Stephen Miller (_thorgrim_) wrote,
Stephen Miller


I heard the skinny on the LARPY's from last Sunday, this is a second hand account of what went on.

First the nominees were asked to attend a rehearsal at 2pm where they were literally locked out of the theater as soon as the "stars" arrived, apparently there was no rehearsal for the nominees.
When the event started the opening band was a couple of hours late, putting the whole show off schedule, the stars made their carpet walk and because of the time constraints the nominees were not going to get their walk, under protest from the nominees they were allowed, but quickly.

The nominees and guests were not allowed to mingle w/ the stars there was a separate area, that required an additional All Access Pass the wasn't even given to the nominees, they only had "VIP" tickets that excluded them.
The show itself was plagued with problem like no envelopes for the stars to read the winners, where someone backstage with a microphone just read the winners off the list, as the night went on it broke down into shtick where costumed characters not relevant to LARP (i.e. Marvel Comics Thor & Jack Sparrow) fought w/ boffer weapons, In all it was a glorious cluster fuck and in my opinion set back LARP twenty years
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