days 27 & 28 → this month/year, in great detail

well, my month = my year for now, so i'm just going to kill two birds with one stone. XD

the month/year started off with counting down at Nathan Philips square in Toronto with Xtie! so exciting right. we saw Faber Drive & a bunch of unknown ppl (to me) perform, & there were fireworks at midnight. can't compare to the fireworks in HK though. anyway, spent the next few days hanging out with Vivian W. & living at her place. after that, went to Waterloo to check it out & see how Xtie was adjusting to negative degree weather. XD oh, & also ended up freezing in her heat-less dorm room. that wasn't so fun...but yeah, went back to Kingston soon after (after a longggggg bus ride) to settle in for the start of school again. i was never so glad to sleep on my own bed before okay. XD

so that was week 1 of the month/year. weeks 2-2.5 have just consisted of classes, readings, discussion questions & general stress. DD: had to plan for my HK trip as well, so that just added to all the stress. sigh. so yeah, not the greatest start to 2010 i would say. :( hope things pick up soon after i get back from HK. right now i just can't see beyond that. and for some reason i'm just feeling super exhausted all the time since school started.

i'm leaving TMR as we speak. things to do before leaving: gender/sexuality reading + discussion question, spanish online exercises, read OA case, buy OA textbook, PACK, print air tickets...ack can't wait to just sleep on the plane for 16 hours. @__@

day 26 → your week, in great detail

Mon: first day of classes, had 3 classes (women & reproductive technology, gender & sexuality seminar, organizational analysis) & was totally exhausted by the end of the day.

Tue: only had one class (spanish) but was TOTALLY traumatized by it cos i realized i forgot just about everything i learnt from two years ago. -.-

Wed: crazy 3-classes-in-a-row day (11.30am - 4pm), had culture & cognition seminar which was pretty fun but i know it's going to be super intense.

Thurs: classes + went to the gym for the first time this year with Vivi & Wendy.

Fri: classes + spent 2 hours at my TA's office trying to get marks back for my social influence exam. managed to get 5.5 marks back, which increased my total mark by 2, but after that my brain was like super tired. went for bbt at night with Wendy & DEVS & talked about random things. XD

Sat: see previous entry

Sun: finally got to see Avatar today! the theatre was still super full & we couldn't even sit together. but the movie was really good! the effects especially. it kinda makes you wonder how they ever made a world like that. the human-alien/alien love story was weird though, especially when they started keesing. XD but yeah, i liked the themes of the movie (e.g. biodiversity, imperialism) & how it had a deeper meaning to it. apparently they're making 2 sequels already. O_O anyway, went home after the movie to read my articles. took like 2+ hours to finish one & write discussion questions to it. it was 30 pages so i'm definitely skimming next time. -.- and apparently i missed dance class today cos i didn't know it was moved to 6.30pm instead of 2.30pm. :( well i knew i was going to miss 2.30pm cos of the movie, but i could have gone to 6.30pm. booo.

ahhh super alot of things to do before going to HK on Wed night. DDDDDD:

day 25 → your day, in great detail

today was a long day alright. i woke up at 7.30am on a SATURDAY cos i had to volunteer at 9am. sigh. the reason timing is so restricted is cos i volunteer at a respite home for ppl (mostly children/teenagers) with developmental disabilities (DDs), & they only stay there from Fri to Sun. i guess i could go on Fri afternoons but i'm usually really tired by then. anyway yeah, got there at 8.40am (the bus sped along cos obviously no one takes it at 8.30am -.-). this week's clients were a handful of teenage boys with varying disabilities. i'd be curious to know what DDs they have, but i dunno if it's impolite/nosy to ask. one of them kept talking to me & his speech was really hard to understand, so i just nodded awkwardly half the time. lol. but they were watching a Toy Story DVD, which was awesome cos i forgot how much i love that movie. :D (Toy Story 3 comes out 18 June!!) then i took 2 of the boys on a walk to the park. one of them was in a wheelchair, so that made things kinda interesting. don't think i've actly wheeled anyone around before. and i realized how troublesome it is to go around in wheelchair when the sidewalks are icy/snowy. after that we went to the house, & i watched them play wii before leaving at 11am.

i was soooo tired by the time i got home, & we were supposed to watch Avatar in the afternoon so i took a quick nap (at noon lol). we had to go to the cinema uptown to watch it, cos the one downtown doesn't have it in 3-D. so that took like an hour. but when we got there it was sold out for BOTH 3pm & 6pm. DOTS. so we ended up buying tickets for tmr morning. didn't think it would be so popular since i thought everyone would have watched it over Christmas. anyway we decided to shop around & have dinner at the complex there cos we didn't want to have traveled all the way there for nothing. -.- so we ended up having dinner at 5pm at Denny's. all-day brekkie! i couldn't finish my pancakes though, cos they were super thick.

took the bus home after dinner, but was totally drained by the time i got home (again). so i just came up with discussion questions for an article i read yesterday, & read the abstracts for stuff that i'm supposed to read for tmr (aka 65 pages). totally @__________@ right now & i'm considering sleeping at 11pm for the first time since idk when.

i'm REALLY hoping Avatar will be worth it when we watch it tmr. and we're planning on stigling the 3-D glasses we got hahaha.

days 22-24

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懷疑我當天幾多歲 令我寫了一句不怕流淚
懷疑我永遠不會累 就來十行列明十個壯舉
讓我闖出新世界 交出真個性
假使想愛 必會找到親愛伴侶
突然十年便過去 方知歲月冷漠似水
就算筆跡不會變 紙張不會皺
偏偏想笑 竟會得到灰暗情緒

默然從頭讀過去 一句一句太乾脆

days 20 & 21

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anyway, i'm going back to HK next week (Thurs-Sun) cos my grandfather died last week. his death wasn't unexpected, because he was in a nursing home since last year & was pretty much bed-ridden. i was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but my parents want me to go to "represent" my family (cos my mom/bros can't go for various reasons). so yeah, missing 2 days of classes & traveling for 30+ hours in the span of 3 days. not fun at all. but at least it's only the second week of school so i won't be missing much. i do tend to jetlag like crazy though, so i dunno what shape i'll be in when i get back. O_o my cousin is also going back from England, so we can be @________@ together i guess.


day 19 → a talent of yours

i figured i might as well try to finish this thing although the plan was to finish it before 2010. XD so...a talent of mine? let's are a couple:

>> remembering names & birthdays
>> committing melodies & lyrics of songs to memory (maybe this just means i have too little songs in my music library, but seriously i can immediately tell what song is playing after hearing the opening notes)
>> reading maps & having a sense of direction (prolly cos ppl always rely on me to tell them where we're going -.-)
>> selling textbooks before the next edition comes out & no one wants to buy them anymore XD
>> being totally incapable of hiding my emotions (someone once told me, "you're too transparent to hide anything!")
>> being a grammar nazi & OCD in general
>> maintaining unhealthy obsessions for prolonged periods of time

um yeah...i'm pretty sure none of these will get me a job or lead to a successful life. -.-

anyway, tomorrow is the first day of winter term aka the last term of university & the last first day of school EVER. i'm not sure how i feel about this, but right now everything just feels normal. i'm taking 5 courses as usual, even though i guess i'm supposed to slack & have fun cos it's the last semester of uni. but i still strongly believe in getting the most out of an education as possible. what am i going to do during all that free time anyway? sit in my room? i think i prefer being busy - within reasonable limits of course. hah i'm sure that last sentence will make NO sense once midterms/assignments roll around.

finished watching Born Rich a few days ago & was completely traumatized by the last few eps, to say the least. it was so dark & ev0l lol. and i was alone at home so i was completely DDDDD: & relying on Xtie for emotional support via MSN. XD anyway yeah, semi-incest FTW still. it kinda gets you thinking about choices & what if things could have been different...etc.

shall attempt sleeping early (it's 12.20am) in preparation for the first week of school. :) i haven't woken up before noon these few days so uh...we'll see what happens. XD

wish you were(nt) here

happy new year! and merry belated christmas i guess. the past 2 weeks have been quite crazy with traveling/eating/sleeping/playing/slacking. ate SO much with zai in Montreal, then Jeff came to Kingston & we walked around & ate some more for 2 days, then went to TO with him & Vivi to stay at her grandma's apartment...the place was soooo nice! Elson & Suki joined us a few days later & we basically did nothing but eat & sleep for like 5 days. *faints* a typical day = waking up at noon, eating lunch at 3pm & then feeling too full for dinner haha. what a life man. KTV-ing for 5 hours straight was fun too. XD we went boxing week shopping but it was more sleep-inducing than anything. i bought jeans for pretty cheap at AE though. :)

now i'm at my intern friend's place in TO & waiting for Derek to get here so we can hang out/have dinner. staying here for today & tomorrow before going to Waterloo to stay with Xtie, who got here yesterday. went to countdown with her & her friend at city hall yesterday. we were like soooo far away from the stage & our view of the fireworks was blocked by some pillar. lol. i think Faber Drive performed though! we were too far away to even see the screen. -.-

so...2009 wasn't a bad year at all. the best part was spending summer in HK...DUH! and i guess getting a pretty sweet internship there as well. and seeing my family for an extended period of time & eating & shopping & just soaking up life in HK. :) the first semester of 4th year was pretty happening as well, with birthday surprises/dinner & random movie marathons. ooh & i got to see both Xtie & Jeff twice in 2009. like hello, that is practically epic. :D

songs of the year: 如果時間來到 (Raymond Lam), 我的回憶不是我的 (Vincy Chan & Hai Ming Wei), 沙龍 (Eason Chan) & Two is Better Than One (Boys Like Girls feat. Taylor Swift)

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i think 2010 is going to be a year of change, especially with the end of university in April & graduation on 9 June. i don't have any concrete plans for the future as of now, but i dunno...i used to think i was super ambitious, but now i just tend to take things as they come. :) i mean, think of the possibilities. every year we do things that once seemed impossible, & here we are, still alive & well. :)

happy 2120 2010!

days 17 & 18

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going to Montreal with zai tmr! from then on it's going to be all hustle & bustle:

18-21 Dec: Montreal
21-23 Dec: Kingston (Jeff arrives)
23 Dec - 3 Jan: Toronto
3-6 Jan: Waterloo with Xtie

ta dahhhhh. hopefully i'll have time to update the 30-day meme over the next 2 crazy weeks. and hopefully housing woes in TO work out...sigh.