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we're all as lonely as we wanted to be.

13 February
{better bio to come...sometime}

Robert Pattinson mood theme by dictums

100x100, aerosmith, alexis bledel, alice i think, amber tamblyn, american idol, animals, anne hathaway, anne of green gables, april wine, art, audrey hepburn, avril lavigne, badminton, biking, blondie, books, breakfast at tiffany's, calvin & hobbes, canadian idol, canadian tv, celine dion, classic movies, classic rock, classic stars, comedy, computers, cooking, corner gas, criss angel, dill pickles, dogs, drawing, edward, edward cullen, electronics, eric clapton, fashion, fashion photography, fleetwood mac, food, foreigner, garfield, ghost whisperer, gilmore girls, guitar, guns n' roses, harry potter, headers, heart, hilary duff, icon bases, icon making, icons, internet, joan jett, john lennon, johnny depp, keira knightley, lauren graham, led zeppelin, legend of zelda, lorelai gilmore, mario, mario games, mary poppins, michael jackson, mindfreak, movies, music, music that nobody likes, musicals, my fair lady, new moon, nintendo ds, norwich terriers, old records, oliver!, photo editing, photoshop, pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, princess peach, prism, queen, reading, reese witherspoon, road to avonlea, robert pattinson, rock music, room eleven, rory gilmore, rush, scarlett johansson, stars hollow, stephenie meyer, steppenwolf, steve miller, stevie nicks, stfbeye, styx, sue thomas: f.b. eye, supertramp, textless icons, the beatles, the doors, the guess who, the rolling stones, the sound of music, the who, the wizard of oz, tintin, tokidoki, trooper, tutorials, tv, twilight, ultramaniac, vampires, van halen, vegetarianism, volunteering, west side story, wii, writing, yoga