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Picspam: The Greatest Act of Love ;; Brooke&Lucas {Act III}


♥ brooke&lucas ♥
season's 5&6


Can I give you two a ride?
Why not? It is our engagement night.
In that case the ride's free.
A diamond ring is gold!
So, what do you two have planned for your lives together?
Um, we're gonna be a power couple! He's gonna be a famous novelist and I'm gonna have a fabulous fashion line.
Yeah, but we're still gonna have time to have a big family.
Two boys and a girl.
And I'll coach little league.
Oh, and I'll bake treats for the team! Or buy them.
Then we'll spend our summer at the beach house.
And winters in the south of France.
It won't matter where we are. As long as we're together.

>>watch their happily ever after

I don't care if this never actually happened, because in my world of AU this is EXACTLY how this would have happned and that's part of the reason I loved this scene so much. It was cute, they were pretty, and for a minute I got to smile. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Lucas is the one boy that she might have lost it all for?! Because, he was.


The bed is spinning
You're gonna be ok. I'm gonna get you into some jammies and then I'm gonna take a cab home and you can sleep it off -
Or you could stay.
Okay. I think that might be the second stupidest thing you've done in the last 24 hours. Luke, we're not in high school anymore and I love Peyton and even if you don't wanna admit it right now, so do you. Okay?
I feel lost, Brooke, I don't know what to do without her.
Alright. You remember when I started Clothes Over Bros? It was right after we broke up and I was trying to mend my broken heart by focusing on my work. And you need to do the same right now. You need to go out there and become the best person and the best writer you can be. And then you approach Peyton and if she comes back to you, then you know it's meant to be. Ok? I'm gonna go. You probably won't see me for a while. Lucas Scott is gonna change the world someday and he doesn't even know it.

Okay, I couldn't not love Brooke more than I did in that scene, because when given a chance (albiet a crappy one that would have been low even for her) she remained strong and fierce and amazing and just a really fantastic friend to both Peyton and Lucas. She grew up and she didn't go back to the past and she didn't repeat LP's mistakes. She was just beautiful and I love that she quoted Luke's book.


Brooke. You okay?
I think I made a big mistake.
I think it's a little late for that, isn't it?
If I wanted a little late for that, I would have called Peyton. You are supposed to say, no you didn't. You're gonna be fine.
No you didn't. You're gonna be fine.
It doesn't count now.
So you got a purple monkey, huh? Just like you had.
You remember that?
Of course, I do know some things about you, Brooke Davis. You're gonna be a great mom.
I'm not even gonna be a mom. They just fix her up and then I have to send her back.
Well, if you didn't do it who would? Hmm?
Owen thinks I'm being selfish. He thinks I just want what I want.
Well, I'd say it's the opposite.
Right. I think it's great that you're wanting to help this little girl get the care that she needs and get to the rest of her life.
So do I. What if I do something wrong, Luke. What if I hurt her? What if I break her? I mean I rushed into this and I am scared.
Okay, you know what? Um, when it comes to single mom's I had a pretty special one. And it's good that you're a little scared, but you're gonna do great.
Thanks. Thanks for coming over. Do you think she'll like the purple monkey?
I think she's going to love the girl who gives it to her.

What was so wrong and hurtful about S4, was almost mended by the beautiful BL scenes in S5. Scenes like this, one. I just...aljdalkdfjadf! There are no words, really. Because this is always the way that I saw Brooke and Lucas and this is always the way that I believed they loved each other. Kind, supporting, sweet, and honest. I love that he knows some things about her and I love that she's scared and he's the one that she called, when she could have called anyone else to be there. She wanted it to be him. I think that there will always be some part of Lucas that loves the girl behind the red door and this scene just proves that.


Songs of desperation.
I played them for you.
A moment. A love. A dream.

If I could have wished for anything, I would have wished for this because Brooke and Lucas would have made the best little family ever. This scene where Brooke is sort of struggling with getting Angie's carseat all fastened in and Lucas sort of takes over, is so incredibly domestically cute. And they have those smiles on their faces, plus the lightening and the softness in the scene. Two old friends who will always be maybe more, in some funny ol' way. It just turns the corners of my little heart upwards.


Do you ever want to go back? I remember being 16, and it was just so much easier. Would you do it differently?
I'd try to appreciate the things I took for granted. But I think we have to go through all this stuff, you know? To get to he place we want to be.
Yeah. I should go, unless you don't want to get any sleep tonight.
How are the designs coming?
Good, I just have a few more.
Stay. You can finish them in the morning.
Yeah it's kinda nice.

Again with the cuteness, show. The little Davis-Scott family time. *g* Oh shush, you know you were all thinking it, too. Hee. But, really, I loved the conversation the two of them were having and how Lucas expressed that he would try to appreciate the things he took for granted (which, I fully believe that he was referring to Brooke and his relationship/friendship with her), but that he understood you had to go through it as well. Plus, it was nice that he offered to let her stay there with Angie, so that she could rest and then finish up her designs in the morning. It'd been a long, long time since I'd seen a happy comfortable scene like that between these two and we were definitely long overdue.


That's my girl. I can't even get her to smile, Luke. I don't know what I'm doing. What if she dies? What then? What do I tell her parents, these people that I've never met. What made me think I could handle this?
Hey. Just remember you're giving Angie a chance to live a full wonderful life. She couldn't do that without the surgery.
Yeah, I guess so. Thank you, for being here for us.
Thank you, for letting me.

After the horribleness of S4, I just really loved Brooke and Lucas in this season. All of their scenes were meaningful, sweet, and just really heartfelt. Suddenly, it wasn't so hard to be a fan of BL and all of the things that I'd loved about them to begin with, were sort of peeking their way to the surface. But, I'm still never gonna forgive MS. I just really loved the whole, Brooke Davis mommy storyline, because she was good at it even when she felt like she wouldn't be or she was scared - she was just wonderful and brilliant. And Luke, he was so supportive and just a really good friend to her. He was definitely sort of redeeming himself in my eyes at this point.


I never told her I love her. I just...I never said it.
I'm sure when Angie's in your arms she knows it. Most of the time, love doesn't really need words, ya know?

This scene is beautiful and tearful and perfect and filled with the right amount of fear and it's just amazing to sit and watch these two people who've been through so much together, just sort of being there with each other. It was about how much he still cares for her, what he could do for her to show her that what's going on in her life still matters to me, and it was a testatment to how much Brooke has grown over the years that she would just let him be there - that she wouldn't fight or hold grudges because they were in a good place now. I don't know, when I watch this, I get the feeling that this is Luke maybe finally "saving her," like she wanted him to do back in late S3. Ya know, maybe from her fears and her doubts, something. Maybe the best love stories don't always have happy endings, because it's not the end that matters but the journey they embarked on and the things they learned about themselves.


You got my message. I told you not to come.
I know.
She's gone, Luke.
I know.

Honestly, I don't think I've ever love Luke as much as I did when he came to the airport to be with Brooke after she had sent Angie back to her parents. He truly was amazing in this scene. I can't watch it without crying.


Hi. They're supposed to call me as soon as Angie's home safe.
Where's Peyton?
I don't know, probably at work. I didn't tell her Angie was leaving for sure.
And you told me not to come to the airport. Why?
Because, I don't like you guys to see me like this. Vulnerable.
That's how I always see you, Brooke. I think it's kind of beautiful. Well, I've been thinking about all the things you've done for Angie and Rachel and me and all kinds of people. You save people, Brooke Davis. It's what you do. You call me when she's home safe, ok.
Hey, Luke. We've been through a lot, me and you. But I wouldn't have made it through today or a couple of other days without you. So, thanks.
You're welcome.
This is for you. I love you Lucas Scott, you know that.
I love you too, Brooke Davis.

There are simply not enough words in the dictionary to tell you how much I LOVE THIS SCENE, because really it'd been way too long and I do. Oh, I do. And it's quite possibly my very favorite scene out of all of the wonderful BL moments. Because, here they've completely reached a whole new level in their relationship and they've never been more comfortable, open, or honest with each other. Gah, they're just so pretty and this scene made me cry in a good way, for the first time in a long time. And I just love that. Oh, and Brooke Davis saves people, it's what she does. And maybe Luke isn't an ass after all. Sometimes, he gets it right.


Hey, handsome. These are for you, for our one year anniversary.
Um, Brooke, I'm your husband, I'm supposed to give you flowers.
I know. But, I wanted to make sure I like them.
Happy Anniversary, wife!
Thank you, husband, I love them.
Do you ever miss Tree Hill?
Of course. I miss our friends.
Jamie's getting big. We never see him.
I know, but you have a book tour and I have the company. I think he understands.
But what about all that travel? I mean, I'm proud of you and all. It just sucks that we're apart too much.
I know. Makes coming home kinda sexy though.
Very true. Hey, I do love you, Brooke Davis.
And I love you, Lucas Davis...Scott. I'm gonna love you even more when I see the exactly-what-I-wanted gift you bought me for our anniversary.
You're gonna love that, whatever it is. Happy Anniversary.
Thank you.

I wish, oh how I wish this could have been real and not just some AU where Lucas finally decides on the girl he wants to be standing by his side, when everything is done. But, even if it wasn't, I still think it's highly adorable and one of my favorite moments (among the few) these two were given during this season. How many seasons and how many "I love you's," does he have to say to Brooke before LP'ers will finally realize that he DID love her? Brooke will always be in his heart and a part of his life - an important part. In my world, the best part.


I'm meeting with this movie producer about Ravens and I wanted to talk to you about it first.
I'm thinking Natalie Portman should play me. I can call her if you want.
It's set in High School. Does anybody get that?
Right. So, I suppose you'll getting some snot from the CW? At least they're hot.
Okay, so does that mean it's okay that the book becomes a movie?
Sure, why not?
I don't know, sometimes things get lost in translation, ya know?
Okay, I think you're jumping to conclusions here, writer boy, because first of all, it's gotta get made. And if it does who's to say it's not going to be this epic, kickass love story. I mean, I am making Peyton's wedding dress. I think she might be a great way to end it, you know, and I could always play me.
Alright, here we go. Yeah, I guess I can consider you on board then, huh?
For the record, that dress is unbelievable. You're kinda talented, Brooke Davis.
Well, you're not so bad yourself, Lucas Scott.

Okay, I really love Brooke being the supportive best friend and all, but let's not forget that she was a big part of that "kickass epic love story," as well. Even if she is making Peyton's wedding dress. I didn't read that much into the "things get lost in translation," comment Luke made when I originally watched this, but now I'm starting to wonder if meant that a good portion of the relationship that he had with Brooke for the first three years was going to sort of get lost a bit. In any case, I really kind of love them a lot, still.


Last chance.
Goodnight, Brooke. Oh, and Brooke, those were nice days we had.
Sure, they were. Sorry, I had to break your heart.
Are you sure you can still handle your whiskey?
Yeah, I'm fine, why?
Cause you just let Brooke Davis walk outta here without payin' her tab. Wow. I've been working with you for ten years and I've never seen you tear up a bar tab before.
She's just down on her luck. Mark my words Skills. Someday Brooke Davis is gonna change the world.

Is it so awful to both love and hate a season that finally put an end to any BL reconcilliation ever happening? Because, I do. I love it for the bold and brave storylines that it gave to Brooke and I hate it, because it didn't end the way I wanted it too. I know, that probably sounds pretty petty of me, but I can't help it. I just loved these two and I really wanted them to work out, but even though they didn't all of their scenes managed to be meaningful and pretty. Plus, I love that it was Brooke who had to break Luke's heart this time.


Luke, you don't have to compromise. Not if you don't want to. The worst thing that could happen is for this movie to fail because they went with someone else's vision.
What do I do, Brooke?
Do whatever it takes. Just make sure they tell the story the way you remember it.

I love this, because you see that? That's Brooke saving Luke, because that's what she does. And that's Lucas asking her what she thinks he should do. In S5 he was there for her and now two seasons later, and she's doing the same for him. They've reached this point in their lives, where it's important what the other has to say and it's important to just be in each other's lives no matter the role they're taking on. It's comfortable and it's easier now, for the two of them to look to the other for help in whatever crossroads or situation they find themselves in and they'll do it because they're friends - maybe more than friends - always.

"they say we only run from the things that truly scare us,"

It's not some super secret or anything, that I miss these two like the air I breathe sometimes. I'll hear a song on the radio and think that lyric reminds me of them or I'll run across a purple monkey in an old bin at a rummage sale somewhere and laugh. Or sometimes I'll wonder if the girl that lives behind the red door in town is half as amazing as Brooke Davis was. Little things are what I'll think of, those are the things that will stay with me.

Brooke Davis spent a lot of time running and Lucas Scott spent quite a bit of time chasing her and fighting for her and fighting with her and breaking her heart and promising not to do it again and winning her back and in the end, losing her because she chose to be lost. It doesn't much matter to me anymore, who was more to blame for what happened - it happened - and like Lucas, sometimes I think that it had to happen for the two of them to get here. For them to find theirselves in this place and be these two amazing people they are.

Just to have them together for a little while, it was enough.

I will never give up on these two, because somewhere buried in an alternate universe somewhere - they are together. They meet back up, after Peyton has died and Lucas comes back to Tree Hill to finish raising their daughter and two sons, and he introduces them to their aunt Brooke and slowly but surely (because it's a process like everything is) these two gravitate towards each other and then there's a moment when...

"it is that very love that will bring them back together."

cause I can't live if you're not happy, I can't live if you cry,
but I can live without you if it makes you smile.

S A C R I F I C E.

and you won't read that book again
because the ending's just too hard to take.

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