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still pressed about freema

IN AN ODD TWIST OF FATE I actually listened to Frances' TV taste for once, so me, Hannah and Tay have been catching up on that short-lived Survivors show the BBC made a few years ago. We're only on episode two so ON THE OFF CHANCE ANYONE ELSE HAS SEEN IT plz do not spoil me, I know nothing beyond 1x02.

Anyway we all really enjoyed episode 2 (1x01 tbf gets off to a slow start) but this was the most exciting thing:


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"I bet you're gonna have a really great year!"

I was all like 'hmm, maybe I should do that meme I've done every year at New Year's!" And I went to my old entries to find it and LOL apparently I didn't do it last year after all. Oops? But Collapse )

Well that was fun.

When I was looking through last year's post to try and find this meme, I saw that my New Year's Eve post included a video of polar bears narrated by David Tennant. This year I bring you AMAZING STINGRAYS:

10/10 for the one that does a perfect backflip.
dw :: ten/rose :: in the face of danger

my friends went clubbing tonight instead. what is my life.

Yesterday firstofoct and I ended up watching Recovery, which was very good but not hilarious at all.

So I guess to compensate today shinyopals, spud14 and I watched SHARK ATTACK 3: MEGALODON with John Barrowman. Yes, that's the movie responsible for this gif:


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