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(another) new collaboration! - a standing inferiority complex

You guys are probably like "wtf Kali stfu with these letter projects" but um sry letter_project is amazing because Dorea/Charlus is amazing and so is latine, and I have to pimp this one because piratesmile_x is doing all of the actual work, you know, hosting it and such.

Title: A Standing Inferiority Complex
Authors: _thirty2flavors (Victoire) and piratesmile_x (Teddy)
Characters/Pairings: Victoire/Teddy, plus mention of .... everyone, ever.
Rating: Eh, PG-13 so far.
Summary: In which Teddy Lupin and Victoire Weasley maneuver their way through N.E.W.T.s, ill-advised memory charms, anecdotes, and some truly atrocious French.
Excerpt: I half-expected to get to Hogwarts and have life suddenly turn into some dramatic affair full of dragons and chase scenes and heroic rescues. Maman didn't even go to Hogwarts and she was still a Triwizard Champion. It's not right. The Weasley-Potter clan is one full of inferiority complexes.

In other news, I've already written about 2 and a half pages of my redandthewolf Slings and Arrows challenge. Just need to finish. It is kind of just pointless fluff but... ...oh well. I have to ease myself back into the pairing, I guess, lirl.

I've also got this half-compiled fan-mix sitting here that I guess I might as well finish compiling. By that I mean all the files are on my old dinosaur of a computer and unless I want to sift through my iPod to get them off, I'll have to turn on that thing. It is Lily/James because they are hotties :| Also, this is the first fan-mix I've ever considered doing, and it is a weird experience. I feel like every day I get progressively dorkier.

I do need to work more on Silly Love Songs. Why is it that I can only write when there are looming deadlines? As soon as I finish my work and I think "oh, now I can work on ___", I suddenly lose all desire to work on ___.

Also, hey to all the kids I've added through that giant friending meme! Lol, friend memes are always so pathetic because no one ever replies to be my friend, I have to force them all into it. BAHAHAH.

Shit son, check out the tags on this entry. lirl

ETA -- LIRL! I noticed this a long time ago and for some reason it just occured to me to mention it here. A while ago I was searching Facebook for the UR group that I am too ashamed to join, lest kids from school realize what a loser I truly am and I found the group Comprehensive List of The Best Harry Potter Fanfiction, which apparently includes some stuff by me, First Draft by koonelli and A Keen Observer by callmepatsy.

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friending meme!

So I actually started writing the next chapter of Silly Love Songs. Of course, I say this now and I'll regret it shortly because nothing will come of it for another two years, but... well. Just thought I'd let you know that it has a hideous deathgrip on my soul and it hasn't let go yet.

Also I am way interested in the "Slings and Arrows of Outrageous Fortune" challenge over at redandthewolf because I love James and I also love Shakespeare. Will have to sign up.

The real reason behind this is: a multi-fandom friending meme! Sometimes my flist is kind of stagnant and I think "DAMN WHY DON'T I HAVE AN OBSCENELY LARGE FLIST?" Clearly this meme is there to help me. It seems to be predominantly HP/Twilight (lolz, interwebs) but.. uh yeah you can go check it out if you are sad like me and need to make friends based on what books you write fanfiction about. ...lirl.
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update: Silly Love Songs

Yes, you read the subject line correctly. Silly Love Songs has been UPDATED, whooo, with the elusive Chapter 18.

Silly Love Songs - Chapter 18 - Futures! In which Lily has a nightmare, Remus is depressed, there is scandal within the Ministry and James has his hair chewed on by an owl.

HUZZAH. Give me feedback because this chapter was a bitch to write, and also sort of different than usual. Hmmm. =)

Yaay. too bad it took like half a year *cough*

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help! i need somebody

I have a QUESTION for the lot of you. Well, not so much a ... question as a... request for backup.

Yeah um basically I am fresh out of ideas with regards to what to name James' parents in Silly Love Songs, and if I ever want to finish the next chapter, I'm going to need that, because just repeatedly calling them "Mr. and Mrs. Potter" will sound rather dumb. Um... if you help I might actually be able to write the next scene and finally update?

I am so open to suggestions, man, although I am sort of a picky person with names so do not be offended if your brilliant suggestion is not the one I go with.

And for the sake of my head, please don't suggest "Harry" for James' father. I'll pass, thanks.

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big bang, little girl, run away with me

So yes. Welcome to the post of DELETED STUFF. Hurrah!

Firstly, a scene from Silly Love Songs that is so ancient and so deleted that I'd forgotten I'd ever written. Why was it deleted? Well, for one thing, when you read it, it should speak for itself (see: terrible style and content). I can't remember exactly where it was situated, but evidently somewhere after James and Anna start going out.

Anyway, it gives you a little insight into James' motivation -- but not really useful information, because the story's now gone in an entirely different direction and his motivations are not the same anymore. Or something. I don't know, but it's pretty hilarious. Check out how lame he is in the end, there.

Collapse )

And, simply because we're on the topic of deleted scenes, I initially tried taking the end of Truce somewhere else, but it didn't really work out, and I had to go back and play around with it. I still like bits of this version, but I sort of wrote myself into a corner, and when I went back and tried it with angry!Lily, it seemed to work out much nicer. =)

Collapse )

Wasn't that fascinating.

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Helloooo my friends! Two things.

The Good News:

Chapter 18's first draft, all 20 pages of it, has been completed. I need to edit it, perhaps take some stuff out, and make it sound a little better, but the skeleton of it is done and it's all downhill from there. So it'll be updated soon. Yay, not a six month hiatus!

The Bad News:

I (will probably) have no time to edit it tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday, so it probably won't be up this weekend, which is sad because weekends are good times to update. Ah, well.

However, I think the good outweighs the bad, so have a lovely weekend, all of you, and I will post here again when the real chapter is up. =)