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montreal again! and some other stuff

I. I am back from Montreal! I spent the weekend with goldy_dollar and we went to ~the planetarium~ because we're 5 year olds and then we saw a Just for Laughs thing with kazutakia. The comedian we saw was a woman named DeAnne Smith and she was actually quite hysterical, which was awesome since with smaller-named comedians it can be hit or miss. She's got a YouTube channel which I haven't fully perused yet but the set she did on Saturday was very funny. Anyway, I haven't had my laptop with me for the last couple days so I'm behind on The Internets and stuff, let me know if I missed anything particularly important.

II. So there's a new Doctor Who trailer that I cannot embed because YouTube won't let you embed anything anymore even though embedding was like 75% of what YouTube had going for it. Collapse )

III. Speaking of, today is the 24th which means I leave in a month! That is exciting but means there are also lots of things I need to start doing in preparation. Like... buying shoes that are actually comfortable for extended periods of time. Hmmm.

IV. Also, we watched Torchwood on Saturday. I don't remember that much so I don't have much to say except Collapse )

V. Lastly, in lieu of bringing my computer I brought A Clash of Kings so now I'm on page 150 which is nothing because this book is monstrous. Collapse )
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this post is shorter than i anticipated

I am up at goldy_dollar's cottage for the weekend! Last night we drove through a crazy storm which seemed to last forever, but the weather here today was really nice -- nice enough that I am now quite burnt in various places. HURRAH. Most of my body sees the sun about once a year so I hope it enjoys this brief dose of vitamin D even if it means sunburns.

We also just watched Torchwood. I HEARD A REAL ACTUAL RADIO COMMERCIAL FOR IT IN THE CAR GUYS. Collapse )
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series 3 rewatch thoughts: part 2, + torchwood

Torchwood on Friday! It is weird to be excited by Torchwood but so it goes. I've been popcorngiffing over all the wank, too. Torchwood wank is some of my favourite wank. If I had a dollar for every time someone used the word "Gwenwood" without any awareness that Gwen was always the main character, I would have many dollars. Also the more Torchwood fandom bitches about her the more fond I get, despite the fact that I actually did not enjoy her either in s1 or s2. KEEP GOING FANDOM. Maybe you can make me a stan by Friday.

Anyway, here is part 2 of my series 3 rewatch thoughts. Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords apparently inspire so many feelings they need their own post, who knew. Collapse )
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30 female characters meme: the brains of the outfit

I. This week felt loooong. I am not sure why, really, since in theory it was no different from any other week, but oh my god was I glad to finish work today. It’s Thanksgiving weekend, so we get Monday off as well, which is swell. Thanksgiving tends to be something of a non-event in my house, and this year my dad’s in Beijing so it’s just me and my mom, but I am always open to having additional days off work/school. And to anyone who says it’s “not real Thanksgiving”, allow me to direct you to this gif:

II. I also discovered a Canadian station that – gasp! – lets me stream Community, Modern Family and HIMYM online. Legally. To those of you in the US with Hulu or in Britain with iPlayer this probably seems pretty basic, but to that I say F U GUYS. I don’t have anything in particular to say about this week’s crop of shows, though I will say that in a shocking twist I think this week’s Office episode was my favourite of the four I watched.

Also, a question for those of you who watch Community: Collapse )

I also watched the third (by accident, lol, I thought it was the pilot) episode of that show “Undercovers”. It’s not really my kind of show, so I find it hard to say if it was just me finding it bland or if it was kind of bland, but Gugu Mbatha-Raw is totally adorable and her American accent is A+. I hope it survives long enough to find its feet.

III. I suck at comment ficathons, but I support the theme of this one and I know some of you are into them so I’m going to advertise it anyway:

IV. I am quite bored. I tried writing some s5 fic earlier but that wasn’t happening. Raaagh I miss being able to write (short) fic. Anyway, I’ve returned to my long-forgotten 30 Women Meme.

Collapse )
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let's get in a cab, i'll buy you a kebab

I. I'm catching up on some readings for my Women & Media class, and among these have been essays on bandom (lol it kept talking about Yahoo Groups), an essay on PostSecret, and just now "Race, Heirarchy and Hyenaphobia in The Lion King". I have to admit that most of what I got out of this last one was "OMG I WANNA WATCH LION KING NOW". I am sorry, it is just so hard for me to critically analyze such a fundamental cornerstone of my childhood. I apologize, academia.

II. Speaking of childhood, awwww ilu Calvin & Hobbes. HOBBES YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REAL IN MY HEART.

III. You might've seen this on ONTD, but I thought it was neat: apparently there is basically like... one... fake newspaper prop used on television. I will now eye all future newspaper props with suspicion.

IV. By now you have probably all heard about how there'll be another series of Torchwood and it'll be RTD at the helm. This has left me with conflicting thoughts tbh. On one hand I am like "YAY RTD". On the other hand I am like "but... Torchwood." I don't know if I want to live in a world where I might like Torchwood better than Doctor Who.

But Martha and Mickey need to guest star y/y.

IV. Having said that, whatever your thoughts on Amy Pond's miniskirts and s5 in general, at least I think we can all agree that Matt Smith and Karen Gillan are awesome:

V. And speaking of Doctor Who, anonymouscatt sent me a link to scans of the comic that episode 5x11 is apparently based on or inspired by or whathaveyou. It involves Ten staying at Mickey's for some reason I don't know because the page that explains that part isn't scanned. If you are up for some stilted storylines and some freaky art, I highly recommend it. LOL, Doctor Who comics.