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as you can see my life is riveting

I. So the perks of being unemployed, I guess, is that yesterday my friend Tania called and was like "if you can get here in half an hour you can go to Calypso with my company for free", to which naturally I was like "SURE!" I guess they'd paid for 20 people or whatever but some dropped out last minute so they were trying to fill the spaces. Score one for unemployment! It was quite fun. I've been several times before but never for FREE! lol, and also this was the first time I've been there that wasn't a Saturday and 40C outside, so it was a bit cooler and less crowded which was nice.

However the last thing we did was this ride:

We went on twice because there was literally no line. The first time was fun and unventful. The second time, at the bottom, I SOMEHOW FLEW OFF MY MAGIC CARPET THING and skidded a few feet on my own. While my boobs came out of my bathing suit. SO that was nice.

II. The other thing my unemployment has brought me is way too much knowledge of THE CHEATING SAGA: BREAKING ROB '12, as ONTD would call it. I don't care about Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart and yet I am drawn to these posts. Such is my life. The delusional stans on Tumblr coming up with conspiracy theories are hilarious though!

III. On Saturday I'm heading over to Montreal to see Joel McHale's mysterious show and hang with sweetcherrytree, which should be fun. Hurrah!

IV. Lastly, I guess Entertainment Weekly is doing a Doctor Who issue. Or more specifically a "cult classics" issue or something with DW on the front and a big article about it, w/e I don't care much except for this:


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a bunch of fics i never thought i'd write but have now written. huzzah!

So here are the fruits of that name three fics you think I will never, ever, write and I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them meme.

papilio_luna suggested 1. Porn of any sort, 2. Ten/Ten II/Rose, and Collapse )

dashafeather gave me 1, Eleven/River Song porn, 2. Something where Jack is the main character (lol @ this being in here, btw) and Collapse )

christycorr gave me Nine/Jack, Elton/Ursula (if your first thought was "....John/the Sea Witch???!" then let me say: mine too) and Collapse )

noblealice gave me RPF of anyone ever, Martha/Rose, sexytimes and Collapse )

goldy_dollar gave me Doctor Who/Twilight Crossover, Martha and Rose chilling in the TARDIS (which I would totally write, for the record), and Collapse )

rose_dawson attempted to foil me (and failed) by giving me 1. Lucille/Maeby. Gangy always knows best, 2. Claire/Dylan. In the moonlight, he looks like Ricky and Collapse )

erateini gave me Doctor and Jackie have a fling, Ten/Ten2/Rose, and Collapse )

And mrv3000, sweetcherrytree and professor_spork all gave me Collapse )

WOO. Long post is long. I actually quite enjoyed doing this meme, even if most of these storylines horrify me in some way. I would recommend it if you are feeling ~daring~. It was the most I'd written in a few months, so that was fun. I also discovered that it is very very difficult for me to write "a snippet" without trying to give it a begining/middle/end.
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the volturi don't give second chances unless it is the climax of a twilight novel

Buffy beat Sheldon for the title of ~champion~ in Fandom March Madness, which means I do not have to quit the universe. I did find all the outraged comments in various rounds about "YOU JUST VOTED FOR HER BECAUSE SHE'S A GIRL!!!" to be simultaneously hilarious and mind-numbingly stupid. SO WHAT IF I DID, FANDOM? WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT? BRING IT ONNN. I am sorry this pro-vagina voting tactic of mine knocked out your favourite misogynist asshole. Better luck next year.

After I watched The Office last night I somehow found myself lacking the motivation to stand up and leave the room, which led to watching an episode of 30 Rock as I do on occasion, which then... led to watching an episode of "The Marriage Ref". I pretty much hate myself for this, ngl. It was horrible and yet I could not look away.

There is a new Twilight trailer and it is hilarious. Robert Pattinson continues to seem utterly thrilled by the direction his career has taken:

Lastly, have a meme I may or may not regret attempting to do:

Name three fics you think I will never, ever, ever write. In return, I will attempt to write a snippet of one of them.
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hockey is srs bsnss

Team Canada has to play Mother Russia in a do-or-die game in like... fifteen minutes and I (and probably the rest of Canada) am like

At least there is some dignity in losing to Russia if it happens. And also I might be able to return to a relatively normal life. Having said that, COME ON CANADA, I BELIEVE~, LIKE THE HORRIBLE SONG.

To distract myself I have been watching these videos. I'm generally over the whole "LOL GUYS!! TWILIGHT IS BAD!!! LOL!!!" thing, but this guy is legitimately hysterical:

The whole playlist is here.
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I can't stop loling at Collapse )

Not that I'm surprised it exists or anything, that would just be silly. Never underestimate the internet.

Also, I found this after finding a Martha/Edward video. No lie.

Also also, I have a date with katebert, some discounted Easter chocolate and my Doctor Who DVDs on the 14th. It may be the greatest day ever. I am sure she would agree with me except she is in Montreal kissing girls with cherry chapstick.

Posts with substance? What are those? Pft.