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Survivors!!! also mac help?


FIRST LET ME COMPLAIN THAT THE DEMISE OF MEGAUPLOAD MADE THIS DIFFICULT, because as we discovered, the BBC-aired copies of this show and the Netflix copies are not the same. So while we've had a free trial of Netflix, I did not want to watch the Netflix copies any more than I wanted to watch the CBC version of Journey's End. SO EVERYONE ON MY FLIST WHO WATCHED ON NETFLIX: y'all missed out, jsyk. On some good stuff, frankly.

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Similarly, in my quest to find a non-cut copy of this episode I ended up having to download some plug-ins to make the stream work ...and my browser started acting a bit suspicious. So I've uninstalled/disabled the plug-ins and I reinstalled/upgraded Firefox and it seems to be running normally again, but I'm still sort of vaguely suspicious. ClamXav says I'm good, but are there any Mac users with suggestions for other Malware-detecting-type programs I might want to use?
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more on that Survivors show! with some Doctor Who

Some of you may be understandably skeptical of Frances' taste because she still watches Gossip Girl. But actually that Survivors show she mentioned is quite awesome. We've been ~savouring it by only watching an episode or so a day, but last night we finished up season 1. (So no spoilers plz, the two of you who've seen s2!)

I'm watching this show completely unspoiled, which is a nice way to watch something that is increasingly difficult if you spend any time online. I GUESS THAT'S THE BENEFIT OF WATCHING RELATIVELY UNPOPULAR SHOW LIKE 4 YEARS LATER. So I will try not to spoil any of you who might be interested in watching it with nothing to go on really but the title.

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still pressed about freema

IN AN ODD TWIST OF FATE I actually listened to Frances' TV taste for once, so me, Hannah and Tay have been catching up on that short-lived Survivors show the BBC made a few years ago. We're only on episode two so ON THE OFF CHANCE ANYONE ELSE HAS SEEN IT plz do not spoil me, I know nothing beyond 1x02.

Anyway we all really enjoyed episode 2 (1x01 tbf gets off to a slow start) but this was the most exciting thing:


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