February 11th, 2005

Me // #1

I just dont get it.

Why must people be so cruel in highschool. Esspecaily the ones you who think are your friends. Obviously not. I am not here to rant and rave on how people talk shit and blah blah blah. Everyone does it but its not right when your friends do about you.

Today, David had mentiond to me a couple of things being passed through the grape vine about me. Apparently Codi had no clue that it would all come right back to me. You see, Codi and I were "friends" yesterday and totally cool. Now today she is calling me a bitch. I am simply not going to waist my time trying to ask her "WHY" she must enjoy calling me a bitch. Immmature. See, I love this girl to death but it seems like shes got alot of shit to say and seems to me she doesnt really say the story straight. She is probably one of the most coolest people i've met except for the fact she is calling me a bitch for no apparent reasons what so ever. Whatever though, whatever makes her feel good.

Enough of that. Few.

Today after school I am going to the mall to get my charger.. Anyone want to join. I have no plans for tonight and that SUCKS. Well ya see, I was supposed to hang out with Bree but.. thats off. We havent spoke to me and she gives me dirty ass looks which pisses me off. Its annoying. Whatever here we go again. Rawr. OK. I am done. Enough.