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'the syndicate'

I mentioned before that Tay and I had been watching this miniseries called "The Syndicate". The basic conceit is that 5 coworkers win the lottery together, and each of the five hour-long episodes focuses more heavily on one of them. British Actor Bingo: Matt Lewis (Neville Longbottom) and Powers Guy from Misfits as brothers with Peter Pettigrew as their boss. It was pretty great; the characters were for the most part very likable and compelling, the acting was good, and despite several set-ups that seemed really obvious, the show constantly subverted my expectations or introduced twists I didn't see coming.

But we finished last night and Collapse )
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classic Wingers

hey guess who's seeing Jeff Winger Joel McHale in a month with sweetcherrytree?


lol TBH I don't know the first thing about his stand-up so it could be terrible but hey, Jeff Winger.

Actually the Just for Laughs lineup this year is decent, and by "decent" I mean "hey, I've heard of these people". There's also Aziz Ansari, whom I noticed after Joel McHale. And Deanne Smith, whom I saw last year with goldy_dollar and kazutakia and who was HILARIOUS, so if anyone in the area is looking for a cheaper show I would recommend her.

In other news I don't have a lot of other news. Tay and I are watching this miniseries called The Syndicate which features Neville Longbottom and it is pretty stellar.

Other than that I am still unemployed so mostly I spend time on the internet trying not to spend money. Hooray.
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and then i watched hamlet for the second weekend in a row

I. One of the funniest texts I have ever received:
Actually Im pretty wasted but that doesnt make u less beautiful


II. I feel like the existence of Tumblr results in far fewer people making pretty icons these days. I can see why, I guess, if you made graphics it might be more rewarding to get a zillion notes on a gif than half a dozen comments on eigthty icons. BUT WHERE ARE MY INSPECTOR SPACETIME ICONS, INTERNET? Conform to my needs!

III. Tay, Hannah and I learned that Eccleston's character in GI Joe is Scottish and decided to investigate immediately. Some kind person had compiled all his scenes so we only had to watch 14 minutes of GI Joe and not 2 hours, which was worth it tbh.

IV. INTERNET, YOU SO BORING ON SUNDAYS. I guess there is Misfits later. Not sure how I feel about this season, although referring to the two Rudys as Ten and Eleven is providing me entertainment.

V. Frances told me to do the top 5 meme so I am doing it:

Give me a list of fandomy top 5 things to do, you know, top 5 episodes or whatever you've all done this meme before and I am just making up the description right now on the fly.

VI. This post is boring, so have a gif: