Awww man.


This stupid thing'll never get done, too confusing and how the hell do you even say that??

Senpai! Play me!!
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I seem to have misplaced my pants

I can't find my stupid English book D: Where'd it go where'd it gooooooo if someone took it i'm gonna break their stupid face not like I want it but I kind of need it or momma's gonna get mad at me again

((Strikes = teh deleted~))
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Wrapped in Red

*steps up to podium*

To my wonderful teammates.

FYI, technically I don't have to pick someone. If I don't think any of you are worthy of it, you're not getting it.

Thank you.

*steps off podium*
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(no subject)

I forgot about this thing.

Not like anyone couldn't ask if they needed to know anything. School, practice, food, sleep. Same thing every day.