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This post is going to be even more echo-chamber-y than usual since it's about a show I think only two of you watch but I wanted to take a break from reblogging a trillion gifsets to come over to LJ and express my appreciation for the fourth (final?) season of The Thick Of It, which I mainlined over the last two days.


WHAT AN EXCELLENT SERIES. I enjoyed the first three seasons plenty but I don't remember being quite as involved in the actual political drama/wankery as I was in s4, and the dialogue was as sharp and hilarious as ever. I read the actors weren't given any time to rehearse for the inquiry ep to make it more "real", which is pretty interesting -- I don't know if that means it was all unscripted or what, but either way it worked well.

I also find it impressive that a show mostly populated by assholes, politicians and asshole politicians, the characters remain... I don't know if I'd say "likable" or even "sympathetic" but they're definitely compelling. Nicola's growing inability to lead was pitiable and there was even something sort of sad about Malcolm's downfall, long-coming and perhaps well-deserved as it may have been.

(Also, predictably, when I went looking for gifs in the Tumblr tag I found at least one stan determined to woobify Malcolm Tucker which LOL FOREVER.)

Anyway, I guess consider this a recommendation I doubt anyone will take. Great show. I still need to track down "In the Loop" and might try out Veep again, although I remember being not so dazzled by the first ep and TTOI has the advantage of featuring a parliamentary system I understand. (Though tbf I don't know how much actual politics and political machinations play into Veep, lol.)