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[09 Oct 2006|06:12am]
why is it everyone else is so together?

you all seem so figured out, and im totally lost.
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hotties of the new republic [05 Oct 2006|11:39pm]

have you ever really looked at a ten dollar bill? holy shit, alexander hamilton was a fox. my most mercurial, sarcastic, ill-fated bastard. A reveiw of his biography calls him, "hot-headed, brilliant, ambitious, [and] oversexed" , then goes on to say, "His life follows a classically tragic arc, from unfortunate beginnings through brilliant success, marred by intemperance, to final tragedy."

how romantic! im going to start hording all my tenners. move over, teej.

if he wasnt such a capitalist, id hop in my time machine and show him a good time.

fucking aaron burr.

ps ode to george lyricsCollapse )

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[04 Oct 2006|09:02pm]


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[30 Sep 2006|09:12am]
[ mood | daisylicious ]

I just got into Boston and its beautiful and autumnal. Her house is very old fashioned New England style. Its really narrow and has a big winding staircase and a little library in the attic. We just had coffee in this ancient diner by her house and now we are recouperating from early mornings/late flights. I am in the mood for some serious apple cider. All the leaves are turning. Today she has work from 1-5 so i might see Sara Diamond, Eli, and Omer then. Tonight Daisy and I are going out for sake and some serious reminescing.

I love my Daiiiiiisy. I really really do.

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[19 Sep 2006|10:39pm]

I am so happy this evening it doesnt even make sense. Cooking, music, writing, bookstores, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and a four dollar dress have made my night. In the last week or so I cleared some useless people out of my life and bonded with some amazing ones. I also had a man in gold short-shorts try and lick my face.

I dont know what this all means, but I feel that good things are afoot.
In less than two weeks I go to Boston to see my daisyflower.

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[17 Sep 2006|01:46pm]
Oh my god, last night. Marnie, Jaein, everyone: you shoulda been there.

Next week maybe?
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[15 Sep 2006|12:35am]
it is times like these i need a real journal so i dont have to resort to vaguery when the time comes to vent.
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[07 Sep 2006|10:51pm]
K so my parents are going out of town and being southern and I have to find someone to stay with on Saturday night, someone with parents my parents can confer with and verify that they will be there. So, I really need to find someone whos going to Hollywood Forever whose house i can stay at.
ill make you breakfast. :)

and if youre not going, but i could stay with you anyways, think very seriously about going, because its going to ROCK.

so. anyone?
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chomp chomp [04 Sep 2006|12:11am]
]it was his DESTINY to be EATEN by a CROCODILE not some jacked up manta ray jellyfish wannabe. bad stingrays, bad! way to mess with fate, i hope you go extinct.

moment of silence.
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lawl [26 Aug 2006|11:17am]
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ugh [23 Aug 2006|11:13am]
Last night was an adventure. Pith hats a blazing, I trapsed warily into the asphalt jungle...deep, DEEP into the desolate heart of the Valley. It was amazingly good times, but as of right now my head really hurts and oh god I am going to die. Have you ever been woken up by a rooster? Even in georgia, I never- but today, "Cockadoodledoo!"
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today [20 Aug 2006|08:11pm]

Today I got some culture in my system-I went to see the Hockney at LACMA today and I loved it. I knew someone in the photo-portraits, which was weird. But the whole thing was beautiful and I liked the Celias best. Helen and Marni are awesome. School starts Thursday and I have a concept for my Sony-movie.

CHINATOWN ON SATURDAY - Hollywood Forever Cemetary, (Santa Monica and Gower) 6ish-1130 & bring drinks & other fun things and a sweater, darling, you know how cold it gets at night. Marnie and I saw the Searchers there yesterday and planned our zygote fiestas.

Should I take French or Latin you guys? They have me in French but meh, is it too late to change?
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norman pride [16 Aug 2006|08:03pm]
Junior registration today took ten thousand years and left me with the profound desire to smack the hell out of this tiny freshman bitch in charge of those card things we needed. Anyway, Helen, Jason, Willie, and I decided that next year we are going to start a club with an awesome names and do awesome things and generally be fantastic. And not really do anything but mess with the bulliteins and make cool jackets.

Only, we cant decide which club to start: The ideal situation is each of us pick one to be the president of and VP the rest.

some ideas:

the cartography club- this club, possibly merged with the egyptology and heiroglyphics societies, involves wearing pith hats and shouting TALLYHO a lot. like this badass mofo:

the seal club- at one point SEAL was an acronym for something but now id really just like to issue a bullitien every week that says, "ort ort ort ort ort ort ort"

the red hat lady society- http://www.redhatsociety.com

the aphra behn proliferation front- please please please. she wrote the first novel, you guys, and she kicked ass.

the captain crunch club- in which we talk about politics while eating cereal. this could also be the communist club: COMRADE CRUNCH

the amelia earnhardt club- i just want to get some goggles. & we could make paper airplanes.

the woolvys - virginia woolf fan club . rocks in the pockets, water in the lungs. BEST MOTTO EVER.
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[12 Aug 2006|05:49pm]
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

at the polo loungeCollapse )
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[08 Aug 2006|10:02am]
does anyone want to take a picture of me for my la youth article on soundtracks?
youll get credit in the newspaper and stuff.
cmon. you know you want to.

i am a senior writer now. FEAR MY WRATH, STAFFIES.
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[05 Aug 2006|03:52pm]
to reiterate:


this is my favorite movie, and come february, it will be yours too.

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[03 Aug 2006|09:28am]
Clerks II: oh, phwoar, I loved it.

HOWEVER Rosario Dawson is way too hot for Dante. Their relationship is completley unbelievable. It threw me off the whole time.
What woman in her right mind would pick shviger Vincent Price over RANDALL SUAVE.
He's like the fast food world's answer to Shaft.

Can you dig it, ladies?

Seriously. How come Randall gets no love in this movie? He didnt even get to fuck that donkey.
anyway, i got questioned by the police before 10 am this morning. Busy, busy, busy.
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[01 Aug 2006|07:52pm]
in short, meh.
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[30 Jul 2006|09:11pm]
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[25 Jul 2006|04:45pm]
my classics teacher taught us this today:

Immanuel Kant was a real pissant
who was very rarely stable.
Heidegger, Heidegger was a boozy beggar
who could think you under the table.
David Hume could out consume
Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel,
And Wittgenstein was a beery swine
who was just as sloshed as Schlegel.

There's nothing Nietzsche couldn't teach ya
'bout the raisin' of the wrist.
Socrates himself was permanently pissed.

John Stuart Mill, of his own free will,
after half a pint of shandy was particularly ill.
Plato, they say, could stick it away,
'alf a crate of whiskey every day!
Aristotle, Aristotle was a bugger for the bottle,
and Hobbes was fond of his Dram.
And Rene Descartes was a drunken fart:
"I drink, therefore I am."

Yes, Socrates himself is particularly missed;
A lovely little thinker, but a bugger when he's pissed.
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