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In the midst of everything that's been going on re: the whole inklane issue, I thought I'd go ahead and make a "master post" of sorts to keep everything compiled in. So far this is what I have and anything new will be added to this post, which will definitely be marked public so that anyone who wants to comment with something I've missed or add anything else in general can do so. All I ask is that you guys keep it as friendly as you can and no trolling please.

And honestly, I wish that I could say that it stops there because if that isn't enough hurtful damage already done, it gets A LOT worse as it goes on. Thanks to a couple of friends on that side of the fence, a few people willing and nice enough to share with me some other information for which they've provided proof for, and a couple new acquaintances I've been able to pull together a few more instances of damning evidence against inklane just so you guys can see what's up and other fellow Clark/Lois fans can realize that we're not as innocent as a lot of us like to think we are and no one from any camp in the fandom is blameless in the on-going mudslinging at all.

However, I have to say that I think THIS is just going way TOO FAR, and there needs to be a stop to it.

With that being said, thanks to an acquaintance that I've been conversing with for the last couple of days sharing this with me, I thought you might like to see the proof that during the whole "OMG! The big bad mean Chlarker's are at it again, they sent all of the Cloiser's an evil virus that made our computers go haywire and personally attacked us" scandal that not once did any Chlarker/Chloiser troll inklane's journal. In fact, here is actual proof (scroll to the bottom of the screengrab to see said comment left to said post that has now conveniently been deleted) that this Chlarker/Chloiser was only politely asking her to provide proof of what she was alleging they had done. And in my honest opinion, I think it was only fair that she provide them with the proof if she were going to make such a derogatory and abusive post like that accusing them of doing something as hurtful as sending the Cloiser's a virus that could have potentially harmed their computers.

A little more proof, wherein my favorite statement that inklane makes is this: "I don't have links, sorry. But I feel I really shouldn't have to provide them when I have proof myself."

Really, how rich is it that she's claiming that the big bad Chlarker/Chloiser's sent everyone in the Clois community who was in that chat that particular night a virus that would harm their computers, yet she's not willing to provide the necessary proof to back up her accusations? And to top it all off, she's stating that she shouldn't have to when she has the proof herself. Well, I'm asking...where exactly is THIS PROOF that you're talking about and why aren't YOU PROVIDING it, if you're so upset about what the Chlarker's/Chloiser's have supposedly done?

Surely, if I had been participating in that chat that particular night and my computer had been infected with said potential virus and I turned around and pointed fingers at the Chlarker's/Chloiser’s, then I would definitely want to have all of my facts in tow and be able to provide proof of such harmful and disgusting behavior, if one of them had come to me and asked to see it. It's not that hard to make screengrabs people and to keep all of your information and facts together in a safe place, where you can reach back into your resources and pull them out for moments like this.

The particular chat in question that the supposed virus was sent through wasn't a private chat either, it was mentioned here and it was made to seem as if anyone who wanted to join it could and freely chat with others. Oh, and I guess I should point out that nobody really got this supposed virus or well not to the best of my knowledge, because I'm sure if they had I would have certainly heard about it or there would have been a screengrab of something saying that it had and showing proof somewhere. So, since inklane couldn't provide the proof that it happened, in my mind it just didn't and I won't believe otherwise, until someone shares some actual proof with me of its existence or the damage it supposedly caused.

If anything, the Chlarker's/Chloiser's are very thorough in keeping track of what has or hasn't happened in the fandom between the various camps as far as mudslinging, harmful rumors, etc. have gone on, and they don't mind sharing it with people who are actually willing to look at all of it and make an objective opinion based on the facts they've been given. They even acknowledge that they know not all Clark/Lois fans are crazy or set out to do harmful things to their side of fandom camp and they've acknowledged that some of them haven't been so nice in the past either.

It all leads back to what I said earlier, nobody is blameless in any of this drama. Plain and simple, any way you look at it. And maybe it's time for all of us to grow up and learn to co-exist or at least learn to disagree civilly without holding what another person in a different fandom camp of the same fandom might have done to you against the whole side of said fandom camp. That's just not fair and it makes you look ridiculous, actually it makes us all look damn ridiculous.

As far as inklane goes, I don't have anything against her and I don't wish anything bad to happen to her at all. I just don't appreciate being talked about behind my back by someone who is supposed to be my friend, all the while letting her other friends who didn't even know me or know anything at all about the whole of the situation to begin with talk badly about me, as well. All of this could have possibly been settled, if she would have just apologized to me for doing it and we could have happily went our separate ways with no ill feelings left between us. Now, I feel as if I'm probably going to be looked upon as the big bad Clark/Lois fangirl, who set out to persecute another fellow fan in my fandom camp. This is another thing that upsets me quite a bit and is more than a little stressful.

The simple fact is, that all I wanted to do was point out the proof that what nyonyo was claiming had actually in fact been true, as shown by proof with those two posts I linked to above complete with screengrabs and thorough details explaining it. And I also, wanted to warn other fellow Clark/Lois fans to look at the facts, make their own decisions and be as objective as they can be about it - in other words: BE CAREFUL.

It's hard to believe in someone's complete innocence when dealing with a matter or an issue like this, when every time they're called out for causing drama, spreading malicious rumors about another camp in fandom, or talking badly about another friend openly in a public place when they go on a self-pitying rampage and delete their journal every time they are called out for doing so.

Word to the wise, this DOES NOT make you look innocent.

Thing is, nobody in any of the camps wants to drive another fan into hiding at all. I know for a fact that's not what the Chlarker's/Chloiser's are wanting to do, at all. Most of the ones that I know are absolutely amazing people and a lot of the acquaintances that I've spoken to over the last day or two, have just been super awesome with their support over my situation regarding inklane or super grateful that I'm making sure that the Clark/Lois camp that I belong to are aware of what's been going on with inklane. Trust me, they're all too happy to stay in their camp and away from the Clark/Lois side of fandom, all they want is for those who are spreading hateful things about them to just stop. That's not too much of a request to ask or at least post the evidence that you have or said proof, for when you do actually make an allegation against them. I can assure you that they'll repay you the same favor, in full on spades.

Apparently all of this hatred and fandom divide has gotten bad enough, that some of the crazier trollish Clois fans are turning their hate inward and aiming it right at various people within their own fandom camp, which is just even more ridiculous and absurd. I mean, you would think that, they would be happy to leave their own fellow friends alone, but no they have to create sock-puppet journals, send anonymous pm's to other fellow Clark/Lois fans who actually like Chloe and support the Chlark relationship/friendship or like both Chloe and Lois and support the Chlo-Lo familial ties.

There is absolutely no reason for one Clois fan to pm another one on livejournal and accuse them of being a poser and not being a "true card carrying" Clois fan just because they like Chloe Sullivan and the friendship or that she and Clark share or because they don't really like Clark this season of SV nor the way he's been acting in regards to Chloe. That doesn't make someone a poser in the least, what it does make is a bully out of any Clois fan who's a card carryin' weapon weilding avid life-long member of the Clois Brigade hell bent on brainwashing the rest of the Clark/Lois soldiers into believing that Chlark/Chlois/Chloe fans are evil and that any Clois fan caught showing any type of affection or like for Chloe/Chlark or understanding of the Chlois theory is and therefore branded as a life-long poser and cannot possibly like or even be allowed to call themselves a Clois fan.

Now how stupid and small minded is that?! Really.

This is the exact type of behavior that not only causes the divide between the fandom camps, but also causes the divide and high tension between fellow Clark/Lois fans camp as well. Fandom should be a lot more fun and each of the camps contained within, should be a safe haven for those fans of that particular ship/character/etc. to enjoy what they like without having to worry if they're going to be trolled, harrassed, or just run out of their own camp by other's who are in that don't like what they have to say. It's really all very simple, see a picspam/post/meta and don't like what it says - DON'T READ IT. I'm sure there'll be no love loss there, seriously. You would do well to heed these words of advice.

I'm sure anything I've left out here in this post, can be found contained within any of the other posts that I've linked to in this one. If I've left anything out, feel free to leave a comment. If I've made a mistake, feel free to correct me.

If I see anyone from either side of the fandom harrassing someone else for a comment they've left, I may be forced to go un-sub on your ass, so just don't okay. Respect each other enough to have a civil conversation with someone regardless if you agree or don't agree with them. Also, flaming will certainly not be tolerated and if you feel like you need to de-friend me, well I guess you really weren't my friend after all. So, guess there'll be no love loss there. I'm just saying, please be mature about this. It's not asking much.
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