Stephen Miller (_thorgrim_) wrote,
Stephen Miller

Still Alive

Just want to touch base & say I still live, responsibility at work & City of Heroes has robbed what time I have.
Found out today that the problems with my my car may only have been the battery time will tel when the new battery I installled gets some milage on it but if that was the problem I saved maybe $500

The LARP is still up in the air, I'm finding it difficult to promote it & still handle my workload as a Project Manager at work...if I decide to do so I'll need to delegate some of the functions of the game to reliable players...

This summer is going to rule ass, I live in a state ppl come to to vacation and have seen very little of it if JR doesn't decide what he wants me to do for Origins this summer I'll stay here and maybe go to Busch Gardens or Disney this year.

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