February 1st, 2005

Me // #1

Dont make it hurt.

There are the times where you and I have stood on all the streets
faith is what brought us here
We have been here, there, everywhere before.. How could I ever forget.

Unforgotten words are a trial I must partake on
you've given up all hope

You left on that cold december night. Leave me in the winters wind. Blowing with full on force.
Your leaving without a memo

Your love was always like that wind, I can feel it but I cannot see it.

These are the times where I need to walk away. You left before me.

Help me for I am drowning.
drowing into the abyss of your arms

May you remind me of how weak my writing has become. May you say that I was better and strong then that. Well hear you are my love, my darling.. Something that is so real, and so pure. Comming straight from the honest god AWFUL truth.