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just. saw . you.

I am in Mr. W's room being a AIDE for the fart.
I am talking to him about somethings that I have been meaning to get off my chest.

He seems to just sit back and listen and watch me pour out my heart and everything I have in it.
He understands that life isnt as simple as we percieve for it to be. He knows all, thats what I say.

He's my Jew/Dad. I dont think I have ever been so close with an adult.

I wish at times we could see the future. Therefor I would have some typ of closure. "Dare: I dare you to look me straight in the eyes and tell me you dont need me anymore or yet better, tell me to stop loving you", Theres your dare. Now, its your turn.

I've always asked why certain things happen and why we dont have answers to the questions that are asked. I've always been the one to misunderstand the meaning of love, friendships, family, etc..

You begin to get down on yourself because you tend to notice that finally when you are fighting and trying for something you honestly want, and you know its good. It's simply just to late to ask for a second chance.

Oh, How I wish highschool would be over. Yet, I dont want to leave either. I dont want to stop seeing people who I am close to and love. I am shatterd to know that May 26th. We're all going to part, Dont tell me other.

I am excited to be "free", yet. It's the real world. Time to pay up, and offer all that you have. If you havent already.

Life, that is. Not love. Love is just a murderer with a golden gun. We all play the same game. At times more then others. You ask yourself.. " Where do I go from here ". I am sorry I cannot be of any use to that answer because myself has asked the same.

I just saw you. This morning and right as we speak. Uh, I've got to go. Egg Roll time.
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