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a room with a moose

say it punk!

this is bat country
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Born at a very early age I immediately began forming the life long habit of sucking boobies. At first things go well, but then I fell on hard times and grew very depressed. Depressed or not the growing went well and I became the worlds first couch gondolier doing tours of North America, Europe, Japan and Sydney. I focussed mostly on Sydney as I lived there and vegemite, a dietary staple, was so hard to find elsewhere. And if perchance you tried to describe the nature of vegemite to a non-Australian they typically look at you weirdly as if you are not already holding a long pole and standing on a couch. Vegemite is a black yeast byproduct left over from beer brewing and tastes salty with an indescribable bite and typically leaves a funny taste in your mouth. Much like this bio.