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hello from lauren-land [Sep. 6th, 2006|12:14 pm]
First off, thank you to everyone for your wonderful comments on my hair. I was incredibly nervous before I got it done, but now that it's over with, I LOVE it! It is so much healthier, and I'm helping out a good cause at the same time. So thank you for all your positive comments that made me realize I made the right decision. :-)

Anyway, on the political front--it looks like Katherine Harris won the primary yesterday. Booo. There's no way she will beat Bill Nelson...so we get stuck with him for six more years. Joy. Will McBride should have campaigned more--I didn't see ANYTHING regarding his campaign this whole primary. Oh well. His loss. Ours too, of course, but...what can you do.

Another shameless plug for FAIRTAX.ORG! One of these days I'll get geared up to write a nice long entry all about it...but you might have to wait a while.

So I'm at work right now, and I have about 10 minutes left until I can go home and take a nap before class! Yay. Until next time, I want everyone on my friends list (EVERYONE) to leave a comment updating me on what's going on in your life. Who's engaged, married, broke up, done with school, got a new job, got fired, WHATEVER! Since I haven't used LJ in like, a year or something, haha. I'll screen them so no one else will see what you write, but I wanna know, and I just literally don't have the time to go through everyone's journals and catch up! :-( I wish I did, because I love reading about you guys. Hopefully now I will be able to catch up on my friends list, but we'll see!

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p.s. [Sep. 5th, 2006|11:30 pm]
I cut off all my hair.

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Rhianna - Unfaithful [Sep. 5th, 2006|11:24 pm]
I don't know how many of you have heard the song "Unfaithful," by Rhianna. If you haven't, look up the lyrics on Google or something, lol.

Every time I hear it, I just want to scream -- YOU ARE BOTH RETARDS! First of all, the woman is repeatedly cheating on the man. What a slut. If you're going to cheat on someone like that, BREAK UP with the dude!! Seriously, what's the point?? You obviously don't love him or want to be with him, because you want to be with someone else, soooo...what's the deal?

But the icing on the cake, for me, is that THE DUDE KNOWS SHE'S DOING IT!! Why the hell doesn't he break up with her?! I mean, what a pussy! Come on guy, you can find someone better. You can't be so pathetic that you're with this girl who obviously doesn't care about you and is making a fool out of you by sleeping with someone else every night, can you? What a douche!!!

Anyway, that was my rant for the day. I have a lot of pent up frustration right now so I had to take it out on somebody. Rhianna just happened to be the lucky winner today. LoL...sorry!
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Long time. [Mar. 17th, 2006|02:28 am]
[Feelin kinda |sadsad]

I never update this thing anymore. So much has been going on recently, and right now I just feel so overwhelmed by it all.

My grandfather passed away at 9:20 this morning. He was 81 years old. He was such a strong man and an inspiration to us all. He had cancer 25 years ago and no one expected him to live past 55. But he fought the good battle, overcame it, and since then has lit up all our lives every day. Even in the past couple years when he was in the nursing home and not able to recognize some of us (myself included) he still kept a positive attitude and continued to fight for his life. Although he lost the fight today, he is no longer in pain and he is in such a better place. My family is struggling right now, obviously, and I ask you all to please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. The wake is on Monday and the funeral is on Tuesday, and I think those will be the toughest to get through. And for all of you who have been keeping me and my family in your prayers, and have offered a kind word or gesture, I can't tell you how much I and my family appreciate it. I love you guys.

I'll never forget our visits to his house when they lived in Lady Lake. How he would take us out in the golf cart and drive us around just so we could ride in it. All the funny things he used to say...when we'd sing happy birthday, EVERY TIME he'd add at the end, "you should live in a zoo, cause the monkeys and the elephants remind me of you!" And "Hullooooo Robert!" And how when we'd drive off, he'd sit in his chair by the window and lift the drape to watch us drive away. I keep thinking we'll never see him do that again. We'll never take rides in the golf cart, or go to the house on Silver Lake Drive. It's sad.

I had another rant I keep meaning to write, but it just seems so shallow now. Maybe I'll bring it back up when I feel better.
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From hollie_is_right [Feb. 25th, 2006|11:19 am]
We're Losing
By Ben Stein

Published 2/23/2006 12:08:35 AM

Greeting, fellow Americans. I have some serious news for you about the war against the terrorists, the war we are fighting to protect our liberties and our Constitution against Islamic totalitarianism. We're losing, big time. I don't mean we're losing in Iraq, where our brave men and women are fighting well in difficult conditions and with the home grown doubters at their heels. Nor in Afghanistan, where our men and women in uniform are also fighting brilliantly.

No, we are losing our freedom here at home, and in a particularly nasty way. It has to do with those cartoons mocking Mohammed that were published in a Danish publication and have excited riots and burnings across the Moslem world and fear and terror in Europe.

The problem here is that some students at the University of Illinois' student newspaper thought -- with some reason -- that the cartoons are newsworthy. They published six of them along with a written statement of why the cartoons were offensive. A few Moslem students complained, which surely is their right. The university officials stepped in and the student editors were essentially fired. Yes, because a student publication might cause offense. Imagine that.

That's on top of the fact that despite these cartoons being huge news, not one major paper has reprinted them. Not the fearless Washington Post, not the thorough Wall Street Journal, not any major newspaper of record that I know of. Nor have any of the major networks shown them, as far as I know.

So here's where we are: we have a first amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech and separation of church and state. That means so-called artists can make art of a crucifix soaking in urine and of holy Christian images made of animal dung and no one can stop them. That means bookstores of brick and on-line can sell Mein Kampf and the vilest writings of Hitler's lackeys. These horrible excrescences are protected and the media screams bloody murder if anyone tries to protect the sacred in Christianity and Judaism from the most putrid attacks.

But the media censors itself about the cartoons mocking the prophet of a religion many of whose adherents want to destroy our country and our way of life. We will fight to the death to protect the artists who create Piss Christ, but we'll also fight to the death to protect the feelings of the people who hate us and kill our children. We have surrendered our free expression to people who are at war with us. They kill us in the name of a religion and we bow and scrape to that religion while letting people dump on Christianity and Judaism.

There's a word for this, beyond the words Stockholm Syndrome and the words Political Correctness. The word is cowardice. Or maybe an even shorter word: defeat. Wake up, America. This is serious.

Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He also writes "Ben Stein's Diary" in every issue of The American Spectator.

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Reminiscing. [Feb. 21st, 2006|02:01 pm]
I have to go to the bathroom SO. BAD. However, I am currently the only one in the office, and I can't leave until someone comes back (which will most likely be Christina first, cause she just went downstairs to get a salad).

I'm confused. My posted balance as of 2/17/2006 in my checking account is $61. But now, my available balance as of 2/22/2006 is $161. And it won't say where the $100 came from. That's weird. And a little exciting.

So Hollie posted a question that sparked some memories within. The question was along the lines of, "Do you return the carts to the designated area in the parking lot?" And it brought me back to the good old Albertson's days. I worked there from my junior year in high school to well into my freshman year of college...Had some good times. I was a bagger for about 9 months before I moved up to a cashier. Man, that was the most slackinest (?) job I ever had. Bag some groceries, go "return some carts" and sit outside for like an hour with a couple of the other baggers...we'd sit at the little picnic table thing they had out there. Or we'd go upstairs in the break room and hide. Or in the back delivery area. Haha. I'd say the amount of work I did there in two years probably equaled about six months. LoL! Just kidding. But really. Fun times. Good memories. I'm not sure why I'm writing this down other than I'm bored out of my mind and can't wait to get off work and GO BUY RENT ON DVD!!! WOOOOOO
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Boo. [Feb. 20th, 2006|05:03 pm]
Yeesh, I never update this thing anymore. Between two jobs, classes, Ryan, and whatever else I have going on, I never really find the time to update. I'm on myspace more, anyway...so blah.

Not much to report on. Ryan took me to Atlanta for Valentine's day. We went with Brent, because his girlfriend lives up there (that's where he's from) and we all went out to eat that night at Ruth's Chris downtown. Atlanta's okay. Way too many annoying homeless people. You can sit there and tell them "I don't have any cash on me" and they'll KEEP pushing! Man fuck you, I'm not giving you any of MY money you damn freeloader. Go get a job.

I'm so heartless.

Check out fairtax.org. Cool site.

Ummm....Yeah. Not much else going on. I'm getting over a cold so I've been really weak and feeling crappy the past few days. Ryan and I were BOTH sick in Atlanta, which sucked. Oh well, we still had fun. The hotel was way overpriced....room service was like 50 bucks and the breakfast was crappy. Haha. It just wasn't such a great experience up there. OH WELL.

Anyway, I'm gonna wrap up this pathetic excuse for an entry and get ready for class...on PRESIDENT'S DAY...the most boring class in the world (administrative law) with the MOST BORING teacher ever. I can't stand the fact that he talks so slow that his two-hour lectures could easily be brought down to 45 minutes if he would GET THE WORDS OUT! I'm dreading sitting through another class of his tonight...ugh....

Alright. Hope you're all having a good week so far. I know I'm not, but it'll get better. :-)~
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thanks dlombard: [Feb. 13th, 2006|01:59 am]
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One year ago. [Feb. 7th, 2006|08:58 pm]
[Feelin kinda |bouncybouncy]
[Jammin to |RENT - Finale B]

February 7th, 2005: Ryan and I went on our first date. AWWWWWWWWWW.

Our anniversary is in two days. I still can't believe it's been so long...but then I stop and think, and it really feels like we've known each other forever!

And we're still just as happy as ever.

I ♥ him!
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Hah. [Feb. 2nd, 2006|04:34 pm]
I was looking at my W-2 and commenting on how much of my money went to taxes, social security, and medicare. My mom goes, "See where it says social security? Put your lips up to it." I did. "Now give it a kiss goodbye cause you'll never see it again."...hahahaha. A thousand bucks of my money GONE to some old cooter and by the time I'm old enough to receive any I WON'T GET IT. I hate Social Security.
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LOL. [Jan. 28th, 2006|12:55 pm]
This morning, Ryan got up to get some water. It was about 9 AM. Someone knocks on the door, and Ryan opens it. There's a black man standing on the stoop with a manila folder. He says, "Good morning!" Ryan goes, "Yeah, great" and SHUTS THE DOOR in his face!!!! So the guy knocks and knocks again...turns out it was his next-door NEIGHBOR. That cracked me up so hard.

In the past three nights at work, I made OVER $300. Not bad for like, 15-16 hours of work! I kicked ass. On Thursday, I closed...I had a 4-table station with one six-top booth (the MAX is usually three tables, and a lot of people have two now) since we were short people on the floor. So at first I had four tables sat--AND I was running food, keeping up with sidework, and pulling everyone else's weight. Haha. Jim even said, "Lauren, you're kicking ass tonight! Thanks for keeping up." And then yesterday night Jackie mentioned to me that Jim highly complimented me (and Amanda!) to her, saying we had a four table section but we both did an excellent job running food and restocking things. So...go me and Amanda!! AND I made $130 that night...alllll my tips kicked ass! I maybe had one or two that sucked--and not even that badly.

The only thing that pisses me off is that I had this awesome table, we were joking around the entire time they were there and they loved me, left me a huge tip and everything...Kevon (the key/manager) was walking around making table visits, and he was at that table. I was at the table across from them taking an order, and I overheard them talking to Kevon about me, saying, "Oh yeah, Lauren's awesome, we love her!" BUT. Kevon never acknowledged that I got a compliment all night. Cause usually if we get manager compliments, it gets announced in the back and we get a pin. But NO. I cannot stand that guy. HE IS A HORRIBLE EXCUSE FOR AN EMPLOYEE--ESPECIALLY A MANAGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, me and Brent (and a few more people) don't understand how he is still a key. He sucks. Big time.

Anyway that's enough for my rant. Also, last night I had a pretty good section, and I got to wait on my favorite girls!! Alexia came in with Erin, Kacie, Bonnie, Loren, Nick, Erica, Gina, and two other girls I didn't really know. And somehow it worked out that they got to sit in my section!! So that was really cool. And after work I showered real quick and met them up at Ale House. It was soooo nice to be able to sit and chat with my best friends again...I've missed em so much. :-D

I think I was gonna say something else but I forgot! I'm gonna go now...going to the tanning bed, then coming home and eating cereal with Ry, and watching CSI from Thursday night that I DVR'd, then going to the Super Bowl of Motor Sports! Yay! Have a great weekend, kiddos ♥
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Thanks, Wayne Brightly. [Jan. 28th, 2006|12:31 pm]
[Feelin kinda |shockedshocked]

I guess this is why, when I was trying to decide just what career path to take, my mom said, "You're too smart to be a teacher."


New York City public school teacher Wayne Brightly did not belong in a classroom. He was the kind of guy New York State had in mind when it decreed that all its teachers had to pass certification tests by 2003. These would measure the instructors' basic skills in English, reading and math, their understanding of teaching techniques, and their expertise in the subject they teach. You might say that when put to the test, Brightly did dumbly. He flunked twice, which got him nervous. So the middle school teacher reportedly had his old friend Rubin Leitner use a fake ID and take the test for him. Even though Leitner was no Einstein himself -- he has a history of mental problems and had once been homeless -- he scored far better on the test than Brightly ever did. The sudden improvement was enough to draw the suspicion of state officials, who uncovered the scam. Brightly was reassigned to an administrative job while Schools Chancellor Joel Klein sparred with the teachers union over efforts to get Brightly fired quickly. But the scary thing is that Brightly had been teaching New York kids for 13 years.

Though most of America's teachers are hard-working and capable professionals, some education experts say there are far too many unfit teachers like Wayne Brightly in our schools. Mary Jo McGrath, a California education law attorney, says school administrators consistently estimate that up to five percent of teachers are so bad they're "doing damage to their students."

"It's a serious national problem," says Abigail Thernstrom, a member of the Massachusetts Board of Education and an outspoken advocate of education reform. Too many teachers, she says, "are not up to the job."

The fact is, thousands of teachers around the country have repeatedly flunked basic certification tests. Yet because of powerful teachers unions, as well as understaffed schools desperate to hang on to faculty, many of these dullards continue to teach.

In Florida, an investigation by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune found that a third of the state's teachers, teacher's aides and substitutes had failed certification tests at least once. Nearly 1,400 teachers failed tests 10 times or more. One Miami-area language arts teacher flunked more than 40 tests.

In Chicago, an investigation in 2001 by the Sun-Times showed that more than 800 Illinois teachers failed the state's basic skills test over a 13-year period. In the previous year, one in seven Chicago teachers had certificates that temporarily or indefinitely waived competence tests.

In Pennsylvania, nearly a quarter of the state's public school teachers struck out on their certification tests in 2003.
It's not like any of these tests are killers. Sample questions from Chicago involve simple grammar and math. One asked teachers to choose whether one day's storms were "worse," "worser," "worst," or "worsest" than another's. A question from Pennsylvania asks teachers to compare four sales commissions -- one percent of $1,000 versus ten percent of $200, and so on -- and pick the largest. A grammar question asks whether you would rewrite the sentence "Martin Luther King, Jr., spoke out passionately for the poor of all races," providing choices like "spoke out passionate" and "did spoke out passionately."

"It's common knowledge that our teacher tests are extremely minimal, and a disgrace to the profession," says Sandra Stotsky, a former senior Massachusetts education official.

That makes it all the more scandalous that states aren't getting tough with teachers who whiff these tests. In Pennsylvania, for instance, administrators responded to the mass failures by stressing other factors, such as teacher ratings. (Not that it always helps to have broader criteria: In New York City, where teachers are rated in areas such as classroom management and community participation, there was a 46 percent leap this year in the number of teachers who got failing grades from their principals.)

A few years ago, a newspaper in New York printed quotes from student-evaluation reports written by public school teachers. One said that a student "does not take to many things serious," and another had a "studdering" problem. One teacher wondered about a boy, "Why is he not learning or learning so but so little. How comes his past teachers have been passing him from grade to grade without he advancing or progressing academicly. I will like to know what is causing the mental blockage." You think it might have to do with his teachers?

Yet getting rid of the bad ones means battling teachers unions that ferociously defend the lifetime tenure that many instructors get even at a young age. "It is notoriously impossible to get rid of a teacher. I think more people are put on death row than lose their tenure as teachers through the legal process," says Philip K. Howard, a reformist who currently chairs the bipartisan group Common Good.

According to Howard, in a five-year period in the 1990s, just 62 of California's 220,000 tenured teachers were dismissed. And Time magazine has reported that only 44 of 100,000 tenured Illinois teachers were canned in a seven-year period. Even if only one or two percent of teachers are truly incompetent -- well under the five percent that McGrath claims -- those numbers should be in the thousands.

Firing a teacher can take years and cost the taxpayers plenty. New York City teacher Elihu McMahon was accused of making racially and sexually offensive remarks over a 15-year span. During 12 of those years, he was kept out of the classroom, yet McMahon still earned $700,000 in salary. He was finally fired in 2004.

One California school district spent $312,000 on legal fees to get rid of a single teacher. And when a teacher in the Jacksonville, Florida, area allegedly threw books at her students and claimed that evil spirits had invaded her students' eyes, it took a three-year process of evaluations and bureaucratic wrangling before her teaching license was revoked. No word on the expense of her case, but in general "a professional incompetence case is going to cost you from $200,000 to half a million," says McGrath, who has handled dozens of such cases.

Rather than fight to fire teachers, then, some principals prefer just to transfer them into some other unsuspecting school. Sol Stern, an education reformer at the Manhattan Institute, calls this "a game of passing the lemons."

The good news is that this problem has become a hot political issue. In 2001, Congress passed the No Child Left Behind Act, which set the goal of a highly qualified teacher in every classroom by 2006. That's only a target, but what's important is that the law provides an incentive for states to test their teachers. In the past, some school officials have insisted that test results remain secret on "privacy" grounds. But now, at a bare minimum, they'll have to report publicly on their efforts to boost the quality of teaching.

"There will be sunshine. And that will give people an opportunity, armed with information, to do something about it," says Chester Finn, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. With luck, that will hasten the day when no child is taught by a Wayne Brightly.
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Just a rant. [Jan. 27th, 2006|12:17 am]
[Feelin kinda |chipperchipper]
[Jammin to |The Faders - No Sleep Tonight]

So I'm putting all my 2005 pictures on a picture CD, cause I do that every year--I have all my pics divided into months and I put them all on CDs so (one day?) I can print a bunch out and make albums and stuff, and know what month/year they're in. And I have ALL these old pictures of like, me and Christine when we first became friends and first lived together and all that. And I reminisce, and I smile, and it kind of makes me sad for the old days.

But then I remember exactly how she treated me in the last days of our friendship (AND how she treats me now!). She was rude, disrespectful, snippy, basically an all-around world-class bitch. I honestly don't know what brought it on. Maybe that's just what happens when you live with someone. Some are able to not let it get that far--but with her, it just got way out of hand. When you live with a roommate and they do something you don't like, you're not supposed to ignore it and ignore THEM for an entire week. I always tried to talk to them about issues that I thought were becoming problems, but they'd always get defensive and snappy with me...I hated it. Especially with the dog issue. I wonder if that thing's dead yet. Shoulda called ASPCA before I left, but whatever. You never knew with Danielle and her crazy friends...I didn't wanna get my tires slashed or jumped outside of work or anything...hahaha.

I mean, Christine and I were good friends. I don't understand why she all of a sudden went psycho bitch on me. Friends don't act that way towards each other. She considered me one of her best friends--CERTAINLY best friends don't do that. I don't know. Maybe it was me and Ryan. We were happy together, and we were usually in the apartment being happy together, and she didn't like that because she didn't have a guy to be happy with. So she took it out on me. That's the only reasoning I can think of behind it all. Since, of course, she never vocalized her feelings towards me.

It just got to the point where I realized we couldn't deal with each other, for WHATEVER reasons, and I sure didn't want to live in that health hazard provided by the dog. I had to pack up and leave. And I really am SO happy to be home. This year is so far turning out like 9018390218 times better than last year. I'm back home, living with my parents. While I would MUCH rather be living on my own, I do enjoy spending time with my parents and NOT HAVING TO PAY BILLS! :-D It's so refreshing not to have to stress if your roommate's keeping the air WAY DOWN and keeping every light in the apartment on when no one's home, resulting in a $200+ power bill every month. And it's SO nice to be able to walk in the front door and not smell dog poop/hair/pee/god knows what was in that room. It seriously felt like I had kids, I'm not even joking. So yeah, minus the stress and all that, and not having to pay rent/power/utilities/etc every month, I'm loving the money-saving ability. Plus, me and Ryan are talking about buying a house if we get married after I graduate (don't worry, it's still like a year and a half away) so I reeeeeeeally wanna start saving for a down payment on that--he's going to also.

And I got a second job, which I ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I'm making such great money! Plus, I'm taking classes downtown so I don't have to drive 8290381 miles to the main campus all the time. And my schedule is perfect, working M-F during the day, then class M and Tu nights + 2 online classes, working at Outback 4-5 other nights, and relaxing in between. I feel SO productive now. It's awesome. AND, not living at the apartment, I don't have to drive SO far to go home or to work. And I don't have to use the stupid TOLL ROADS anymore. Pains in my butt is what they are.

Plus, I've already been spending more time with my long-lost friends (lol) that I never see anymore! Erin and Alexia came in to Outback to eat with me recently, so I got to hang out and talk to them cause I was cocktail and we were pretty slow. Tomorrow night is Alexia's birthday, so I get to see her and Erin and Kacie, and maybe Sara? And have some girly fun! :-D Saturday is the Super Bowl of Motor Sports, and me and Ryan are going to that with his sister and her husband. THEN Monday, after class, I'll just go straight from downtown to Erin's or wherever, and we're gonna go to Jungle Jim's with Alexia and see Tate!! So, I'm keeping a pretty good social life in there somewhere...hehe.

So let's recap. I'm making twice as much money between two jobs, not paying any bills OR tolls except my cell phone and credit card, SAVING, getting school OUT OF THE WAY, not dealing with roommates, spending more and more time with my friends + family, and pretty much feeling 1000000 times happier than I did three months ago.

I am loooooovin life right now. :-D
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Old entries-- [Jan. 24th, 2006|03:44 pm]
So usually, if I get bored, I read over old entries from the past year on my LJ. Of course, almost exactly a year ago, I had this insane crush on Skippers. Ryan. LoL. And at one point I was like "It's so weird calling him Ryan!!" LoL but now, it's so weird calling him SKIPPERS! Haha...anyway. And I read this comment that someone left me and it made me laugh:

hey lauren, I'm not trying to be an asshole, but i just noticed something and i wanted to bring it to your attention.

you are 21 years old, but you're acting like you are 14. the hugs and the "play-crying" to other people when you don't get one. it just seems as though you are acting very childishly about guys the way you rant about them. And you seem to like lots of guys; not that you are slutty, but you seem to always have a crush on someone, and if it doesn't work out, you move on to the next boy. I think you should try dating an older guy, one who doesn't seem so immature like this guy.

Also, you were dating Ariel recently, and I noticed you were calling him your boyfriend very shortly after you started dating him (unless i'm mistaken). And then it ended shortly thereafter. I just think maybe take more time and get to know these guys better before you jump full into it.

I'm not knocking you Lauren. I think you are a very caring person, and have alot of love to give. I don't want this coming off as me shittalking. I just would like to see you in a relaitshonship that will last awhile, and it doesn't seem to be happening with the way things are going. I'm sorry if I upset you.

I love that last line. "I just would like to see you in a relationship that will last awhile, and it doesn't seem to be happening with the way things are going."

Yup, you called that one, buddy.

This is why I don't listen to other people. I think this is why people in general don't like to listen when others give them love/relationship advice. People always say "He's no good for you." or "Do this, do that, don't do this, etcetc." And sometimes, that may be true. Abusive relationships, jerky guys, whatever. And it may be that the relationship is no good and will never go anywhere and the people involved would be way better off with someone else. But...they're never gonna listen. People need to experience things on their own. Make decisions on their own terms.

I never listened when people told me about Golf Josh--he was a jerk, he didn't treat me right, it wouldn't turn out good. But! I stayed with him. Dealt with his crap. No, it didn't turn out very good, and eventually we "broke up." Or whatever. BUT. I learned a lot from that experience. And the more jerky guys I came into contact with, the more I realized how to tell if they were a jerk, or played games, and the more I realized what I wanted and didn't want in a relationship. And when I finally did find it, I sure as hell stuck with it. Granted, Bryce was the only person who attempted to discourage me from the relationship, but I knew things would go well with Ryan and I didn't let his comments affect me.

And now look at us. We've been together almost a year and are still totally happy together. I could see myself being with him for a long, long, long time...possibly even forever.

So I just wanted to say HA to Bryce. SEE?! So what if we were childish and flirty and stuff?? So what if I "moved on" quickly? If I wouldn't have moved on so quickly from Ariel, if I would have stuck around and played his games or even made a hermit out of myself and sworn off guys (which, mind you, I TRIED to do, haha), I may have missed the chance with Ryan. And who knows what jerk I'd be dealing with now?? LOL. SO yeah. That was my rant for today, but I went way off on a tangent so I think I've said everything I needed to say. Wow, I'm really tired.
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Weekly Update ;-) [Jan. 23rd, 2006|11:52 pm]
[Feelin kinda |calmcalm]

So. Gosh. Where to start.

This week is starting off really, really well. I started my new day job today. I'm working at It's Just Lunch. Sounds really cheesy, being a dating service and all, but so far I love it! Basically I'm a coordinator. We match up the people, call them, tell them about each other, and then get their schedules and availability, and set up the date! Like playing Cupid, hehe! No seriously though, it's fun. It's a really laid-back atmosphere. I work with Lindy and Steph, who also work with me at Outback, so we already get along really well. I'm technically an Independent Contractor, not an employee, so it's not like I have a set schedule or anything. I'll most likely be working 20-25 hours a week--usually from about 10-2 every day. At $10 an hour that's a substantial second income for me. I was even thinking about Mondays and Tuesdays, going in at 10 and staying until 5, and then just walking over to school, because it's just a few blocks down Orange Avenue. That'd be sweet.

So yeah, it's downtown, in the Bank of America building. I see that building from I-4 ALL the freakin time, obviously, but I've never really been anywhere near it. It's soooo cool, it's on the 12th floor, and the office we're in has these huge floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking some of downtown, the Courthouse, and Lake Eola (including all that damn condo construction, haha) but it really is cool. I love that kinda city-ish stuff, ya know? But anyway. I like it so far. I only really did one call today, but I'll get used to it. I always hate starting out, know what I mean? Like, you have to learn everything and make mistakes and get all used to it. But I'll catch on soon enough. How hard can it be, really?

Anyway, so that's that. School is going good. My Administrative Law class was tonight, and it was actually the first time I've been to that class. The first week the TA just handed out the syllabus and let us go, and then last week was MLK Jr. Day, so no class. But it's so boring. Oh well. One more class checked off the list is all it is to me. I think the worst thing about it is the way the teacher speaks--very slow, deliberate, and BORING. I hate when people speak like that--dragging everything out. His two-hour lecture could have EASILY been only 45 minutes if he would have spoken faster and GOTTEN TO THE POINT. Hahaha. Man.

Me and Ryan are good, good, good! I love him so much!!!! LoL. What else is new?! We've been playing pretend lately--looking up houses and planning out our lives after I get out of school. It's fun. You know, the whole "save a bunch of money-get married-buy a house-have lots of hot babies" deal. :-)~ You're all invited to the wedding!! ;-)

Outback's going good as well. I closed Sunday night, and I had SUCH a freaking fun time. I closed with Brent, Lindy, and Misty. Um, could you have planned a better closing team?!?!? LOL! We are all too freaking crazy. I laughed so much that night. Ugh, it's great :-D

SO yes, I'm keeping busy. I've now got my part-time day job, my part-time night job, two night classes, two online classes, plus whatever social life I can uphold (Friday's Alexia's birthday! At the Ale House, yayyy...oh and Saturday is the SUPER BOWL OF MOTOR SPORTS!! Hahaha). Soooo yeah. This week's gonna be AWESOME as far as productivity. I mean just look at today: I went to work, got my oil changed and new wiper blades on the way home, came home and put together a shelf for my room, cleaned up a little bit, went back out to school, came home, baked some cookies, went back out to Ryan's house, ate din din and watched the rest of Top Secret (FUNNY ASS MOVIE) and now here I am! I'm gonna go to sleep after I finish writing this. Figure I can squeeze in about 8 hours and be well-rested for tomorrow! :-D

Okay, now that I've bored everyone to tears, I think I'm gonna head out. You all have a great week, and don't do anything I wouldn't do!! (Wow, that leaves a lot.) Haha good night :-D
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Confirmed: It is raining. [Jan. 18th, 2006|12:45 am]

Where it says "Altamonte Springs," except to the left of I-4, that's where I am. Fun times tonight!!!

P.S. I didn't realize that image was so freakin big. Hope it's not messing up your friends pages and whatnot.
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I think. [Jan. 18th, 2006|12:28 am]
[Jammin to |Gavin Degraw - We Belong Together]

I think that I'm gonna get a new LJ. Start fresh. I've been feeling like a WAY different person lately and I kinda wanna start writing more...in a new journal. We'll see if I can think up a good enough username.

Classes this semester are going way good so far. My Monday night class, Administrative Law...well, the prof wasn't there the first week (his assistant passed out the syllabus and then we were allowed to leave), and last night we didn't have class (MLK Jr Day). So I haven't even technically had that class yet...haha. Way to waste two weeks of school, huh?? ;-) My Tuesday night class, Real Estate and Property Law, I'm actually taking over cause I dropped it last semester. This professor is SO MUCH BETTER that my prof last semester. Three weeks into the class last semester I was so lost on EVERYTHING. And that rarely happens. But this sem, he's so GOOD with handling and teaching the material, and I really understand it all. We talked about Land Interests tonight and everything made picture-perfect sense, whereas last semester I was like...wtf?! We also took our first quiz, and I got 'em all right! :-)

My night classes are at the downtown campus, and so far I absolutely LOVE IT. The drive is soooo much easier than the drive to the main campus. I really only hit traffic a little before Colonial, and by then I'm just about to the South Street exit where I get off, anyway. And the classes are smaller, obviously. And I love walking to class--even though I don't walk THAT far (from the Church Street parking under the interstate to a block down Pine Street) but it's just neat walking past Church Street Station and the railroad tracks and stuff. I don't know why. But I like it. I pretend I go to school in Chicago and I'm walking down a side street. Haha. What a nerd I am...

I have two online classes too. Those are going pretty well. Got a 90 on my first online quiz and an 80 on my homework due to two stupid mistakes--oh welllll. And for the other class I don't even know what's going on, haha. We just do these BS discussions and take a quiz every chapter. Easy stuff.

So yeah. And I'm getting a second job. I have an interview at Hollywood Tans on Thursday. Wish me luck. I'd love to work there part time. A little extra money, a little something to do with my day...plus I tan there anyway, maybe I'd get discounts or something. ;-)

Whoa, we just got like a BLAST of wind outside...weird. I can't tell if it's raining or not or if it's just the wind. Crazy.

La di da. I think I'm gonna go. I'll let you know if I change journals and whatnot. Peas kiddos.
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Well this makes me feel better!! [Jan. 9th, 2006|03:54 am]
[Feelin kinda |calmcalm]

Assuming it's all true...

According to this, I share my bust size with:

Audrey Hepburn
Grace Kelly
Elsa Martinelli
Goldie Hawn
Margaux Hemingway
Shelley Hack
Sofia Coppola

I guess 34A really isn't THAT bad...teehee.

A B really would be nice, though............... ;-)

Look at me, writing about my boobs on LJ. I swear nothing's wrong with me. :-D
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Hello again! [Jan. 6th, 2006|04:52 pm]
So to reinforce my last entry, we went to the beach the next day. The breeze made it a little chilly, but it was still fun. :-)

I am so excited for Valentine's Day. Ryan has something big planned!! He told me to take off the 14th, 15th, AND 16th....oh my! That'll also be a few days after our year anniversary. OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. I've been with him almost a year. HOW WEIRD. Haha...whenever I'd meet people who've been together for a year or two, I'd be like WOW, that's a long time. But honestly, it's not. I guess when you really love someone, time flies! LoL.

Okay so this was kind of a pointless entry but I'm neglecting LJ. And now I'm gonna be late for work, yay!! XOXO
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Haha, wee. [Jan. 3rd, 2006|04:53 pm]
[Feelin kinda |chipperchipper]

Florida: the only place in the US where you can wear a bikini outside on January 3rd.

Okay, aside from Texas, but oh well.

I have to say I love this weather. A LOT. DON'T I ALWAYS DO THIS?! Hahaaaa. I want it cold! I want it cold! Okay, Christmas and vacation is over, time to be warm again. :-)~

See but I'd rather it be this temperature, 78-80, all freaking year round. It's gorgeous. But no. In about two months it's gonna shoot back up to 95 again and the humidity will be suffocating, and thus starts our 8-month summer of hell. Oh well. I'll just enjoy the next few months as much as possible and get as tan as I can before I have to confine myself to the air-conditioned house for five months. BLAH. :-P
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Hi guys :-) [Dec. 26th, 2005|11:49 am]
[Feelin kinda |awake]

Merry late Christmas :-)

I didn't get a chance to write yesterday because I was running around all day and then this flu/cold that I had really kicked my ass at night. I went to bed with a fever and a hacking cough. I was so tired, and fell asleep probably around 9:30. Woke up at 11:30, stayed up for about an hour, then fell back asleep until 11:00 this morning!! So now I got a crapload of rest, the Nyquil last night really helped, and I'm feeling ten times better this morning. Yay!

I got soooo much stuff yesterday, that I really wasn't expecting! I FINALLY got a Chi flat iron--after asking for it for Christmas AND my birthday for the past two years! Haha...I also got a digital camera and mp3 player to replace my stolen ones, which I TOTALLY wasn't expecting. But yay!! And I got some books and Gamecube games...a couple shirts...money...Fannie May Candy...MMMM!!

So it was a good day yesterday. It sucks cause I didn't get to see Ryan...I was gonna go over to his house after he got home from his grandparents', but by that time I was fast asleep and didn't have any energy to go ANYWHERE anyway, lol. Oh well :-(

OH AND...GO BEARS!!!! I'm soooo excited we won, lol. Near the end there I was getting verrrrry nervous...but we won, we beat the Pack!!!! HA!!!! Playoffs here we comeeeeeeeee

So, here's to hoping you guys had an awesome holiday! Two more days until I get to leave for Maggie Valley, yayyyy!!! xoxoxo
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Merry Christmas Eve!!!!! [Dec. 24th, 2005|11:15 am]
[Feelin kinda |calmcalm]

So, since I never got around to posting a rant this year, I'll let Foamy do it for me. :-D

Merry CHRISTMAS! (Oh I'm sorry, does that offend you?!)
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Good gracious, you guys are awesome. [Dec. 23rd, 2005|08:04 pm]
[Feelin kinda |thankfulthankful]

I would like to send out a special thank you to Stephy and Ashley for the lovely Christmas cards I received this year!! Thanks guys ♥ ♥

AND, a big time special thank you to Dairenn for the $25 gift certificate!!! You are amazing, you totally didn't have to do that!!! Thank you thank you thank you, I really love it!!! ♥!

I love you guyssss :-D
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Hahaha! Worst of Orlando 2005: [Dec. 22nd, 2005|12:55 am]
[Feelin kinda |amusedamused]

I know the locals will love this one.

Worst of Orlando 2005

Orlando is a fantasyland. Or so all the tourist magazines would have us believe. The rest of the world has coated us in a shiny magical paint job. Locals, however, know that for every sprinkle of marketing pixie dust cast on the Cinderella castles of Celebration, there’s a dark alley littered with Mouse droppings and homeless fairies looking for a fix.

And that’s great because it makes Orlando a real city. We’re not just a sanitized and hermetically sealed tourist trap populated by giant eunuch cartoon characters ready with a hug and a picture opportunity. We’re a swampy, sweaty party hole infested with man-eating creatures, strip joints and the occasional serial killer. We have seedy bars, suck-ass traffic and a bible-belt morality that would gladly castrate anything even close to a good time.

So now join us in embracing all that is not perfect in our so-called “City Beautiful” with our Worst of Orlando list -- because the shabby side of our society needs some recognition, too.

LOL...that is so true. My favorite ones:

Worst place to suggest as a tourist must-see

In Orlando, you're considered local if you've been here for three years. After that time, you earn full permission to mislead tourists with faulty information on local attractions. Try this suggestion: "You've got to check out Xanadu: Home of the Future! It's like Epcot, only better. Very futuristic. They've got this space-age machine in there that cooks food in, like, under a minute." This is the future like only the eighties could portray it. And the fact that they've just bulldozed it makes it a memory that "shouldn't be missed."

Worst place to cruise

You just invested $20,000 into your ride and you want to show it off. Pick up your homies and head for the nearest strip. Unless, of course, it's the old section of International Drive between Kirkman Road and Sand Lake Road. The mesmerizing silver twirl of your $3000 26-inch rims is completely wasted on the pasty-skinned Brits wandering in goofy herds from souvenir dumps to low-grade food troughs. Wait, wait, is that a crowd of hotties hanging at Skull Kingdom? Nope, it's a gaggle of German jailbait tagging behind their fat mom. Where are all the party people? Not fucking here.

Worst place to vomit in public

You've scored freebie tix for IOA during low season so go on a ride frenzy. Dueling Dragons, Doctor Doom, Jurassic Park, Spider Man. You hit 'em all five times each. But you save your fave for last -- The Hulk, with its badass twisting flips and lip-curling drops. Of course, it's not so fun after you've just consumed a bacon double-cheese and a large Coke. They say puking allows you to enjoy your lunch twice, but ralph at the top of the full loop and you'll experience lunch a third time ... as it lands on your head at the bottom. And don't expect sympathy from the other bile-coated riders.

Worst place to go if you are single

Why Not Lounge in the Altamonte Springs Holiday Inn is definitely not the place for singles. Um, well, let's clarify this a bit. If you happen to be over 50, newly divorced for the third time or just a swinger trying to rediscover that San Francisco free-love experience, well then sure, you're going to dig Why Not Lounge. But if you're the type that calls Nirvana classic rock, you consider CDs dated technology, or you're still wondering what your major is going to be, then steer clear. Unless of course you're really into an "experienced" lover (read "geriatric"), or you're searching for a sugar daddy/mama to pay for your impending school loans.

Worst seasonal event

You've just spent two bills on a detailing service to make your ride look uber-pimp. The grill is gleaming like Paul Wall's teeth as you pull out of the custom car wash. Suddenly, your crystal windshield is spooged with goo. Lovebug season has started and the little bastards are skeet, skeet, skeeting all over your freshly waxed shell. These bugs ain't loving; they're squirting out pure hate all over your new rims with their suicidal tendencies. By the time you hit the strip, your thug love has been bug-loved.

Worst theme park ride to wait in line for

Ok, so you just drove 45 minutes in summer heat with a broken A/C, got stuck behind tourist-clogged traffic and paid $8 for parking and nearly $60 for entrance to enter Epcot (which as a local, you should never, ever pay tickets for). So what's the first thing you end up doing inside. You go to Test Track where you wait a freaking hour to get on a ride where, ta da, you're back in a stupid car. And to make matters worse, your vehicle is then forced onto bad road conditions, a heat test (Wow, just like having no A/C!), and woo hoo, road handling. Oh yeah, and a stupid slalom around red plastic cones. But wait! This is Disney's fastest ride yet. That's right, at one point it whips you along at – hold your breath – 60 MPH!!! You drove faster in the goddamn parking lot, where by the way, you can't find your car.

Worst panhandler area

You've just slapped down three bucks for a Slurpee and Slim Jim at the 7-Eleven at the corner of Magnolia Avenue and SR 50. Pocketing nickels and dimes, you suck down your first gulp of frosty treat. Just as the brain freeze hammers your meninges, you hear the dreaded words, "Got any change?" Why this particular corner is inundated with panhandlers is anybody's guess. Perhaps it's the close proximity to the friggin' endless red light at Magnolia, where a beggar can work about a hundred cars before it changes to green. Maybe it's the fortress-like safety of that walled in convenience-store lot. Maybe it's those great deals on Mad Dog. One thing's for sure, once you enter this territory, you've been marked as either a heartless bastard or a total sucker.

LoL...that was always the 7-11 we'd hit up after the clubs...crazy place.

Okay the end. The rest of the article is funny too, you should check it out (especially if you live around here!).
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Huh...huh...huh [Dec. 22nd, 2005|12:36 am]
[Feelin kinda |confusedconfused]

Hey itzwicks, I found you a good Weekly Wednesday WTF!!


This website was advertised in our neighborhood classifieds newsletter, the Treasure Chest. Crazy stuff...
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(most) liberals suck. [Dec. 20th, 2005|01:35 pm]
[Feelin kinda |contemplativecontemplative]

So this idiot on myspace posts a bulletin to a link where President Bush allegedly called the constitution a "god damned piece of paper." Our conversation is as follows (sorry if it's hard to follow):Read more...Collapse )

Gotta love the libs. They get proven wrong and then they resort to "Your opinion is your opinion, and you have the right to that." Whatever idiot. Notice he did not respond to ONE point I brought up in that forever long email. God, what a moron. I mean, I may have been wrong in some of my statements, and he didn't even BOTHER to try to prove me wrong or admit that I was right!!! Arrrrrgh.

And thanks to reality_hammer for giving me some ammunition for it. :-)
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MERRY CHRISTMAS! [Dec. 19th, 2005|03:41 am]
[Feelin kinda |accomplishedaccomplished]

Merry Christmas from me!!! (CLICK IT!! And set the speed to "Fast")

Ahh haha, I love that thing. :-D
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Late night ramblings v. 12.19 [Dec. 19th, 2005|03:13 am]
[Feelin kinda |mellowmellow]
[Jammin to |RENT - Light My Candle]

Okay so things are slowly getting better and back to normal. I banked last night and made $280 total for doing practically NOTHING. (The bartending job.) Plus I got a couple bottles of wine out of it! Good stuff. Got some of my Christmas shopping wiped out today--definitely not all of it, or even most of it. I want to get something for Ryan's family members too, but I'm really not sure what to get them all. Something cheap obviously...not to SOUND cheap but something inexpensive yet thoughtful is what I meant, I guess. :-)~ Cause I already know his brother and sister-in-law got me something. I mean his mom even made me my own stocking at their house! Haha. So I wanna get something at least for them, and Heidi. And their kids. Cause I love giving kids presents :-D We'll see. I better finish shopping for my OWN family first, haha. Almost there, though! AND, I am quite please with what I decided to get for Ryan. Gooooood stuff. I hope he likes it--I think he will, but you never know. But it's a good idea, at least. :-)


Man, I've been so crazy lately...I haven't even made out Christmas cards and I doubt I'm going to (sorry guys!!). It's just too hectic around here. I'm still living out of two boxes and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. After Christmas I'll be able to move all my stuff in, but til then I'm still in transition. It makes it a lot harder to do stuff, but I don't mind. Just a weird Christmas.

Got my grades back--3.0 this semester! Go me, go me. For how often I went to classes, that kicks ass, haha. Shh don't tell my mom. Anyway, I am loving my schedule next semester--five classes (three online, two at night). One night class is at main campus and one is downtown. Good stuff. I hope they don't cancel the downtown one due to lack of interest, though, cause there's like 50 available spots left. We'll see.

Ummm yeah. I forget what else I was gonna say. But stuff is good. Ryan is good. Great. I love him so much. I can't believe we've been together so long. And we talk about next Christmas like it's so certain. I've never been like that with a guy before. I'm always like "eh, I won't be with him anymore in two weeks, let alone next Christmas," haha. But I could see us being together for that long at least. God, he's such a great guy. I still can't believe it. I spent so long searching in other guys what I found so easily in him. I love him and he loves me and there's no games or drama or doubt or ANYTHING. Just good ol' fashioned lovin! Hehe. I already know what I'm doing for our one-year. I'm kinda gonna copy Tara...cause I'm not original enough to make up my own thing, haha! But I'm also gonna make him a scrapbook of our year/times together. I think that'll be cute. For his birthday in April, I'm taking him to our house in Maggie Valley for a few days. We'll go horseback riding and hiking and casino-ing and relax and enjoy the scenery. I think it'll be awesome cause he took me to Daytona for a few days over my birthday, so now I can take HIM on a little mini-vacation too. :-)

And in a week and a half we will be in Maggie Valley again!!!!!!! (Well, minus Ryan...I am kinda bummed about not being able to spend our first New Years together!) Oh well. I'm still EXCITED!!! It's actually supposed to snow this year!! Man, I look at pictures like this from last year and I pray to God it doesn't happen again!!! Haha...man, the first year we were there, it snowed off the chain! Good times of the van sliding down the mountain--NOT. We had to leave it there and walk up and down to it every day, cause we couldn't drive down the mountain cause it was too icy. That was a crazy year. But every year since then, it hasn't snowed at all when we were there. I HOPE IT DOES THIS YEAR!!!!!!!!

Okay I really think that's quite enough of me rambling now. If anyone actually read this far...man, I wish I could give you a huge hug right now, or at least a chocolate chip cookie or something. :-)~ Blah blah. I hope you guys have a good night/week/Christmas if I don't write before then! (But I probably will!!)

G'nite ♥
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Weeee. [Dec. 14th, 2005|01:27 am]
[Feelin kinda |bouncyDisney-fied]

Kay so I'm a ditz and the last entry wasn't friends only and the one before that wasn't screened. THEY BOTH ARE FIXED NOW. :-D

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party was fun tonight! I went with my mom and brother. My poor brother's sick, though. But we went on all of the rides we wanted to, saw the fireworks (which were AMAZING) and the parade. The fireworks really were something. I will never get tired of fireworks as long as I live. At the end, they exploded a bunch of red and green ones at the same time, and it was so loud and exciting I felt like a little kid. I almost cried it was so cool, lol.

Ooooh and it was cold tonight! 45 degrees, so we had a reason to drink the free hot chocolate :-D Hehe. And I got hit on by Captain Hook! LOL...We posed for a picture before going on the Pirates, and after the picture he grabbed my hand and started walking away with me!! Smee was following us and shaking his head and putting his hands over his mouth (you know how those characters are) and I was laughing so hard. My mom tried to get a picture of it but she only got one when we were walking back--it was a funny one though.Then Captain Hook held his hand up to his ear in a "call me" motion, it was hillllarious. My mom's like "Her number's on the bathroom wall!" HAHA. Good old Mom.

All in all it was a very good night. I was so hyper, bouncing around and singing along to the Christmas songs and dancing during the parade. Hehe. Going to Disney for this event always puts me in the Christmas Spirit! It just sucks my brother's sick. Oh well, at least he won't be sick for North Carolina again, like last year!!! :-) Feel better soon Spark!

P.S. I re-did my journal for Christmas, yay!
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You know what's funny? [Dec. 13th, 2005|04:35 pm]
[Feelin kinda |boredbored]

This year, Hanukkah begins at sundown on Christmas Day. And Kwanzaa is on the day after Christmas. So this year, it literally IS Chrismahanukwanzakah!! Hahahaha. Sorry, just had to say.

I'm sending out Christmas cards again this year--but getting a late start, I know. If I sent you a card last year, or if I have your address, I'll most likely send you one this year. And my address is the same as it was last Christmas. I don't live at Courtney Springs anymore if you have that one. I'll make a friends only post if you want my address and don't have it already. I haven't caught up on my friends posts completely yet, so if you had a Christmas card post I probably didn't post my address. Sorry!!

Anyway, if I DON'T have your address and you want a card, leave it in a comment here! (Don't worry, they're all screened so no one else will see it.)

Yayyyy Christmas!

EDIT: I forgot to screen comments in this post (WHERE IS MY HEAD??? hahah) but they're good now. If you want to leave your address no worries. Thaaaaaaaanks :-)
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2005 con't [Dec. 11th, 2005|10:02 pm]
[Feelin kinda |boredbored]
[Jammin to |Nsync - All I Want is You This Christmas]

In 2005 did you:

1. Go to a party? yeah, quite a few
2. Try something new? i guess you could say that!
3. Have someone change your life? definitely. a few people.
4. Kiss someone? ummmm YEAH
5. Tell your family and friends you love them? ALL the time!
6. Buy something extravagant? camcorder...mp3 player...the latter of which is STOLEN and GONE now :-(
7. Do something nice for you? yes, something VERY nice.
8. Do something terribly wrong? no. i'm always right ;-)
9. Move? yeah....twice...!
10. Go to a concert? yeahhh i saw gavin!

Best of the Year:

1. Party: probably the one we played manhunt at :-D
2. Show: Family Guy, CSI, SNL/madTV
3. CD: gavin degraw will always win this category.
4. Movie: oh boy. probably...oh gosh, i don't know.
5. Song: anything from RENT!
6. Experience: being in an amazing relationship.
7. Concert: DEFINITELY Gavin.
8. Book: harry potter and the half-blood prince, of course!
9. Month: hmmm...i don't nkow. every month had its ups and downs this year.
10.Day: probably february 9th ;-)

Worst of the Year:

1. Party: i dunno, there were a couple lame ones.
2. Show: who knows. the only shows i watch are the good ones. heh
3. CD: i don't really listen to cds anymore!
4. Movie: i don't think i didn't like any movies this year....
5. Song: everything that mariah carey has put out this year has SUCKED
6. Experience: having roommates. oh, and of course when my car and house got broken into and my stuff stolen!
7. Concert: i only went to a couple and they weren't horrible.
8. Book: none of the ones i read were bad :-)
9. Month: november, before i moved out.
10. Day: december 1st!

Hopes for 2006:

1. Predict something that you think will happen in 2006? i think i'm done predicting the cubs in the world series...this year we can shoot for da bears in the super bowl!!
2. What do you hope changes about your country? that all the stupid liberals will get a life and wake up.
3. What do you hope for yourself? happiness. and money. lol oh and that i'll get through college finally!
4. What do you hope for your family? strength and happiness.
5. What do you hope for your best friends? well, since most of them already have good guys, i guess i would hope that they have a kick ass year!
6. What do you hope for the rest of your friends? that I can get back in touch with the people I've lost it with.
7. Do you think any amazing medical advances will be made? not if they keep giving out free medicare and discount prescriptions!!

During 2005:

where were you when it began: in the loft at 525 Greenview Drive, Maggie Valley, NC, just like every year :-D
did you stay up: of course!
what was your new year wish? i didn't really have one. i think at that time it was ariel, but *gag*
how many boyfriends: my baby ryan <3
broke up: no!!! surprising!!
have any crushes?: not besides him!
care to mention names? not applicable :-)
new friends: kindasorta yeah :-)
name them: josh, heather, jake, sarah, mike, cindy, brent, deborah, just a bunch of people i met through friends and work.
had to say goodbye: yeah, a few times.
missed anyone: i miss who i always miss. ian, jessica, nick, jen, and steph. plus kacie, erin, sara; my baby girls! and steph, diana, alexia, etc etc...
win anything? not that I recall....
best place you went to: Chicago!
worst place you went to: myrtle beach...haha granted i was with my bestest friends, but it was soooo freakin cold and i missed my boyfriend. lol
happiest moment: Just being carefree
how was your birthday: it was really good. having friends over, drinkin and chillin, setting off fireworks in the backyard....hahaha
best present: the gift certificate to best buy!
party? yeah, at the 'rents house. granted it was nowhere NEAR the quality of my 21st...but it was good all the same :-)
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2005 stuffy stuff [Dec. 11th, 2005|09:43 pm]
[Jammin to |Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon]

Post the first sentence of your first post of every month in 2005 and you'll have your 2005 year-in review.

HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU--Chapter 8--I have a feeling that one will change my life. Holy cow. English Genius--You scored 100% Beginner, 100% Intermediate, 93% Advanced, and 77% Expert! Wow....I'm moving out. I got so pissed off on the way to work today. Rain, rain, go away... The most perfect birthday present ever....WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE CUBS AT WRIGLEY FIELD ON JULY 14TH!!!!! Cubs won last night. I've had that song stuck in my head all day. Cause I'm feeling narcissistic today...;-) I find it funny that on the UCF Parking Services FAQ, one of the questions is "There's no place to park!" Oh man--what a night.

The end!

I'm working on my 2005 Christmas Rant too. Stay tuned. :-)

And for those interested...My 2004 Christmas Rant:Collapse )
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Blah blah blah. [Dec. 11th, 2005|01:49 am]
[Feelin kinda |pensivepensive]
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I am so lucky to have such a wonderful, loving, caring, FORGIVING boyfriend. I really am. He's amazing and I love him even more every day. We've been together 10 months now, can you believe it?! Two months short of a year, and I don't foresee it ending anytime soon. I always thought a year was SUCH a long time for people to be together, but it really hasn't been.

Things are going as good as can be expected. I'm back in with my parents, my name is off the lease at the other place, and even though I don't have a room yet, or anything unpacked (I sleep on a mattress and I'm living out of boxes until the end of this month) I really am happy with it.

After the first of the year I am getting a second job. I need to pay off this credit card and start saving money. It seems like the balance just doesn't BUDGE. Although hey, I guess that's better than it going higher and higher...lol.

I'm also probably only taking three classes next semester. It's all I can afford right now, even though I'm sure my parents would help me. I can worry about making up the time over summer and taking five classes a semester next year, when I've saved up the money.

Hopefully by this time next year, I will be one semester (and possibly a summer) away from graduating. I just need a gosh damned degree already. People keep talking about their jobs and how cool they are and my mind starts to wander and I think, "Hey, that might be an interesting major...." BUT NO! Because I am sticking with legal studies. I just want to get OUT of school and start making a REAL salary and not depend on other people to tell me how much I make. Bah. Haha.

And then I can marry Ryan, have some hot babies, and settle down with a career and a house and a picket fence and all that.

It's gonna be a long two years.......
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Clarification. [Dec. 9th, 2005|02:14 am]
[Feelin kinda |aggravatedaggravated]

For those of you who have never been servers, and will never be servers, but still choose to eat in restaurants and sometimes not tip:

Some of these comments left in my journal regarding the last post have ticked me off beyond belief. I like you guys, I really do. But reading some of those comments, I mean, I honestly cannot fathom where you are coming from.

Some of you say that if a server wants to be tipped, they should do a better job, or get the skills needed to GET a better job. Well, here's the deal: most servers (like me!) are college students, working their way through college. And I am using the term "server" here because it's unisex and easier to say than "waiters or waitresses." So, we are, in fact, TRYING to get a degree. TRYING to get a better job. But until then, we're stuck serving demanding, arrogant customers so we can make the money to take the classes to get the degree to get the hell OUT of the restaurant business.

97% of servers work their asses off. You all may not know, from your comfy little booths and wine glasses--but we're running around the restaurant delivering food, refilling drinks, pre-bussing tables, and taking orders. And those times you don't see us? NEWS FLASH: WE'RE STILL WORKING. Just because we've disappeared doesn't mean we're sitting out back taking a smoke break and laughing at how ignorant you are. No, we're in the kitchen setting up trays and making breadboards and getting drinks and doing running sidework, like refilling the ice or restocking the potato bar or rolling silverware. You know how much we get paid for all that? $3.13 an hour. We don't get to stand behind a register and move our hand back and forth ringing up groceries. We don't get to sit at a computer and enter data all day long. We're busting our asses to kiss YOUR asses. So I think we should get paid just a LITTLE bit more (and even though I average about $10-12 an hour, I STILL don't think that's enough for the stress I put up with). I really don't think it's asking too much.

Your alcoholic drink is taking too long. Guess what? I don't make it. And I have to wait until the people that DO make it, finish making it, and I can get back there and bring it to you. You have no silverware in front of you. Guess what? I don't wash the dishes OR order the silverware when we're running low--so you'll just have to wait until we have some washed and rolled for you. Your steak is cooked wrong. Guess what? I don't cook it! And I also don't have ESP to see the inside of it before it's brought out!

"Tips are extra." No, they aren't. I make $3.13 an hour. Minimum wage is $6.15 an hour. Do you think I would legally be paid that much if I wasn't expected to get tips??? Like that last post said, the bill pays for your food--the tips pay for your service. So you may not get GREAT service EVERY time, but THINK! You're still sitting with your family or friends, you don't have to get up ONCE for ANYTHING except maybe to go to the bathroom (or bitch to the manager about something retarded), so what if it takes a little bit longer to get a drink refill? If it's that big of a deal to you, DO IT YOUR DAMN SELF. Stay at home. Save the tip money, since it's such a hassle. Refill your own drinks, cook your own food, and get all your own stuff. Because why should I do it if I'm not getting shit for it?!

And that's another thing. People who get so worked up when their order is wrong, or they guzzle down 8 sweet teas in 4 minutes and get pissed when you're not there to refill it AT THAT EXACT MOMENT. News flash, you are NOT the only ones in the restaurant. And we cannot please EVERYBODY. I have three tables at a time. They all want everything brought to them at the same time. My brain (and hand) can only hold so much, so forgive me if I forget an item and have to go back and grab it real quick. Why are you going to roll your eyes at me and huff and puff in my face?! Like I said, NEXT TIME STAY AND HOME AND DO IT YOURSELF.

And yeah, it's great to be a regular customer and have the server know your order before you come in the door--but stuff like that literally takes years. We have Lorrie and Cathie and Bridget, who have been working at Outback for 15 years. They know almost everyone who walks through that door and have their drinks out before they even sit down.

I've been there a year and a half. There are only two people that I can look at and automatically bring their drinks to them--sweet tea guy, and a woman I always used to wait on at Victorio's who gets an ice water and makes her own iced tea. And Doris from Victorio's--she'd come in two or three times a week, I'd know she wanted soup and either a mini pizza with mushrooms or a bowl of spaghetti with meat sauce. At Outback? We get a million customers a day, some regulars, some not, some only come in once a year, and since we have so many employees, they get sat with different people every time--by the time they get a repeat server, it's been weeks and that server has had 100 tables since them. It's not that easy.

Ugh. I'm sorry, this turned into the longest rant ever--but I'm sure all you servers out there can back me up on this. Tips are not "optional," they are not "extra" or any of that. At the very least, you should tip 10%--that is more than enough to insult your server and get the point across, if you have something to prove. Leave nothing, and stay home next time--or expect some form of bodily function in your food next time that server waits on you. We may not remember everyone, but we DO remember the bad tippers!

And for those of you who will be quick to say, "If it's so bad, why do you work there?" Hmmm...make $6.15/hr or make $10/hr? Even if it's making 6.15 doing NOTHING or making 10.00 busting ASS, who wouldn't pick the job with more pay? Still doesn't mean we get paid ENOUGH...
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How to tip and treat your servers--ASSHOLES [Dec. 8th, 2005|11:28 pm]
[Feelin kinda |hothot]

A friend posted this... it's great lol :o)

The next time you're out eating at a restaurant, look at your waiter. Do you think they are really happy to be doing that job? The answer is no, they are not. Its what we do, and we do it for the money so please help them out. Its a tougher job than you think and you should pay them accordingly!

This is for everybody who goes to a restaurant and has ever footed the bill.

OK. I'm tired of those people flooding the restaurants w/o any knowledge of how to tip. Here is a short guide for the general public to follow. Feel free to print out and store in your wallet and/or purse.

1. If you are not a child and get something from the kids menu (which we DO NOT have to do), tip as if you are an adult, and understand we did something nice for you.

2. If you have children, DO NOT let them, open and dump anything on the table (ie; salt, sugar, etc). IF YOU DO, you must leave an extra $5 for the server to clean up YOUR CHILD'S mess & to restock the now unusable wasted items. We are neither their babysitter nor their parent. The least you can do is pay us for the extra work. Also make sure you control your kids and don't let them scream or run around the restraunt. It's very distracting not to mention dangerous if they get ran over by a server with hot food in their hands.

3. If you feel the necessity to stay for longer than 15 minutes after you pay your tab, please hook us up for taking up our table. You are in our office and we cant use it, we CANT make money. WE dont show up at your office and hang out

4. Telling a server they are the best or excellent service is not a tip. If we are good, let us know by leaving us more money. We cant pay our bills on compliments. Its not that we mind the praise; its just that you say we're good and then leave 10% ...this is not good. I like hearing that I did a good job, but its like in a relationship... you can tell a girl you love her a thousand times, but ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS. Tell me, but show me I did a good job with that MONEY.

5. Prayer cards and any other religious pamphlet is NOT a tip. It is insulting that you assume we are w/o religion and must save us. Again, like ..4, we cant pay bills w/prayer cards. P.S. We'd go to church on Sundays if it wasn't mandatory to work on Sundays because EVERYONE who goes to church follows it by eating out. Also don't try to preach to us while we are working. We don't go to your work and preach to you so don't do it to us.

6. We know that you have just given money to God, but Sundays are not an excuse to give us the change left over.

7. It is not 1960. Cost of living has gone up dramatically since then. 18% is the MINIMUM amount of what you should be tipping your servers. Just look at the tax line and multiple by 2-3, this gives you your minimum tip amount. Remember, our companies pay us minimum wage.(minumum wage for servers is $3.13 an hour! ) So if you dont leave a tip, we end up losing money waiting on you.

Let me explain a little clearer. When you pay the bill, you are paying for your food. When you pay the tip, you are paying for the SERVICE. We give you the service, we don't ask for payment in advance, but COME ON. We should go back to the old days where people left the tip in advance so the server had something to work for. Plus if you see all the other people around (hostesses, busboys, bartenders, etc) they get form 3 to 5% of the tip you leave for us! We have to tip them for helping us!
*Little side note... most of the time our paychecks are zero or close to it. They tax us on our tips, and yes, they assume that you tip us well.

8. Say what you mean; plain means nothing on it. If you get a (ex.) burger plain and we bring it that way, dont treat us like idiots because it doesnt have ketchup & mustard. What you order is what we bring. We are not mind readers. If we were do you think this is the best job we could get?

9. Do not take your bad day (or past experience) out on us. WE dont take out our bad customer experiences on you. Give us the same benefit of the doubt. WE dont automaticlly think you are going to screw us on the tip (like the last guy).

10. If the prices go up or the restaurant starts charging for things that used to be free, do not take it out us. We do not make these decisions. We don't even want to enforce them because we know that it will end up hurting our already low tip in the end. ITs not like we get any of the extra money that they decided to charge for crackers.

11. If you get a discount because of bad food or something, do not take it out of our tip. We didn't cook it. The cooks get paid hourly regardless if the food sucks. However, we only make what you give us. Also, if the manager gives you a discount because of this, you tip off of the ORIGINAL total, not the discounted one. Also, if you use a coupon, you tip based on what the total was before the discount people. Our sales (so ultimately, what we are TAXED on) are based on the ORGINAL total.

12. Holidays for us don't exist. Example: If you are eating at our restaurant on a holiday like Thanksgiving and you wish us a happy thanksgiving, do you honestly think we are having a good thanksgiving. No we are stuck at work because it is mandatory for us to be there serving you people who don't want to cook instead of being at home with our families. So be a little more thoughtful when tipping because we are stuck there working and no we don't get paid holidays or overtime.

13. If you come into the restraunt 10 mins before closing or any time near closing hurry up and order your food and get out. Do we show up at 4:55 and keep you at your office till six? Heres a clue, when you are the only people at your restaurant, you're that guy. When they turn the lights on and the music off, get out. Regardless of what you think we do have other things to do, including school or a day job.

14. If you only come in for coffee or a dessert, to do paper work, or to have a meeting, don't sit there taking up our booths for hours. This is not a conference room, We are not starbucks or a hotel restraunt. If you want to sit for hours go there or leave a good tip for us to make up for all the money we could have made
on the OTHER tables we COULD have had there instead of you. And if you are squatting, please pay the check and show us that at least you are going to pay fair rental for the table.

15. When we come up to the table to greet you and we ask how you are doing please let us know. We honestly want to know how you are doing. If you are in a bad mood we want to know that from the beginning. Also dont interrupt us with a drink order, its very rude and degrading, we are servers, not servants!

16. Don't ever talk on your cell phone in a restaurant. This is probably the rudest thing to do. If you are on your cell phone when we walk up to greet your table we will walk away until you get off your phone. Just show some respect and give us your attention for a couple of minutes.

17. Don't grab us by the arm or snap at us when you need something. We waste 30 seconds of our life introducing ourselves when we first greet you at the table. If you want something, use our name. Also try and remember our name, its a show of respect.

SERVERS READING THIS: Please repost this so the word can get out, since so many people are uneducated about tips and our lives depend on this - atleast for now......

all your fabulous servers out there, hostesses who live off tip share, all the cooks who care if you get your food right because it's a pride thing, AND because they want to see their friends who serve make money, and all the managers who actually care if their servers make money or who were once servers themselves
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To thisgirliknow: [Dec. 5th, 2005|03:58 am]
So tonight this random dude on Myspace Music tried to add me--and I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he claimed to be "soul/acoustic/pop", which is a lot of what I like in a band/singer/music.

So I liked to a lot of his music, and yes, it was very good! Similar to Gavin Degraw and the like (whom, as you all know, is my absolute favorite singer ever!)

Anyway! One of his songs is titled to Melissa, so I wanted to show Melissa this song here:

Ernie Halter, including "Melissa"

Enjoy. And I'm sorry if I'm acting retarded. But this song is really really good.
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Phew. [Dec. 4th, 2005|03:55 am]
[Feelin kinda |accomplishedaccomplished]

It has been a taxing week, lemme tell ya.

I am so lucky, though. Even with all these bad things going on, by the end of the week everything has managed to turn out perfectly fine. I feel better at this moment than at any moment in the past half a year.

Bad thing: Our house (and my car) got burglarized. I came home while the guy was inside. He stole my mom's purse (including her license, $280 cash, checkbook, credit cards, and "pink comb" lol), our garage door opener, my mp3 player, and my digital camera, and slashed my top and dented my door frame.
Good thing: The idiot gave me a picture perfect look at himself before running like the pussy he was, thus leading to his capture and arrest two hours later. The cops discovered the money on him, and the next day found my mp3 player and camera, and my dad found my mom's wallet--so everything that was stolen has been recovered (though we may not get it back for a while, due to processing and it being evidence and all; but that's a small price to pay). Not to mention I had the support of my family and friends through it all.

Bad thing: The apartment situation just got way too unbearable for me. It started out small and then escalated into something huge. I couldn't stand being there and it was ridiculous having to feel sick (literally, nauseous) every time I had to go "home." The situation and the people involved were stressing me out almost beyond my means, and I really couldn't take it anymore.
Good thing: I'm out! They're replacing me with another roommate (I'm signing my name off the lease on Tuesday) and I'm finally freeeee of that place! All my stuff is now moved back home. I already FEEL like 10 times healthier not being exposed to some of the things I was in that place. That entire situation is in the past and I was very eager for that to happen.

Bad thing: We'll just say that certain people were bringing me down--way, way down. You know those people that you can't stand, who just look to start drama by any means possible? I was encountering those types. Again, more unneeded stress being brought into my life, and I was getting sucked into the whole situation and getting carried away.
Good thing: It sounds dorky, but do you know how much better it makes you feel to delete people out of your phone/buddy list/myspace friends? I decided I wouldn't let these people bring me down any longer, and basically just erase them from my life. They can consume their own lives with their drama and hatred--but I won't be a part of it anymore. No sirree :-D

So yes, my life is 100% back to normal (well, almost!) now. Christmas time is here, the past is behind me, and before you know it, it'll be a brand new year.

Here's to hoping that 2006 will be a much, MUCH better year than 2005 was!!!
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'Tis the season.........for criminal scumbags!!! [Dec. 1st, 2005|07:17 am]
[Feelin kinda |intimidatedoverwhelmed]

Oh man. What a night. I must say, between everything that has happened in the past few months (and there has been a LOT of events happening in my life--between problems at work and with roommates, car repairs over $2000, Ryan leaving for Louisiana and coming back, our apartment almost getting broken into, more fights with roommates that eventually led to moving out (which I am currently in the middle of), this night was definitely the most eventful and the most exciting (not necessarily in a good way) of it all.

Tonight, I went to the apartment to pack up the last of the boxes and get everything ready to move out completely tomorrow. Ryan came to help me carry the boxes (poor weak lil ol me) and we brought everything back to my parents' house--which I guess can now again be referred to as "my" house. Anyway. We hung out for a minute--my dad was still up decorating some of the house. At about 2:30 AM, we left again in my mom's Durango. We went to Ryan's house first to get his wallet and shopping list. We then went to Albertson's for some late-night grocery shopping. Afterwards we headed back to his house and hung out for a few minutes, eating some of our purchases (lunchables pizza for me, cereal for him). By this time it was almost 4 AM so I wanted to head home, since I was getting up early to get a Christmas tree with Mom.

So I'm pulling up to my house, when I notice our garage door halfway open. Um...that was strange. I know I closed it when I left, and Dad was still going in and out of the garage from the kitchen so he wouldn't have opened it at all after that. So I open it the rest of the way. I pull the Durango into the driveway, and notice the KITCHEN door is open. So a million things are running through my head--is Dad STILL up decorating?! Is Sparky home? I looked around for his car but there were no other cars around. So I'm like...what the...when I see a flash of blue jacket sleeve fly by the open door. Okay, I have NEVER seen that jacket before. My brother wears hoodies and my dad wears flannel shirts. So I'm still pulling into the garage thinking, WHO THE HELL IS IN MY HOUSE?! And WHAT THE HELL DO I DO?! I couldn't make up my mind whether to be confused, scared, angry, WHATEVER. So before I could do anything, the freaking moron comes BACK out the kitchen door--giving me a full view of his face in the headlights!! And then I'm like, I don't know you!!! So he runs the other way, towards the back porch door, and I turn off the car and jump out FAST. I ran inside and heard the screen door slam, and then the idiot ran right into our chain link fence so I heard that bang. I was like WHATTHEFUCKJUSTHAPPENED and I ran through the kitchen, grabbing the cordless phone and screaming "MOM! DAD!!!! MOM DAD MOM DAD!!!!" I busted in my mom's room and yelled "Someone just broke into the house!!" She jumped out of bed and I'm like "Should I call 911????" And as fast as she said "yes" I already had it dialed.

To make the rest of the story short, I called 911. They sent out like five cop cars, the K-9 units, AND a helicopter circling the neighborhood. Oh, and after the first cop showed up, he said he noticed the interior lights were on in the car in the street, which was my car. Weird, because I never leave my interior lights on in my car. So they went with me to turn them off--and right as I looked in the window, I noticed my glove compartment open, all the papers strewn all over the front seat, and the garage door opener gone. We went around the other side--yeah, the top was sliced. THAT BASTARD. Also, another indication he was a moron--our front door was unlocked and all the back doors were open. (Yeah yeah, we always leave them like that--but as the cop said, we live in the safest neighborhood in Longwood and Altamonte--nothing like that has ever happened to us before!) Anyway, since I got such a great look at his face, I was able to give a perfect, full description. I wrote up a statement and then we just kinda sat around listening to the helicopter overhead and the dogs barking. (I'm sure our neighbors loved us tonight...) They found a trail of cars that he had broken into or attempted to break into throughout the neighborhood, but no other reports of burglary.

Oh, and get this. My dad's sleeping through the whole thing. My mom went to wake him up and tell him our house got broken into. He's like, "Did they catch the guy?" Mom said no, so he went back to sleep. HAHA. What a weirdo.

So we're sitting on the couch, me and Mom, trying to figure this whole thing out. When I pulled up to the garage and noticed the door open, the light inside the garage wasn't on. Which means the dude was inside the house long enough for the light to go off--probably a couple minutes. We were like--what the hell was he doing?! It didn't look like anyone had even touched anything. No open cabinets, no papers strewn about, no sign of commotion or anything. We're like...what would he come for? Money? But where did he look?

Which led me to the sinking conclusion--Mom's purse was on the counter before I left. I remember because I was trying to find the keys to the Durango, and it was right underneath the microwave. And sure enough, it was gone. So we had to tell the cop and fill out ANOTHER report. She had all her credit cards, other cards, license, checkbook, $300 cash!, all in the purse. The police ended up finding the purse--empty, of course. So my mom had to cancel all her credit cards, and of course the cash was all gone, she'd have to get a new license, etc etc. I said if they caught the guy, maybe we could get the stuff back. But Mom was like...they're probably not gonna catch him. But I was like you never know! If they get good fingerprints from my car, and they can get a positive match, we could find him. But she didn't think so.

Cause he had left a big ol' handprint on the glass of our back porch door, I guess when he opened it to run away. Unfortunately, it was smudged, so they couldn't get a great fingerprint off it. HOWEVER, he did leave two big handprints on my car window, so as soon as the sun comes out and the condensation melts off, the unit's gonna come back and take the prints.

So basically they told us all this, but the shifts were changing so most of them were getting off (this was a couple hours later). One of the officers came in and explained that he would be back soon to process my vehicle, but until then, DON'T TOUCH IT. LoL. So we said okay, and thank you, and headed back in to try to get at least a FEW minutes of sleep...lol.

So we're sitting on the bed, talking about what the hell just happened, when a couple minutes later the doorbell rings. Mom's like, "That better be an officer...." haha. So I open it up, and the officer's back, and he says, "I'm sorry. We're gonna need to take a ride." I'm like "Uh...okay." And he goes, "We have a possible suspect in custody, we're gonna need you to identify him for us."

We got in the cop car (which, by the way, was my first time ever riding in a cop car!!! COOL!!! Haha) and drove down to Publix down the road. We pulled up behind a school bus (it was about 6 AM by this time, and high school usually gets picked up at 6:30, so the buses wait in the parking lots). There were a good 7 or 8 cop cars around. The officer said that the guy wouldn't be able to see me inside the car, but all I had to do was give them a positive or negative ID on him. So we pulled up, he turned on his spotlight, and the cops in front of us took the guy out of the car.

Sure enough, it was the same asshole.

I gave them a positive ID and we drove away. We went back home, filled out ANOTHER statement, and then the guy left.

So now here it is, almost 7:30 in the morning, and I haven't slept at all. Needless to say, I'm wired. I haven't been able to go into my car (they still want to process it) but I think he took my MP3 player and my digital camera (they were in the center console, and that's been opened and rifled through). He better give all that shit back, the little asshole. Or I'm gonna be pissed off as hell. That MP3 player had almost 1000 songs on it. Do you know how long that takes?! Not to mention the pictures on my digital camera! Oh I will kick that punk's ass. Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Okay, so more developments will come as I can report them. Until then, this is Lauren, your friendly neighborhood watch person, signing out. LoL. :-P
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Woohoo!! [Nov. 29th, 2005|06:39 pm]
[Feelin kinda |fullfull]

Does it get any better than that?!

Actually, it probably does--about 10-20 degrees colder. But I can live with that for now :-D
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I thought this was funny. [Nov. 29th, 2005|03:02 am]
"I SO CALLED THAT ONE. That day at the beach, when you guys were all excited about moving in together. I said you would hate each others' guts by the time you moved out. I KNEW IT!" --Brad

LOL. Kinda sad that he was right, but I am glad that I found out who the real person was, behind the facade. I hate having enemies, but I hate having fake friends SO much more.

The new roommate didn't work out (I think Christine and Danielle scared her away, literally--they seemed very snobby and stand-offish, but that could have been because I was there--haha!) but it's okay. I gave Christine the money today to sign up for a roommates.com membership, since she couldn't afford it, and I'll do anything to get out of there (plus, my methods of advertising don't seem to be working). She better use it soon. I wanna be out of there for good by the end of the year. Eh, oh well. I have some (legal and peaceful) tricks up my sleeve to hopefully make them want me out sooner than later (not that they don't want me out already! Hah).

And it's kinda good that this chick didn't work out, cause if she did, I'd have to have all my stuff out by Wednesday. And while I could totally make that feasible, it wouldn't be too much fun. Oh well. This way I can slowly pack up all my stuff and move it out gradually. I pretty much don't even live there anymore, since I'm never there (Ya know, I don't want to make my roommates "uncomfortable" or anything, lol) but as soon as finals are over (NEXT TUESDAY!) I'll pretty much be moved back in with my parents. Aside from the fact that my name's still on that gosh damn lease.

If worse comes to worse, and they can't find a new roommate (or they refuse to), I figure I'll live at home, and keep paying the lease for the last four months. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? We're already not getting our security deposit back, so I'm not worried about them trashing the place and me losing out on that. And so I'll throw away four months of rent, but (as I've said before) consider it a lesson learned. And never move out with 19-year-olds again, haha! Ugh, honestly.

Okay, I'm gonna go. Full day off tomorrow--I am so excited. Hang out with Ryan, hang out with the 'rents, and hang out with some people I haven't seen in a while--gonna be fun!! :-D Oh yeah, and I finally saw RENT tonight. Amazing. I went with Ryan, and we met Steph B and Brent from work up there. Some of it bugged me--like they talked through a lot of it, when in the musical they sang it all. And they left out some stuff. But like Brent said, it WAS a movie adaptation, and they did a really good job of adapting it. I was all singin in the theater, and from "Without You" on, I was bawling. Haha...I think I did the same thing at the Broadway show. Oh well. It's freakin sad!!! But it really was good. I played all my RENT songs on my mp3 player in my car tonight, hehe. <333.

Random factoid of this entry: I used the term "rent" in three separate contexts in this entry. Funny. Hehe okay BYE
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