
Ah, it’s cool, you know.
Look, I’m sorry about the airport earlier.
Ah, it’s cool, you know.
No, I felt stupid for jumping to conclusions and maybe a little jealous that you weren’t actually there for me. It’s good to see you, Luke. How ya been?
Look, I know it wasn’t fair, how I told you I wanted to be with you when your cab was just parked right outside. I just saw you slipping away and I guess I panicked.
It’s ok. Really. It is. I actually had the whole summer to think about this and I thought we could totally have a summer-like fling just in the fall. And non-exclusive.
Non-exclusive. How does that work?
Well, we hang out, we go to movies, we have fun.
Do we kiss?
You bet your ass we kiss.
Do we do more than kiss?
But we also date other people. So, whaddaya think?
I kinda think you’re a genius.
Oh, you’re just figuring that out now, are you? I missed you, Lucas Scott.
And I missed you too, pretty girl.
Call me later. I have to go deal with Peyton’s whole ‘I’m you mother’ scenario.
Right! That one’s pretty messy.
Yeah, so I’ve heard. And I leave for a couple months, crazy mom starts showing up and there’s all these things you don’t know.

Yeah, I wasn't such a huge fan of this whole "non-exclusive" thing, but if it got me BL in some sort of relationship (other than friendship) that involved hanging out, possible date nights, kissing, and maybe more then I was so there. Um hmm, yes I was. Plus, Brooke really is a genius! ♥


Aren’t you afraid of swimming alone?
Well, beats being alone on land. Looking for me?
Ah, sorta.
How come?
Nah, just wanted to know if you wanted to hang out. Grab some food, keep it casual.
Casual’s good. Have a seat.
This is gonna work, right?
What’s that?
Us. Dating. Nothing serious.
Working for me. How bout you?
Absolutely. It’s good.
So, when are we gonna get to that kissing part, anyway?
Oh, I’d say right about now if you know what’s good for ya.

Okay, so maybe I'll have to re-evaluate my thoughts a little on the not being too keen on the whole "non-exclusive" bits of their arrangement, since it's getting me totally cute scenes like this one. Plus, I kind of sorta loved Brooke taking out her phone and snapping a pic, while they were smooching on the beach. Such a pretty scene. We needed that. Let's see how long they can stick with this "non-exclusive" stuff before it starts getting old. lol.


You gotta second?
Sure, what’s up?
I’m the guy for you. I know we’re just part-time, that’s cool. You know, do whatever, have your fun. But one of these nights, you’re gonna realise it: I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis. You’ll see.

Okay, really...how much do I ♥LOVE♥ this scene?! Like sfm, seriously. Because it's Luke willing to do whatever Brooke needs until she realizes that hey, he's the guy for her. And that smile on her face as he walks away is just...amazing.


I waited for you this morning.
What d’ya mean?
I just figured since it’s the first day of school the ‘guy for me’ would pick me up; bring me flowers, maybe a bagel. Just saying, not that impressive.
I had a couple things to take care of.
Hmm. You totally pimped my locker.
Yeah. It’s very exclusive.

Cute scene is cute. So many points to Luke for this one, the smile on Brooke's face was incredibly adorable. I found it seriously hard to supress my inner fangirl squee! So much better than boring old flowers and a bagel any day.


I should probably go.
What, you’re just gonna eat Haley’s half of the pizza and then run?
Let’s be optimistic. Nathan and Haley have a lot of problems; they’ll probably be out all night. And you know I hate to sleep alone.
I would love to spend the night, Brooke.
As soon as we’re exclusive.
Oh, you’re good. But, before you go, did I mention that one of the perks of my new job is that I get to take home the free samples?
You’re better. Much better.
So, are we staying yet?
Are we exclusive yet? Game on, Brooke Davis.
Well that’s a first.

Lucas Scott 1, Brooke Davis 0 - so far. Man, I miss their witty banter a lot, sometimes.


Brooke! This isn’t what it looks like. Anyway, I don’t get why you’re so upset.
You’re kidding, right?
You’re the one who wanted to be non-exclusive. I’m just doing what you wanted.
What I wanted? I wanted you to fight for me! I wanted you to say there is no one else that you could ever be with and that you would rather be alone than without me. I wanted the Lucas Scott from the beach that night; telling the world that he’s the one for me.
How was I supposed to know that?
You just are.

Scratch that, clear the score board.

Poor Brooke, she looked so sad and hurt when she was trying to make Lucas understand that she wanted him to fight for her and that he was supposed to know to do that.


Hi. How are you? Right, ok. I don’t know what to say other than I’m so sorry.
You have nothing to apologise for. We weren’t together.
I just didn’t know non-exclusive meant; hell, I’m gonna sleep with Chris Keller. Pretty skanky move, Brooke.
I am sorry. I am sorry that I did it and I am sorry that you had to see it. But you are looking at me, right now, like I am so much worse than you and you were with Peyton while we were dating!
I didn’t sleep with Peyton.
No, but you slept with Nikki.
I didn’t have feelings for you then. I guess that’s my answer.
No, it’s not, Lucas. I care about you so much!
Well, you have a hell of a way of showing it.
I don’t know why I did it, OK? I, um,… I mean, yeah, I-I was drinking and I was jealous that you were with Rachel but I think it was really just because I was really afraid to get close to you again.
Well, you don’t have to worry about that now. Do you?
I didn’t expect you to be kind about this but seeing you this way it’s even worse than I thought it would be.

Okay, you know what, Lucas can get over his hypocritical shit at this point. Yeah, Brooke made a mistake and I figured this whole "non-exclusive" crap would come back to bite, but I don't think she ever intended to sleep with Chris Keller of all people or anyone for that matter. Plus, it was very in character for her anyway, given their past history and her insecurities and jealousies. And Luke was so cold and mean. This scene just flat out hurt and I felt more for Brooke, than anything. She looked incredibly sad and vulnerable, like her heart was breaking all over again. And really Lucas, did you have to re-paint the fucking door black?! Ugh.


There are eighty-two letters in here…and they’re all addressed to you. I wrote them all this summer. One a day, but…I never sent them because I was afraid…
I was afraid of getting my heart broken again. Like before. 'Cause you hurt me so bad and I was afraid to be vulnerable and I was afraid of you and the way that you make me feel and I know that doesn’t matter now, after what I did but I just thought that you should know. This is how I spent my summer, Luke; wanting you. I was just too scared to admit it.
Brooke! I’m sorry. What you did with Chris; It’s OK.
It’s not. It can’t be. It’s too much to forgive!
Well that’s too bad, because I forgive you.
You can’t!
I just did. So you’re gonna just have to deal with it. I’m the guy for you, Brooke Davis and I know I hurt you last time we were together but
I love you.
I love you too. Pretty girl.

I remember thinking, "finally, something to shut those LP'ers up" when this scene happened. I was so ready for this, because I wanted these two back together where they belong, with each other. My heart still wibbles everytime he calls her Pretty Girl and I love how Brooke is the one to show up at his door with her box of 82 letters that she wrote to him and never sent, let herself be open enough to tell him how afraid she was because he'd hurt her before, and that she'd spent the whole summer wanting him and none of the other guys really mattered. The two of them were so pretty.

p.s. May possibly NEVER forgive Mark for giving "pretty girl" to the LP'ers in a later season. They had plenty of things in their history repitoir without needing to take that.


Flash forward and we’re taking on the world together,
And there’s a drawer of my things at your place.
You learn my secrets and you figure out why I’m guarded,
You say we’ll never make my parents’ mistakes.


Hello? Yeah, no problem. I’ll be right over. I’m sorry, Brooke. That was Peyton.
Peyton? As in my best friend and your ex-girlfriend, Peyton?
Something’s up but we’re together now, right? You and me, hm? Means everything to me. We just have to trust each other this time.
Yeah, I know, you’re right. Besides, I have things to do today. It’s pretty exciting, actually. Mouth set up a website for me so I can sell my new clothing line and it goes live in about an hour.
So I figure I should make some dresses in case anyone wants to buy one.
That’s really great.
I’m proud of you.
Ok, see you in a little bit.
See ya later, boyfriend.
Nothing, just feels good to hear you call me boyfriend.
Feels good to say it. And we are live.

I was kind of annoyed with Peyton for calling Lucas away from Brooke to go on a road trip (given the last one they'd taken together), but I wasn't surprised either. It's how she rolls. lol. I did totally love this scene, for all of the cuteness and because they're trusting each other. Mostly, I just really like that Brooke didn't try to make him feel guilty with her insecurities for kind of being there for their friend.


Hi, where are you?
Hey, Brooke, I’m really sorry but it’s gonna be a little while; Peyton’s car broke down.
Great! So the two of you are gonna have to spend the night in some seedy motel. Yeah, then one thing will lead to another and...Pretty risky trick, mister. Totally, not for a second, worried.
What, bad day?
I just really needed my boyfriend.
Well, he’s here now. Put me to work.
I don’t wanna work anymore. Can we go do something you wanna do?
Actually, I have something I need to go do.
With you.

Sneaky boyfriend is sneaky, but Brooke's totally not even a little worried. Cute. And I sort of love that she wants to go do something he wants to do, instead of being all needy girlfriend. She's really sort of awesome this episode, with the whole trusting each other and all. It looks really good on her. :)


This is my world, Brooke. Or, at least it used to be.
I have been here before, you know?
I know, I just never told you what this place is to me. It’s not just a court it’s where I came from, it’s where I belong it’s my world.
So do I get to be part of this world?
The biggest part.
Ladies and gentlemen, what a treat we have tonight – Rivercourt legend, Lucas Scott. It’s been months since Scott’s won a full-court game here, so I guess the big question is will he play tonight?
Go get em, boyfriend.
Nice shot!

You know, I really kind of ♥LOVE♥ Lucas introducing Brooke to his world. Such an amazing scene, took their time getting there, but once they did they were so pretty. It's like he's saying, this time it's going to be different, this time it's going to be you and me, Brooke. And I love that.


So, what if I start sleepwalking and my pyjamas accidentally fall off aaaand, I end up in your bed!
Well, as long as you’re there in the morning. When the sun rises on my heart.
Lucas Scott, that is so unfair, you are not allowed to quote from my letters!
Hey, you.
Hi. Oh my god!
Oh and two; can’t you do anything right without me, huh?
Hey, nephew!
It is so great to have you back! Is Jules with you?
Uhh, no.
Good. I never liked her, by the way. I’m, um, I’m gonna crash on my couch – give you two some catch-up time. It’s so good to see you. You, on the other hand, I never want to see again!

I love Brooke, I really do. And this scene, is definitely one of the reasons why. From start to finish, it's totally adorable. Lucas quoting from her letter's, her sleepwalking with no pajama's, and her bouncy excitment over Keith being back. Oh, and her comment about never liking Jules to begin with, was just plain hilarious and so very much a Brooke thing to say. AND THE HUGS. AND JUST THE GENERAL BOUNCY-NESS OF IT ALL. Oh, and she gives both Lucas and Keith time to catch up, too. Really, she is the best girlfriend Lucas could ask for. Why did he ever let her go?!


Where are my letters, I want them back!
Oh, Brooke, seeing you like this makes the sun go down on my heart.
Oh, I hate you! This is not fair. You don’t get to tease me!
Ok, I’ll stop! You know, I missed you last night.
Well, I was gonna invite you to spend the night, tonight. You know, reward you for doing a little writing of your own.
Reward me?
But now there’s price for admission.
Yep. Bring them or you’ll find out what it’s like to be teased.
Oh, don’t worry, I’ll clean up!

I don't know what's more cute, Brooke tearing Luke's room apart looking for those letters, Lucas teasing her by quoting them back to her, or her latest "price of admission." lol. I really loved these two, this particular season. So much fun together, they were.


You know, I just promised myself the next time I had sex, that I’d be in love. Well I guess it’s a good thing I’m in love.

Cute scene would have been even cuter, without Naley interuptus arguing in the next room. lol. And again the LP'ers can shut it, because Lucas said, "it's a good thing I am in love," which means he WAS in love with Brooke. She actually DID mean something to him. Plus, it was just really kind of funny, one couple is arguing about birth control and the other is trying to do the deed. Hey, great way to promote awareness, show. lol.


Second door slam – you think they’re gone?
Unless she’s coming back to kill him. I just wanted to have a special night with you to thank you for getting me into Rouge Vogue.
What’s Rogue Vogue?
That fashion show in New York. Hello, I know you sent my application in. Unless you didn’t. But if it wasn’t you, who else would it be?
I wish it was me. It sounds pretty cool. I should know you well enough to do something like that.
Well, don’t feel bad – I guess I’m not exactly encyclopaedia Luketannica – I thought it was you.
You know, if you wanna get to know each other better, we could always talk about those letters.
Or, we could cut out my heart and you could stomp on it! Luke, it’s embarrassing, you were never meant to read those.
Brooke, I love those letters. The girl in them is so open and honest.
I don’t know why it’s so easy for me to get naked one way and not the other.
I do. I hurt you pretty bad. I’m not gonna do it again. You’re sure?

It's good that Lucas acknowledged that he'd hurt her pretty bad. It's taken them quite a while to get to this point, but I love that Brooke is able to be open and honest with him. That she trusts him enough, with her heart again.




It’s crazy outside! You got a towel?
Uh, do you have my next letter? Linen closet.
Well, I hope I don’t disappoint you – I know I set the bar pretty high with the first two.
Shush! I’m reading here. Awww, Lucas! Naughty.
Is it OK?
Hold that thought!

1. Oh, Brooke. 2. I totally get why she's upset with the letter. I mean, really Lucas?! Boys are so clueless and dumb sometimes and they should totally know better.


Don’t cry, it’s just a blackout.
I am not crying, I am looking for a flashlight! God, this has gotta be the worst nightmare! Where is my Powerpuff Girls nightlight when I need it.
We should probably call Peyton. I mean, I’m not sure if Ellie’s around, and if the lights are out everywhere, I’m kinda worried about her being alone.
Yeah, I’m sure you are. Oh! Finally.
Ow. What the hell'd you hit me for?
Because you're an ass!

Oh Lucas, why so dumb?! Really, and mentioning Peyton isn't going to help things, either. Brooke was hilarious in this scene, a bit crazy girl but really I kind of don't blame her. Plus her clobbering Lucas with the flashlight was just worlds of funny. Dude, he so deserved that one.


Well, I’d start a fire but all the wood’s soaked, I’d turn on a flashlight but, you know, since it’s broken, coz you lost your mind and clobbered me with it, I mean, what got into you, anyway?
What got into me?
Yeah, I’m sorry your dinner got ruined.
Right, the dinner I was making for you with my stupid apron and my stupid pie!
OK, I’ll start a fire. I just have to find something else to burn.
Great, why don’t you start with this?
You want me to burn my letter?
You really are clueless, aren’t you?
Look, I put a lot of heart into that letter.
OK, read it, just just skip to the last line. Go ahead.
What’s wrong with the last line: ‘you’re mine forever’. It sounds pretty damn good to me.
Yeah, it sounds great. It sounded even better when I read it the first time, last spring, in another letter you wrote – to Peyton! I found that letter in your sad-box to Peyton whatever in your closet: 'Dear Peyton, blah blah blah, you're mine forever, love Lucas'!

Okay, did he really have to ask what was wrong with the letter? At this point, it doesn't matter that he doesn't remember writing that in a letter to Peyton or that he didn't give it to her, because the 82 letters that Brooke wrote to him over the summer weren't originally going to be given to him either, then Brooke changed her mind and decided to be open and honest with him - to trust him again. So yeah, I understand why she's mad even if it is a little unwarranted and irrational, given their history. It makes sense.


Brooke, I'm sorry I said that. You're not psychotic. I mean, a little disturbed, maybe. I think you're trying to sabotage us. Find any reason you can to end it so that you don't have to worry about getting hurt again.
But the same words, Lucas? The exact same words?!
I never sent that letter to Peyton.
And I never sent my letters to you either but they still meant something! Just tell me, why me this time. Why not Peyton?
I can't say anything bad about Peyton. She's my friend, and she's your best friend!
That's ok, you can say bad things about her.
The truth is, I care about Peyton.
Then what is the difference?
The difference? The difference is I love you, Brooke. I wanna be with you, not Peyton.
But why? I need to know why.
Because you kink your eyebrow when you're trying to be cute. Because you quote Camus, even though I've never actually seen you read! And because you miss your parents but you'll never ever admit that. And because I've given exactly two of these embarrassing speeches in my entire life, and they've both been with you. I mean that's gotta mean something, right? And because we're both gonna get pneumonia, but if you need to hear why I love you, I can go on all night.

I kind of love Brooke giving Lucas permission to say bad things about Peyton, it was kinda funny in the "she didn't really mean it seriously," kind of way. She was just hurt and her wacky insecurities were playing up again, but she does have a point. It still means something and by the end of the season, that much will be painfully obvious. But really, I LOVE THIS SCENE SO MUCH! ♥ Brooke was adorable, a little disturbed, but still completely adorable and I can understand why she needed to know why Lucas loved her, why it was her and not Peyton this time. And Lucas's response, was actually spot on. For once he got something right. *g* I know, it's a hard thing for him to manage sometimes. But really, I absolutely loved this. Definitely, one of my favorite scenes hands down. Plus, LP fans can just shut it, because I know that Lucas really loved Brooke and that he was in love with her. There is no way that he would fight that hard for her, for that long and give two embarrassing speeches like the one above to the same girl, if he didn't believe he was inlove with her. I don't believe for one moment, that he was just placating her, either.


I can not believe I flew all the way back from New York for this. I am the dumbest girl alive.
Brooke, don’t freak out, ok?! Look, Hey. Peyton was drunk. She crashed in my room by accident. It wasn’t her fault. The rooms got switched; she didn’t get the message, ok? I slept on the floor! By the way, thrilled to see you. Hey, come on. What’d we say about trusting each other? You know, Peyton needs both of us right now.
I missed you.

Oh Brooke, you need to get a hold of those wacky insecurities. But, really I would have probably thought the same thing myself, because Lucas sure as hell looked a bit guilty even if the whole thing was a misunderstanding. But, at this point, Brooke kinda needs to trust before jumping to conclusions even though I kinda just wanted to hug her for getting a little glimpse of the de ja vu, been there, done that, and all I got was the crappy visual on webcam. I love the way she just sort of succumbs to his gentle embrace slowly and her whispered, "I missed you," through the strangled lump in her throat. She made my eyes mist a little bit.


Oh, and it rains in your bedroom
Everything is wrong
It rains when you're here
And it rains when you're gone
I was there when you said forever and always



Hey pretty girl.
Hey. I was going to sleep in my car but I heard a noise and I think it was a bear or something.
Where were you parked?
Right outside here.
Well, have I told you how much I love you, today?
Not really.
Well I do. And even when I don’t tell you, it means a lot to me to know you’re there. It means everything.
I am here. We both are.
I know. It’s good being here. Especially with you.
I wish that it was me. I know that’s horrible, and I know it’s selfish but I watched you rescue Peyton and you told me you rescued Dan. Sometimes I just wish you could rescue me.
From what?
From all of it.
Okay then. I will. If you promise to rescue me back.
I promise. There’s something else I need to do.

Brooke was so beautiful and vulnerable here, that it hurt my little heart to watch. I kind of wish that instead of saving everyone else (ie. mostly Peyton) that he would have spent a little time kind of saving Brooke, too. That party might not have been her best idea, but it got everyone together despite their differences in one place to each heal and grieve in their own ways together and Lucas was sort of an ass to her for the better part of the episode, this scene being the only exception. And I'm totally gonna refrain from even talking about anything that had to do with LP, because I really can't be nice and I don't want to turn my gorgeous picspam into a bitchfest.


You okay?
Yeah, I’m fine. I was just thinking about how beautiful it is here. It’s weird but sometimes I have these moments where I feel like Keith is here with me.
He is…

This scene was so pretty, because Lucas was being so open with Brooke and not shutting her out. And I love how she just listens to him.


So are you gonna tell me what this is about?
Maybe you should tell me about it.
What’s that supposed to mean?
Peyton told me some things about the two of you.
Look, Brooke I know that you’re worried about my past with Peyton but you have to understand the circumstances this time, you know? I mean, she was bleeding and she thought she was gonna die. It meant nothing.
What kiss? Did you kiss her again?
Look, Brooke I need you to listen to me, okay? I’m sorry you didn’t know about the kiss and I’m sorry for springing it on you but I meant what I said. It didn’t mean anything.
A kiss always means something.
Okay, you’re right but it wasn’t a romantic moment! And you would know that if-
If what, I was there? As you so sweetly pointed out at the party- the party that I threw for you- I wasn’t there, was I?
Is it possible for you to forgive me? I forgave you.
For what?
For sleeping with Chris Keller.
You know what Lucas, I loved you for that. You had such grace in that moment that I fell in love with you all over again. I can’t believe that you would use it now as a bargaining chip.
I’m not- I’m not- I’m not. I just- I need you to believe me when I tell you that my heart is with you. Part of me feels like ever since we got back together you’ve been waiting to push me away.
Oh great! You kiss Peyton AGAIN and I’m pushing you away! God! Why did I make everybody identical purses as wedding gifts!
I love you Brooke. I don’t know how else to say it.
How about how you show it? I am not pushing you away Lucas, I am holding on for dear life! But I need you to need me back! I mean, why didn’t you tell me about the kiss and why didn’t you call me while you were away and why won’t you ever just let me all the way in?! We have to go give our toasts now. About love.

This scene tore my heart out, I felt so incredibly sad for Brooke. First of all, Lucas was an ass for bringing up Chris Keller and second, both he and Peyton should have been honest about the kiss with Brooke. She was incredibly vulnerable and hurting, because here is this boy that has hurt her so badly in the past that she's opened her heart to again and given everything including her trust and this is what he does to her. He keeps secrets from her, he becomes distant, and it just hurts her. But, I love that she's not mad, it's more like she's just tired and really sad. Up until now, Brooke was trying and fighting like hell to put her insecurities aside and just trust Luke, and just when she was really getting there - this. It's like a slap in the face, really.

I do believe that Lucas meant what he said, when he told Peyton in the library that he was in love with Brooke and I do believe that he meant it again, when he told Brooke here in this scene. I don't doubt that for a second, what bothers me though is that after everything that the two of them had overcome this season, this whole learning to trust one another again and forgiveness, and given their history - that he would choose to just keep this a secret. And I know he was thinking of Peyton and her relationship with Brooke and how the truth might affect them, but still I just feel like that they should have been honest. He knows Brooke's not stupid, a kiss does mean something, he even admitted that it does when she pointed that out. It's just all messed up.

And I remember being so mad about the kiss that happened between LP years ago, but now I think it's not necessarily that it happened that frustrates me, so much as it was the fact that they chose to keep it a secret and when it finally came out it only served to hurt someone they both cared about a great deal. I don't really hate Peyton and I'm never going to be a fan of LP, but I understand the context of the scene a little better and I have a bit more tolerance now than I did then.

Anyway, back to this beautiful angsty scene. I love how Brooke just breaks and it spills out that she's holding on for dear life, that she just wants to be let all the way in. That cap, bottom row, first one - only the most beautiful shot of her all season long and possibly one of the saddest as well. Oh, and fyi Peyton - all of her actions, everything that she said or did, all of that hurt and anger and fear that came tumbling out of her screamed, "I love you, Luke." She didn't have to say it.


So we never finished that conversation.
Dance with me. Did you miss me while you were away?
Everyday. I was just angry and upset about Keith but that doesn’t mean I didn’t miss you Brooke. Because I did.
I needed to hear your voice. There was just so much stuff going on with me and-
What kind of stuff?

I'm not going to lie, it flat out hurt to watch this scene. Because, you could feel the inevitable coming with the closing credits and I loved these two so much, so when Brooke was asking him if he missed her and then she told him that she needed to hear his voice and there was so much going on with her - I just knew how it was going to play out. She would leave and he would be there alone, until someone Peyton found him. But, their dance was gorgeous and the way that he held her so tenderly, absolutely broke my heart. I didn't want the song to end, because I knew the moment it did that Brooke would be gone as well as any chance for the two of them to come out of this thing, together.


I'm sorry I kissed Peyton.
It's not about that Luke. It's not. I thought that it was, but it's not about her. It's about me. I love you, LUcas. And I probably always will. But we go days without having a meaningful conversation. And I used to miss you so much when that happened, but it never seemed like you missed me. And I guess because of it I stopped missing you.
Lucas Voiceover:
I guess I should have said something - anything - I mean for a guy who wants to be a writer, it suddenly seemed like no words had ever been written. But when someone tells you they somehow stopped missing you, you're pretty much screwed no matter what you say.
I'm sorry, I can't do this anymore.
Lucas Voiceover:
There had to be something, right? Something that no one said in the history of the world that could change this.
Brooke! I'm sorry.
Yeah, me too.
Lucas Voiceover:
That wasn't it.

Luke. Oh Brooke! This really hurts, but it was still a very pretty scene. And for the record, I don't believe that she stopped missing him, I think she just got tired of always having to fight and ending up hurt and sad. So, she just sort of let go. And I think in letting go, it made her a stronger and better person.


I missed you so much, when you broke up with me, Brooke. I mean, I spent every day hoping that maybe we'd get back together. But listening to Whitey describe his life with Camilla, I just realized that...
He wasn't describing us. Do you think that even exists anymore?
A love so strong that no person can come between it.
I sure hope so.
So, where does this leave us?

It's no secret as a BL fan, S4 is probably the season that I mostly will never forgive MS for, and this scene is definitely high up on that list of "not gonna be too forgiving anytime soon, if ever." It was not necessary for him to re-write the history of BL to mean nothing at all, to break the very foundation that made them so special, to be so callous as to write the wonderful beautiful relationship they shared for three years prior to mean absolutely nothing at all. Nothing about this helped to strengthen LP in any way, at all. In time, I might have been able to tolerate or at least try to understand it if it had, but it didn't. Instead, we get the whole "friends/friends," official amicable break-up and the history of BL altered to mean nothing. It was just hurtful and not necessary, as I said before. Shame on you, Mark. Shame on you.


OMG! This is amazing.
This is a dream come true, so who do you want standing next to you?
(Lucas glances over at Peyton momentarily.)
Go. It's okay. Go!

Yeah, there's not too many scenes in S4 that I really cared much for, but I think I kind of loved this one mostly for Brooke because she was really amazing and strong and so beautiful in this scene. And she really wanted the boy and girl she loved the most in this world to just be happy. Look at that smile in that last cap, yeah...Brooke Davis is pretty damn amazing.


Hey, what's wrong?
I don't know, I just - I know moving on is a good thing. I guess I'm just scared. High School's safe and I'm not sure I'm ready for the real world.
Um, for the past few months I've been writing this, I guess in parts. So I can remember it all. Here.
"She was fiercely independent. Brooke Davis. Brilliant and beautiful and brave. In two years she'd grown more than anyone I've ever known. Brooke Davis is gonna change the world someday and she doesn't even know it."
You're gonna do great, Brooke. The world doesn't stand a chance.
Thank you.

We didn't get very many BL scenes this season and most of the ones we did I ended up not really caring all that much for them because they mostly just hurt, but this is quite possibly my second favorite one - if not the favorite. Everything about the two of them just felt so right and it was a really good note to end the two of them on.

{Act III}

cause I can't live if you're not happy, I can't live if you cry,
but I can live without you if it makes you smile.

S A C R I F I C E.

and you won't read that book again
because the ending's just too hard to take.

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