The Boondocks

Got the complete first season of the Boondocks...I loved it!
I thought that the animated series wouldn't have the social & political commentary of the daily strip & it doesn't dissapoint.

Here's a link to one of my favorite clips, I hope there will be more Ed & Rummy in the second season.

Damage Control

Yesterday I went to GrailQuest in St Augustine, first I thought the site where it was being held was kind of crazy...The Renaissance Hotel in the World Golf Village/World Golf Hall of Fame, I get there and am amazed at the size of this place it reminded me of the Origins location in OH with a garden and river in the lobby.

I ask a gamer wearing the obligatory convention shirt where the reg desk was and proceeded to the "St. Augustine Ballroom"..."Wow the ballroom" I think, this has to be atleast as big as the old Andcons in Kent...nope. I find out the the ballroom is quartered and the whole entire convention w/ its games and three vendors are in this single quarter!
"Ok I think to myself I've been to smaller cons before, even drove 8+ hours to first year cons to help out friends, perhaps there is something I can have fun playing.
And for those who don't know...all I do is LARP, I check the game list looking at the later blocks (because we all know how purests Vampire players are and perfer to wait till sundown to start a game...Nothing, nothing? no LARP at all!

Now I know there was no 24hr gaming at this con, but there was a whole Hotel Lobby the LARP could have retired to after the ballroom closed, but there was nothing on the gamelist, nothing posted on the site, fucking nothing!

What there was, was a bunch of Warhammer, Reaper minis, Spacehulk...fucking minitures
nothing says "I can smell you" like miniture gaming and maybe 2 or 3 D&D3.5 games going on...thats it!
After 3hours of looking at the same shit 50 times I dropped off some fliers for Albion & Iron Liege and went home. Sorry to say but GrailQuest was a dissapointment, It was supposted to be an 8th year con and it looked like a 1st year con, their site has an awesome growth potental, but I think this con will never use the site to its full extent, becuse its being ran by a local game store I think it will never be bigger than it already is.

Gaming as a whole in FL seems pretty weak & disorganized, I need a venue to promote LARP and it seems that FL isn't providing it...some organization needs to happen, I'm thinking of talking to JR and asking him how the OGO thing is working and see if I can apply his formula down here...course that means money.

Speaking of money, I might have to I'm embaressed to say this, I live in a FL trailer park (it's $600 a month and 15mins from the beach...there is no better deal in this city that close to the sea!)And the landlord may be selling...which means that condos will probably be standing in this spot by next year. What sucks is I would like to get this move done before the fall, and I have my vaction schedualed in August...I see a major problem w/ getting a security deposit, and money to get everything turned on. I'm hoping by November I have the cash to do this, which means at Pennsic I can't buy anything extra...entry & food is it, suck ass.


A Late Holiday Entry

Who's up for a real entry? I'm not, I'm never sure what to type.
SO, spent the holiday weekend with Terri & Adder was hoping to see the shuttle launch but it got scrubbed, and I knew it was going to happen on the 4th...almost seems like a NASA PR dept took over the launch time. so I missed it.

We all had plans to goto EPCOT which was just as cool as the shuttle launch...If you go I recommend Mission: Space, "intense training" was worth the 80 min wait time. And also check out Soarin it's your typical Disney ride for everyone where the dives and climbs are more like dips and weaves, no more exciting than a motorcycle ride.

Out of all the World Pavilions my favorites have to be Japan the Koto drummers kick ass & Norway, it has a lot more Viking stuff/history than I would have expected. I will definitely go back in the future. I have taken some pics, I'll post the photobucket link when I have them re-sized.

Today I'm making an effort to get motivated for LARP, this weekend is a local convention and we really need more players to give a valid playtest of the rules, I have a bunch more ideas that will be implemented this year and I have to get the majority of those ideas out of my head and on to paper, but "WarCrack" is making that a problem, (most of the ideas are scribbled on scraps of paper I just need to organize them.) So far the popular "new" Skills & Abilities are (listed by popular vote) Bushido, Necromancy, and (my vote of) Human Spirit most likely none of these will be ready for play this year (except Human Spirit, I tire of Humans in LARPs/RPGs having nothing in the way of racial advantages).
The major change will be to the crafting system, not a change really but the crafting skills will require the crafter to harvest the materials of the items to be created & crafters as they advance in their skill will be able to craft mastercraft items. I think this change will make crafting skills more active for the players and give more of a gratifying experience.

Ok this is getting too long...

"Got some Warcrack!"

As stated in an past post I'm playing World of Warcraft, and yeaterday was my first experience w/ their Patch got as far as 83% and warning flags like Disable firewall ans such started to pop up.

After checking the forums I found out that event tho the warnings were up the downloader was still making connections and tranferring at something 2mb, needless to say it took 3 hours for the patch to complete, "The Man" has me because for 3 hrs I paced around in circles scratching my arm like a street junkie.
I shouldn't be suprised tho this seems to be par for the corse for these mmorpg's even UO had problems w/ the servers when their last update came out, again I think this Penny Arcade comic sums it up.