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26 July 2012 @ 08:44 pm
I. So the perks of being unemployed, I guess, is that yesterday my friend Tania called and was like "if you can get here in half an hour you can go to Calypso with my company for free", to which naturally I was like "SURE!" I guess they'd paid for 20 people or whatever but some dropped out last minute so they were trying to fill the spaces. Score one for unemployment! It was quite fun. I've been several times before but never for FREE! lol, and also this was the first time I've been there that wasn't a Saturday and 40C outside, so it was a bit cooler and less crowded which was nice.

However the last thing we did was this ride:

We went on twice because there was literally no line. The first time was fun and unventful. The second time, at the bottom, I SOMEHOW FLEW OFF MY MAGIC CARPET THING and skidded a few feet on my own. While my boobs came out of my bathing suit. SO that was nice.

II. The other thing my unemployment has brought me is way too much knowledge of THE CHEATING SAGA: BREAKING ROB '12, as ONTD would call it. I don't care about Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart and yet I am drawn to these posts. Such is my life. The delusional stans on Tumblr coming up with conspiracy theories are hilarious though!

III. On Saturday I'm heading over to Montreal to see Joel McHale's mysterious show and hang with sweetcherrytree, which should be fun. Hurrah!

IV. Lastly, I guess Entertainment Weekly is doing a Doctor Who issue. Or more specifically a "cult classics" issue or something with DW on the front and a big article about it, w/e I don't care much except for this:


So here are the fruits of that name three fics you think I will never, ever, write and I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them meme.

papilio_luna suggested 1. Porn of any sort, 2. Ten/Ten II/Rose, and 3. Doctor/Donna shipficCollapse )

dashafeather gave me 1, Eleven/River Song porn, 2. Something where Jack is the main character (lol @ this being in here, btw) and 3. Ten/Rose babyficCollapse )

christycorr gave me Nine/Jack, Elton/Ursula (if your first thought was "....John/the Sea Witch???!" then let me say: mine too) and Ten/River meet for the second time.Collapse )

noblealice gave me RPF of anyone ever, Martha/Rose, sexytimes and Twilight fic, any ship, any place in the time frame of the books (FIC HAS TO TAKE THE SERIES SERIOUSLY THOUGH, LOL)Collapse )

goldy_dollar gave me Doctor Who/Twilight Crossover, Martha and Rose chilling in the TARDIS (which I would totally write, for the record), and Immortal!Rose tracks down the Doctor after Cloen dies off.Collapse )

rose_dawson attempted to foil me (and failed) by giving me 1. Lucille/Maeby. Gangy always knows best, 2. Claire/Dylan. In the moonlight, he looks like Ricky and Lady Gaga/Honey B. Telephone Continued.Collapse )

erateini gave me Doctor and Jackie have a fling, Ten/Ten2/Rose, and Cloen and Martha.Collapse )

And mrv3000, sweetcherrytree and professor_spork all gave me prompts that I could not bring myself to write, lirl.Collapse )

WOO. Long post is long. I actually quite enjoyed doing this meme, even if most of these storylines horrify me in some way. I would recommend it if you are feeling ~daring~. It was the most I'd written in a few months, so that was fun. I also discovered that it is very very difficult for me to write "a snippet" without trying to give it a begining/middle/end.
Buffy beat Sheldon for the title of ~champion~ in Fandom March Madness, which means I do not have to quit the universe. I did find all the outraged comments in various rounds about "YOU JUST VOTED FOR HER BECAUSE SHE'S A GIRL!!!" to be simultaneously hilarious and mind-numbingly stupid. SO WHAT IF I DID, FANDOM? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? BRING IT ONNN. I am sorry this pro-vagina voting tactic of mine knocked out your favourite misogynist asshole. Better luck next year.

After I watched The Office last night I somehow found myself lacking the motivation to stand up and leave the room, which led to watching an episode of 30 Rock as I do on occasion, which then... led to watching an episode of "The Marriage Ref". I pretty much hate myself for this, ngl. It was horrible and yet I could not look away.

There is a new Twilight trailer and it is hilarious. Robert Pattinson continues to seem utterly thrilled by the direction his career has taken:

Lastly, have a meme I may or may not regret attempting to do:

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
24 February 2010 @ 07:19 pm
Team Canada has to play Mother Russia in a do-or-die game in like... fifteen minutes and I (and probably the rest of Canada) am like

At least there is some dignity in losing to Russia if it happens. And also I might be able to return to a relatively normal life. Having said that, COME ON CANADA, I BELIEVE~, LIKE THE HORRIBLE SONG.

To distract myself I have been watching these videos. I'm generally over the whole "LOL GUYS!! TWILIGHT IS BAD!!! LOL!!!" thing, but this guy is legitimately hysterical:

The whole playlist is here.
02 October 2009 @ 11:45 pm
lacunaz gets all the credit for finding this (if "credit" is the proper term here) but her post is flocked so I can't just link you.

Feast your eyes on the most terrifying thing you will encounter this October.Collapse )
29 July 2009 @ 10:46 pm
Top Five Ship Wars Everyone Else Got Really Into Except For Me!Collapse )

Top Five Saddest Moments in Doctor Who History!Collapse )

There are still two more, but that took a LONG TIME so stay tuned tomorrow for my top 5 "things the Doctor did to mess with Torchwood" and "moments Rose Tyler was a BAMF".
I can't stop loling at thisCollapse )

Not that I'm surprised it exists or anything, that would just be silly. Never underestimate the internet.

Also, I found this after finding a Martha/Edward video. No lie.

Also also, I have a date with katebert, some discounted Easter chocolate and my Doctor Who DVDs on the 14th. It may be the greatest day ever. I am sure she would agree with me except she is in Montreal kissing girls with cherry chapstick.

Posts with substance? What are those? Pft.
01 February 2009 @ 06:52 pm
In a fit of madness and possibly awesomeness, inksplotched, likeserendipity and I present:

atasteof! A Taste of Everything, a Multi-Fandom Recs Community.

A Taste of Everything will feature recs from a variety of fandoms with a variety of pairings and genres -- emphasis on (you guessed it) variety. Right now we're a team of three -- inksplotched will be reccing for Harry Potter, likeserendipity's in charge of Twilight and I'm your rep for Doctor Who. About 2-3 recs will be posted per week per fandom.

We're also looking to expand our fandomy horizons, so if you'd like to represent a fandom, or even suggest a fic in any fandom, let us know! We're particularly interested in finding people for the following fandoms:

  • The Office -- hurrah, miss_mishi!
  • Gossip Girl
  • Merlin
  • Supernatural
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Narnia -- welcome aboard sensations!

...but if you're interested in another, feel free to apply here!

Watch us, apply, suggest a fic or simply look around.
23 January 2009 @ 03:09 pm
...Which I Have Established With Various Sources, Including callmepatsy and bazcat89:

  • Dwight Schrute runs a serious, discussion-oriented Harry Potter livejournal community with Edward Cullen.
  • Generally they disagree on most things, though; Dwight is in it for the plot, but Edward is in it for the shipping.
  • ...Edward leaves the community after the release of The Half-Blood Prince, because Ron is lewd, foul-mouthed and disrespectful of women, and Ginny is a tart. One is not meant to have so many relations prior to finding one's soulmate.
  • The Doctor was banned from this community early on due to his tendency to "accidentally" post spoilers.
  • ...sometimes several books early.
  • In his anger and defiance of rules, he also got Martha's account banned. Martha was more upset over the fact that he might find her filtered entries in which she complains about his wangsting over Rose.
  • The Doctor and Edward become fast friends during series 3/New Moon.
  • ...even though they each think the other is a whiny, emo bitch.
  • The Master intentionally posts spoilers without cuts. For everything. All the time.
  • Dwight discredits all of these spoilers as "ridiculous" and "impossible" and "an insult to the writers". When they turn out to be true, a small part of his soul dies.
  • The Master is this guy. He wears this shirt to the major releases of all the movies involved. M Night Shyamalan is his favourite director.
  • Most importantly, the Master leaked Midnight Sun.

22 November 2008 @ 10:44 am

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06 September 2008 @ 09:20 pm
So Kelly (sweetcherrytree and I are on Skype discussing the Twilight/Doctor Who fic I stumbled upon once, which of course led to us discussing the general possibilities inherent in a Doctor Who/Twilight fic and all the hilarity that would ensue. In sum:

  • The Doctor would be convinced they're aliens who need to be returned to their planet of origin because of the threat they pose to the life on Earth
  • The combination of the Jedi mind tricks of the Doctor/Bella/Edward: Edward would, of course, be completely mindblown by reading the Doctor's mind, and the Doctor would be less than impressed with Bella's memories (and she would be greatly disturbed to discover her Love Sheild does not work)
  • The Doctor and Alice would get in a huge debate over the concept of time and its constant state of flux, as well as her "I can see the future" vs "I CAN SEE ALL THAT EVER WAS/IS/COULD BE,BITCH PLZ"
  • The Doctor would quite like Carlisle and Esme because they are very ~compassionate~ and that is a big selling point with him, really, but Carlisle and Esme are not sure that they approve of him because of his tendency to commit genocide
  • Kelly and I were wondering if the Doctor's two hearts make him more delicious and meaty or if he'd be gross because he's not strictly human. Probably the vampires would be convinced there was another human present somewhere and would be incredibly frustrated at their inability to find him/her.
  • An argument between Edward and the Doctor over a) who is more awesome and b) who has a suckier life
    -i'm such a monster vs. i've committed genocide several times (often with the same species) and destroyed my own planet
    -i've put the life of my one true love in danger vs. i've put the planet in danger
    -i'm so old -- 17 for 100 years to be exact vs. psh, kiddo, over 900, and on my 10th body
    -i've nearly committed suicide since i had to be away from my one true love vs. she was in a parallel universe and i have an obligation to save the universe as the last Time Lord, AND i'd outlive them all anyway
    -at least i'm married to my one true love vs. the first one i gave away to my clone, the other one is locked in a virtual reality
    -people have died because of my child vs. several people (AND ALIENS) have died because of me
    -i have a magical half-vampire baby who is smart and awesome vs. i have a fully grown genetically engineered daughter trained in combat who was born wearing perfect eyeliner
    -the volturi don't really like us vs. my enemies keep coming back to life and trying to destroy me and earth
    -i have a family that i don't deserve vs. i am doomed to be alone for the rest of my life
    -my best friend is my annoying sister vs. my best friend nearly died cause she inherited my brain so i had to wipe her memories and can never see her again
    -my wife calls me a beautiful statue of adonis vs. i have great hair (although it isn't ginger. *jealous, for the first and last time*)

Yes this is how we spend our Saturday nights, apparently.
So I said I was done with Twilight posts but that was kind of a lie because i just absolutely have to share this link for anyone who is not in mmmcradle:

This is the most accurate, canon depiction of Cullen family relations -- specifically Emmett and Edward's -- in the history of ever. GO NOW. IT IS AMAZING.
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Title: the ghosts that broke my heart before I met you
Rating: PG
Characters, pairings & fandoms: Jacob/Bella, Edward/Bella (Twilight), Remus/Tonks, Sirius (Harry Potter), Jim/Karen, Jim/Pam (The Office), Martha/Doctor, Doctor/Rose (Doctor Who)
Length 480. I am lame.
Notes of which there are many: Okay first off, this is the first thing I've written that wasn't the result of a meme in way too long. Secondly, this is my first time trying my hand at The Office or Doctor Who, and only my second time with Twilight, and I feel weirdly self-conscious and insecure in a way I never do with writing. Ha ha. Also, I'm going to go ahead and say this is mostly for anythingbutgrey because a) I'm pretty sure she wrote a multi-fandom fic a while ago and that's what sort of gave me the idea to try this, b) crazy anons keep harassing her, c) she always names her fics after song lyrics or something and I feel like I'm stealing it from her and d) I never actually wrote her anything for her birthday like I said I would, so here. OOPS MONTHS LATE, SORRY.

Title comes from 'Ghosts' by Laura Marling, which I uploaded and suggest you listen to because a) it's pretty and b) it was what gave me the idea.

read a written warning saying 'i'm still mourning'Collapse )
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30 May 2008 @ 03:07 am
I present to you three of the (many) requested fics from that meme everyone's doing. Unfortunately I'm not doing them in, um, order they were requested or anything, just kind of... order of when I am ~inspired~.

jacob/tanya, for sharon, aka the first twilight fic I've ever written wtfCollapse )

draco/ginny, for austinCollapse )

sirius/lily, for crysCollapse )



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27 May 2008 @ 08:33 pm
Haven't made a public/fandomy post in a while so here goes!

Has anyone ever watched that show "The Moment of Truth"? I just saw about ten minutes of it and I can't get my head around how stupid it is. For those who are unaware, here's what I understand the premise is: someone agrees to answer X number of obscenely personal questions while connected to a lie detector. The show then "randomly" selects 1/2X of those questions to ask them on air. If they answer everything honestly (and basically don't chicken out by refusing to answer or lying) they get half a mill. Questions include "have you cheated on your current girlfriend?" and other life-shattering inquiries. I just... I don't get it. Okay, so you could win half a million (before taxes) -- but you also potentially destroy all your interpersonal relationships. Why? Why? And of course the audience boos angrily whenever someone answers "yes" to a bad question, and of course there's a woman who goes "THAT ANSWER IS ... [insert unneccessarily long pause for dramatics].... TRUE..." and of course the show picks all the questions where the answer was embarassing.

Did I mention I hate reality TV and game shows?

Except The Mole. Fuck yes, the Mole was so awesome.

What else? For anyone who's seen Hairspray or had to listen to the credits music constantly for five months and watches Doctor Who: this is so comically appropriate.

Also the first chapter of Breaking Dawn is failtastic. All I want from Breaking Dawn now is for Jacob and Tanya to hook up and be totally awesome, leaving Edward and Bella to wallow in their failure marital bliss. And lawl, northern Canada. Sup Jake?

Whatever muse I once had has apparently died a violent death. It's like pulling teeth to write five coherent sentences, I swear. It's basically to the point I don't even want to write. I don't know, but it sucks. I also fail at writing commitments because of it -- I didn't finish anythingbutgrey's birthday fic on time, I've owed pirate_smile a letter for like ninety years, and I only just finished the letter I've owed latine for one hundred years. Not to mention Silly Love Songs is rolling in a pit of failure, haha.

I also mean to write a Harry/Hermione fic for afterthree's "someting unexpected" challenge, because coming from me there's nothing more unexpected than an uncanon shippy fic about the Trio, wtf.

Anyway, in the spirit of attempting to kick myself into gear, here's a meme:

Reply with a character or pairing i'm familiar with and i'll write a few sentences of fic.

Note the "few sentence" part; I promise nothing complete or whole in any form, I just kinda wanna... force myself to write stuff. Yeaah. And if you happen to give me a Twilight pairing, please note that I have never, ever written Twilight before because that would mean I'd have to actually put thought into Smeyer's characters.
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