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Gopher with a T

Bring it on!

19 July
Topher....that's me. Gopher with a T. Coming to camp to have a good time and just, you know, hang, play soccer (or for you Brits, footie, or football). I consider myself well-liked and fun to be around. And here comes the big question....Gay, Straight, Bi? The answer to that million dollar question is Gay. I really like intellectual discussions, being around a lot of people, I'm a group kind of person but...when I find someone really special then it's one on one all the way. I do get a little obsessed about things though...things and people. I like to have whoever I'm with (or want to be with) all to myself and I will stop at nothing to impress them. But hey, don't get all wierded out...I'm not the kind of person to fuck stuff up. I'm the nice guy, don't you forget it!

I AM NOT, nor have I ever been or will be Topher Grace. This is for RPG purposes only and is not meant to be malicious or harmful in any way. All in the name of fun.